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Divination on love

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I have feeling for someone but we have some misunderstanding and are not really on talking terms. just wondering If the person has feeling for me and can we at least become friends or perhaps it is best to let it be….?

From the Yijing Prediction that I have done, it seems that both of you at this moment don't take any action or movement. There will be a gradual progression, but seems that you are hesitant because she is a bit obstinate. Eventually, you will ignore her even though she is approaching you.

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I will like to ask… what will happen when I am leaving my current workplace and further studies next year? Do we have potential to further develop it? We do live near to each other.

Again from Yijing Divination, it seems that at this moment, you seem stands on two boats. Gradually you will have progress in your relationship, but bear in mind, in order to work out a relationship, sometimes you need to sacrifice a bit.


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