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The baby boy expected delivery date on 1-5 april, while the baby girl around 25 may. 😁

Dear Aoifengshui,

May I know if you provide any service for date selection for birth surgery? I am expecting two nephews this year, and our family thought it would be great if we select the most favourable date for the sake of safe delivery and the baby itself. I would be eager to hear your reply.

Thanks  :D

Sorry, I didn't word it correctly. Was the maid staying in the north west sector of the house?

No, she didn't  stay in the house, she only work part time during day time, but the place she work would be southeast sector in the house(third floor)

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Considering the SE palace with the lost item,
- Last Wei month July 2016, the SE palace/ sector is occupied with 5Yellow, So there is a high chances of theft taking place in last month that is Wei month before 7 Aug.
- Is she born in the year of Dragon or Snake? If she is born in the year of Dragon- she might have be fired on Dog day, and stolen on Rooster Day, Monkey hour, or Monkey day, Rooster Hour.  If born in the year of Snake, then Rooster day Shen hour.
- Thank u for the feedback, as the Heavenly Grass is Water element.

Thanks a lot for the detailed reading.  :)  There is very high possibility it was stolen by her then. My family don't know much about her birthdate, so sadly I cannot confirm her Chinese zodiac

There are strong chances that she might have stolen. Even in the divination I cast for your question it indicated Black Tortoise with Hidden Door. The hour stem was supportive of day. Was she staying in the northwest sector then?

Her house indeed located in the northwest from mine

It is in the northeast section and occupied by my aunt (elderly too)

I see.

Is the former maid is more of the 'manly' type?

Within the room, is the cabinet used to store the gold in the northeast or northwest?

The maid is not manly type, she acting out a lot (crying when she want to lend money for example) so I would think she
Use her advantages as woman to the max
The cabinet is in north sector of the room

To plot the QMDJ chart, I take the date and time you have searched and found lost/ missing the item. it is on 10 August 2016, Wednesday, 9:30 Hrs. as mentioned in this forum.

- From the chart - the lost/misplaced item is the hour stem. that is Ji Stem.
- The Day stem and the hour stem are in external palace
- The attachment with the missing/lost item is identified with the Liu He ( Harmony) which is at the SW
- From the chart, it is at SE, with the Xuan (Tortoise), and Tian Peng (Heavenly Grass) these two indicates the item is stolen.
- Your guess may be correct with the maid,

Any more inputs are welcomed.

Thanks for the reply .Because  I didn't learn qmdj I might understand it wrongly. In se sector 蓬Meeting玄would be bad because 天蓬 is a thief star, 玄 can mean thief too, some one who acting a lot, and lying?
Both has water element, so did it mean the thief element is water or working with something related to water? (Her work is to wash the clothes and mop the floor)
The maid was fired because she was lying a lot and working half heartedly (as described by 玄武). Two of her former employer did lost things too ( mobile phone)
Any indication when she stole it? She was fired July this year.

awright, now i'm back again...

-wealth line is void, located in object line: void means that it's no longer able to be seen
-subject line: weak, even with month help, the 4th line move and kill the subject line -> weak chance of founding the item
-fourth line move to wealth, means there's gain / you can get the wealth : probably you can find the item you're missing...

from the hex, it's more like 70/30 of loss and gain..
Just a 5c from newb

Edit: just a little thing i see, it maybe still in your house, it's at  a road and water related place, perhaps because your aunt forget where to put it(?)

Thanks a lot for ur divination, It is interesting mhys result also indicated it will be near water related place.

The room is in northwest sector of the house and/or and elderly man used to occupy that room?

It is in the northeast section and occupied by my aunt (elderly too)

Really no logic to put 200 karma for message asking for help..

Honestly, I don't really understand the karma policy after leaving for a long time. So I just put it up carelessly. If u don't want to answer it is okay...

Name Analysis / Re: Using alphabet for auspicious name
« on: August 16, 2016, 12:31:20 AM »
What's the rationale for the elements behind the letters? Source of your info? Name of master?

Doesn't make any sense to me..

Actually I don't believe too much in this too :D, coz the author didn't explain the logic behind this. But since I havent find a way to use elements in bazi, everything was worth a try hahaha(but alphabet and mandarin character have such a different system that it is confusing to see them on the same level) anyway It was taken from HK fengshui website h

Have u find an effective way to use element in alphabets ?

The posts are very high to reply this post, can u lower it.

Sorry for it, I have lowered the post count   ;D

Will be waiting for your result. Thanks

Thank u vroya for the reply, I hope we can find it , but we have searched for all possible places  and no luck. We are afraid that the former house maid stole it, because the bedroom is upstair (sometime forget to lock it)
Any chance that the chart suggest it being stolen?

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