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Hi everyone.

I noticed some of the post are hidden by post or karma.
It required people to paid if insufficient post or karma.
Is it worth to paid to see the hidden message?

Interested. And do you really have to answer 3 questions each time to post reply?

Hi All,

If you are here to learn, there is a lot of good material to look over.
If some material requires login or post / karma requirements, maybe consider asking constructive questions or find relevant material to share.

In the old forum, some people used high post count to maybe ensure that people were actively sharing vs. just here to grab knowledge.
Back then, the old forums were the only source for many to learn. Now there are many other options available.

In modern time, we have to remember this is a public forum, that is easily searchable and is actively trolled.
Many people just throw out their person information and situation. I don't believe that is a health practice.
So I tend to use and recommend using the "Hide this Post" feature when appropriate.

That said, ask questions and try to share.
You can also look for fivearts . org

All the best,



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