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New Journey after 40

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Dear all masters here,

I'm a man in my 40ish, born 23/06/81, 11.56 am, married and have 2 daughter
I've been working at my old company for 8 year plus before they finally find excuse to block my career back in 2020.
By then, Covid just started and a lot company doing restructuration and cut the wages of the employee. And I was one of them.
Unfortunately, my company choose to stop my career path by cut my pay and demote my title with unreasonable reason.
So I choose to resign and in around 3 months, I landed in another company. Career wise not exactly smooth sailing. I work day and night, almost 24/7 because I need to support overseas region.
I stayed for a year plus, and don't feel my hard work is appreciated.
Here I am now, resigned again and will be embark soon at the new company..

Dear Master,
I just want to know, Is my life destined to be stuck like this forever?
am I able to be success? Do I have chance to start my own business ?
Hope to get an insight about my destiny.
Feel very grateful and thank you for anyone who willing to help me to read my chart.

You ever thought of having your own business? You have a suitable chart for that.

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Yes, you have an Artist profile (Yang wood), quite prominently, so anything F&B related should be fine.


--- Quote from: johnyqi on September 21, 2022, 03:06:24 PM ---Yes, you have an Artist profile (Yang wood), quite prominently, so anything F&B related should be fine.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for assuring me.
From my chart is it can be seen likely when is the good period for my financial ?
Honestly since 8 years ago, I really go down the drain and my saving can't accumulate back till today.
Like there will always unexpected things happen.
I really don't know until when will be like this.


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