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1000 Divination Match & Special Event Prediction.

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1000 Divination Match & Special Event Prediction.


1. Not for betting line definitely. Choosing match prediction due its fair system and fun learning system. Play to learn.

2. Dedicated to diviner passion, testing, sharping, practice, improve their skill, to adding experience, to learn.

3. No one can get 100% prediction, so no win and lose in here. Just the learning. If image and reputation important for you, do not join. No reputation in this thread. No hard feeling. Only pure fun way of learning.

4. Public event is event that everybody can know and check its result within short time publicly. Public event prediction have no specific area, the area can include : weather, lawsuit case, war, and many other.

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1. If you are the one whom giving the event for other member to predict, you are the host. As the host, you need to write the event in detail, the more detail the better. As the host you must give small appreciation for member whom can predict correctly with a karma. Please note : Karma is not for currency but for small appreciation.

2. If you are the one whom join to predict, you are the participants. As the participants several rule you need to follow :

2A. You have no obligation to write your analysis, but inform us the method you select to choose for predicting such as : liu yao, mei hua, tarot, vedic, bazi, zwds, other kind of divination, indian astrology, qi men, da liu ren, tai yi, or common sense, intuition, indigo prediction. All are okay.

2B. You have no obligation to posting the picture of the chart such as liu yao and others because some are lazy or have limited time, but if possible post it.

2C. No win and lose. No hard feeling. Respect each other. And have fun!
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*As the OP of the thread, i will try my best to join every divination which hosts by other members.



--- Quote ---Tyson Luke Fury :

- born 12 August 1988
- Height 6 ft 9 in (206 cm)
- Boxing record
Total fights 29
Wins 28
Wins by KO 20
Losses 0
Draws 1

A British professional boxer. In 2015, he won the unified WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, IBO, The Ringmagazine, and lineal heavyweight titles by defeating long-reigning world champion Wladimir Klitschko in Germany. The victory earned him Fighter of the Year and Upset of the Year awards by The Ring. As of June 2019, Fury is ranked as the world's best active heavyweight by The Ring.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Einar Otto Wallin :

- born 21 November 1990
- Height197 cm (6 ft 6 in)
- Boxing record :
Total fights 21
Wins by KO13
No contests1

- A Swedish professional boxer. He is at number 4 in the World Boxing Association's heavyweight rankings and at number 11 in the International Boxing Federation's rankings.

--- End quote ---

Short common sense prediction : unlike UFC, the better you are in the ground, the chance of win is higher. In boxing and heavy weight, speed and power is vital. Judge on track records tyson fury and wallin both never lose and win mostly by tko. Both are same generation, age not differ too much. Tyson rank is higher and more experienced, while wallin is younger. By common sense tyson fury is the best active heavy weight boxer. Tyson fury chance of win is higher.

For participants submit before 14th september.
And if there are other hosts, please feel free to write the event in similar way i did.

Tag @rainmaster @fan @ren @j27945 @amfortas @blackswan @BillionaireboyLam @chary @blackswan and other member whom i forgot to tag

Just divining using prasna chart, it seems opponent stronger than Tyson.
So my choice is Einar Otto Wallin.  ;D
it seems Tyson will be bleeding much.  ;D

Nice thread, I hope we can learn something new from this.  I'm still new to QMDJ, so this is just my beginner analysis using freestyle theory:

1. Tyson year stem is Wu, and Einar year stem is Geng. If we look at the palaces, both have void.

2. Jiu Tian is located in 8 earth palace, the palace grows the deity, while Si Men is in the same palace seems unfavorable.

3. Zhi Fu is located in 1 water palace, the deity control the palace, while Jing Men in the same palace get controlled by the palace.

4. If we look at the other palaces, Jing Men that symbolize injury has a controlling relationship with 8.

Considering all of this, it seems Einar is more favorable to win. I'm not familiar with boxing, so I predict it purely based on the above things.

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