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Hello everyone!

I want to invite you to a live online course that I am offering this coming weekend (September 17-18, 10am-6pm EST) on I-Ching pulse diagnosis.

Take your 5 element & Bagua Balance Method treatments to the next level with I-Ching pulse diagnosis & acupuncture!

The course is divided into two days, with the morning of day one covering a brief history of I-Ching & medical I-Ching, including the reasons for its decline within Classical Chinese medicine & its continued development & use within Daoist medicine, culminating with the development of I-Ching pulse diagnosis.

We’ll cover the cumulative meanings & correspondences of the trigrams from various perspectives - including the later & earlier heaven arrangements, the Ling Shu, the Shi Fa manuscript, & Jing Fang’s writings on I-Ching.

Standard methods of hexagram generation are discussed, as are the two main schools of interpretation.

The afternoon of day one focuses on the I-Ching pulse diagnosis method itself: zones of palpation & their hexagram line correspondences, the pulse qualities associated with different line types, & the generation of the complete hexagram through the pulse.

You are encouraged to practice and obtain pulse hexagrams for interpretation on day 2.

From then on, we examine various case studies. Each case is analyzed thoroughly from start to finish - we explore how the hexagram reveals the patient’s current condition & what the underlying causes are.

We then learn how to derive both the i-ching acupuncture treatment and a classical 5 element treatment from the pulse hexagram.

The first case focuses on the fundamentals, and each case thereafter adds a layer of complexity - how the pulse hexagram’s interpretation changes with season, how to interpret pulse hexagrams with different amounts of moving lines, etc.

Throughout the case studies, the pulse hexagrams obtained by you yourselves are analyzed as well.

At the end of the class, you’ll be armed with the knowledge and skills necessary to begin using basic i-ching pulse diagnosis on your first day back in clinic!

Get started with I-Ching Pulse Diagnosis: register today!

The next weekend course is fast approaching! Next class is Nov 5-6, 2022 from 10am-6pm EST.

Sign up today!


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