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Bazi thefour pillar basic understanding


Hi All,

I have read a few books but still my basic is very weak like i still not understand what Hs and Eb elments are in date of birth for example

30 August 1030

Hour / Day / Mont and Year GENG
what will be HS of Hour / Day and Mnth

and i still understand what is EB of Hour / Day / month / Year

i know there are some online calculator but i want to learn and understand manual as well would be apricate if someone help or refer me basic book where i can read and understand

below i learn from books

--- Quote ---Heavenly Stems
Jia   Yang
Yi   Yin
Bing   Yang
Ding   Yin
WU   Yang
Ji   Yin
Geng   Yang
Xin   Yin
Ren   Yang
Gui   Yin

Earthly Branches Chinese   Name
Zi   Yang
Cho   Yin
Yin   Yang
Mao   Yin
Chen   Yang
Si   Yin
Wu   Yang
Wei   Yin
Shen   Yang
You   Yin
Xu   Yang
Hai   Yin


Spring   Feb - March - April   Wood Energy      Tiger, Rabbit  Dradon
Summer   May-June-July   Fire Energy      Snake, Horse, Goat
Autumn   Aug-Sep-Oc   Metal Energy      Monkey, Roster,Dog
Winter   Nov-Dec-Jan   Water Energy      Pig, Rat XO

--- End quote ---

Thanks for reply I really want tp learn Bazi Relationship/Peach Blossom/Marriage/Spouse/Divorce. but i have a question in this course can we also predict spouse name and appearance. and how long this course will be?


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