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Your hour is in borderline, so before we get to your marriage, can I ask:
- Does your mother have her own career or running her own business?
- Father & mother relationship is not bad but also not great?
- You are more of an extrovert but you can also be serious.
- You can also talk very well but at the same time you are also careful about what you say.
- You tend to work for big companies / multinational companies?
- How is your relationship with your direct boss / manager at work?
- Are you in the level of deputy manager of your department?


Here’s my answer:
- My mom was working as Kindergarden School Principal, but when i was 7-8 years old she resigned from her job. She keeps making money by sewing at home, sometime she made traditional bags too.
- Father and mother relationship is unmatch but they keep going because (maybe) of love. I think my mom loves my father so much, or her patient level is high ;D
- i am an introvert
- i cant judge how good my communication is. Sometimes i feel people difficult to talk to me. But sometimes i know i can explain something clearly to people. Idk about this.
- Some of my experiences was in multinational companies. But also local companies too.
- I can make good relation to male-boss and usually having bad relation to female-boss
- Now in managerial level

I am curious about your questions :D so please explain me heheheeh

ZWDS chart

You have lingxing star in happiness sector. Lingxing is the source of noise in your life. You don't have peace of mind.

Aside from lingxing, you have dijie and tuoluo in property palace. Personally, this is a big nope for marriage. Too much damage.

I think it's better if you live alone. And because it's possible that your kids are "noisy", it's better if you only have one kid as a single mom.

This is so sad, for me. I always thinking about having spouse for life ;(
Is there something that i can do as an effort to make my dream comes true?

Is there any differences on reading my bazi? As I know that my bazi is ‘Follow The Son’ one and not the regular one. I had a reading before from someone that 2025 ahead is my lucky period. This make me confuse.

City of birth?

Jakarta, Rumah Sakit Pertamina.
Looks like it is South Jakarta.

Waiting for reply on this topic LOL

Hi, i am wondering.. Am I good in marriage or better for me to stay as a single mom? I was failed in marriages before. I think i have traumatic experience about it and now i am confuse for my love story.

Please help me read my bazi or ZWDS ad below:
5 March 1985 06:55 AM

I want to know also if there are any way to make me good in marriage life, what should I do or scarifies for it? Should I stop working and focusing on being wife and mother? Or just keep going on my career and never think about having husband anymore..

I will appreciate a lot for your sharing. Thank you in advance.

Blindman School (Mangpai Bazi) / Re: Elon Musk Dead or Live Wood?
« on: May 01, 2023, 02:27:02 AM »
Thanks for the sharing

Is it for mobile phone? Android or ios?

Si Zhu Ba Zi Knowledge Base / Re: Too Many Eating God
« on: August 11, 2022, 12:04:26 PM »
Your birth chart is rare because all elements disperse your energy. Yours is so-called 'Follower' chart, where your Daymaster is weakened to the maximum, that it becomes strong again.

However, right now your 10-year phase has a Robber element and that makes you a normal weak chart. In a weak chart, Eating God is bad for you. It makes you unfocused and more concerned with having fun.

You will have to wait till age 50 when the 10-year elements weaken your Daymaster until you become Follower chart again. Then EG allows you to have a much better life.

Please tell me, if this chart is 'Follower' one... am I still need to make my water element stronger or just focus on improving metal element?

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Please Dibacakan yaaaa
« on: July 31, 2022, 01:11:47 AM »
True, sempat dekat dengan yang usia nya lebih muda karena merasa cocok banget. Tapi ga bisa dilanjutkan karena kondisi orangtuanya yang ga akan merestui. Bisa melihat ini dari bagian fengshui yang mana?

Si Zhu Ba Zi Knowledge Base / Re: Too Many Eating God
« on: July 22, 2022, 01:26:00 PM »
Well i am not lazyyyyy, i always moving and do something  :'(

Si Zhu Ba Zi Knowledge Base / Re: Too Many Eating God
« on: July 20, 2022, 03:16:10 PM »
Where is your bazi?

Here's my bazi. please kindly review and I am very curious about EG impact for life.

Si Zhu Ba Zi Knowledge Base / Too Many Eating God
« on: July 18, 2022, 08:04:55 PM »
Hi Masters, i would like to know what will happen if there are too many Eating Gods?
btw, I have it on my Year, Day, dan Hours;  67% Yi EG.
is it bad?

Si Zhu Ba Zi Knowledge Base / Re: Shi Shen, eating god
« on: July 18, 2022, 08:00:46 PM »

Shi Shen ( Eating God)

In term of relationship, represent younger generation, students, subordinates; for female chart represent daughters.

4 characteristics of Eating God:

1.   Eating God with the help from Wealth, will enjoy success.
2.   Enjoy food and entertainment, going around to make connections
3.   Lazy, love to enjoy and hate work, no fixed job.
4.   Not thrifty, have the habit of spending money.

Prosperous DM together with prosperous Eating God, good income, enjoy good food, plenty of wealth, no need to worry about food, magnanimous (generous), whole life carefree. 

Too many Eating God/Hurting Officer (Output), always in laughter, anger, sorrow, and happiness, cannot keep secrets, like to indulge in empty talk, if being task to manage enterprise (own business), because of optimistic character will cause the business to fail.

Eating God has 3 important functions:

1: give birth to Wealth Star
2: output (discharge) for DM or Bi Jie
3: control Officer (Zheng Guan and 7-Killing)

If bazi has DM strong and prosperous Eating God, main chart has resource star next to (or near) DM, the person must have good digestive system, strong built, know how to enjoy good food, gifted in many aspect, bright and intelligence, handsome features.

DM weak meet (e.g. during luck) prosperous Eating God, not healthy, always sick, it also means that the person like to use his/her petty trick to cover-up his/her shallow knowledge. (i.e. talk big to cover up)

This type of people normally low in IQ, would like to show off although lack of skill.

Eating God chart type person normally not very diligent, not very energetic to do things (cannot follow-thru), not very entrepreneur (don't like to startup him/herself), don't want to move out of conform zone and always want to enjoy only.

However, this type of person has one good point, once this person decided to settle down, it will not float around anymore.

If there is too many Eating God, the person will be stingy, only think about one's interest and don't care about others.

If there is a lot of resource and DM strong, chart don't have Eating God/Hurting Officer (Output), Wealth Star weak, even with a bit of Eating God/Hurting Officer

(Output) but far away from DM, mid to old age in resource luck, Bi Jie around, this will be poor and frustrated life; If natal chart has strong Resource Star control or clash with Eating God, cut off wealth resource, this indicate poor life, serious case, die young or difficult to bring up.

Day Pillar that has Eating God and it is favorable, Hour Pillar has Indirect Resource, means there is possibility of difficulty in giving birth or miscarriage, old age lonely and solitary.

Male chart, both husband and wife always sick.

Eating God become prosperous, meet Wealth Star, bright children, husband become wealthy.

Eating God become prosperous, Wealth and Officer become weak, son life become expensive, husband will not become wealthy.

Eating God become prosperous, DM become weak, has the possibility of pre-mature delivery.

Eating God at Prosperity Peak and also favorable, become a person with Fu, Lu, Shou (prosperity and longevity) 

Eating God at Ageing (shuai), the person will less fortune.

Year Pillar with Eating God, career improve with receive help from ancestors, steady income.

Month HS Eating God supporting Officer, wealthy person, suitable to become politician or government officer.

Month EB sitting on Eating God, person fat and gentle.

Day EB sitting on Eating God, spouse fat, gentle and amiable, sufficient living (always have clothes and incoming). 

Hour Pillar with Eating God, enjoy old age.

Hour Pillar with Eating God and Indirect Resource on the same pillar, lonely.

This is interesting and very helpful for me as newbie. thanks for sharing.

thank you. here's LIKE for you.

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