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Forum rules


Forum rules (hereafter as Rule)

#1 Common courtesy. [set by e500, starts from 23 September 2020]
#2 Not abusing forum facilities in any forms or shapes. [set by e500, starts from 23 September 2020]

What to expect from moderators?

#1 Ready to get suspension for not following Rule #1 [set by e500]
#2 Moderators are evil bunch. Or the word retards as youngsters call them. Full stop. [set by e500]
#3 Moderators are always right. Might is right. Full stop. [set by e500].
#4 Expect suspension to parties involved when moderators in the state of confusion. Your best bet is do not involve in drama or make a scene here. [set by e500].

What to expect from forum members?
#1 Treat forum facilities as privilege to selected few who adhere to Rule #1. [set by e500]
#2 Members are allowed to debate with the issues with relevant points and considerations. But not specifically targeting the person. Debating without substance is deemed same as spamming or troll post. [set by batton]
#3 Members are not allowed to abuse the report to moderator function. There were 1000s reports generated by trolls for petty issues. This is no longer allowed. Only report to moderator when absolutely necessary. [set by batton]
Administrator note:
The moderators have taken over the moderation jobs in the forum. All decisions by moderators are final.

Active moderators:


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