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Can you provide birth time and birth place ?

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Fuyin in month & yr pillar
« on: December 06, 2022, 02:47:41 AM »
@qingfantasy, can u pls explain to me how u see the HHS injured in wei? I can’t see it. Thank you!

Resource Xin metal protrude in heaven stem, then earth also can birth the resource and negative earth become positive. Weak Ren water daymaster, because of resources protrude in HS, this weak DM can enjoy three favorable elements, earth metal water are favorable elements. The Ji Hai LP and Wu Xu LP are good LP for this DM, DM can easily get promoted in high paying salary job during these two positive officer LP.

The Chou earth clashing Wei earth. Inside the Wei, we have Yi wood and Ding fire. When Chou clash Wei, Xin metal inside Chou clash negative Yi wood HO. The negative Yi wood Hurting Officer got injured. We know negative HO is about impulsive behavior, but when negative HO injured, the person can be very calm during a very challenging and stressing environment. The Gui water inside Chou clash the negative wealth Ding fire. We know that negative wealth is about laziness. When negative wealth got injured, the laziness is lessen. This means DM is hardworking and is not going to waste time for nothing. The negative wealth Ding fire got injured, we have Ding protrude in hour HS. This Ding fire got injured and failed to bully the strong positive fuyin resource Xin metal. The bad elements got injured while the useful god Xin metal is intact, this shows that the life quality of the DM is above average.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Need help to read chart
« on: December 06, 2022, 01:10:31 AM »
Hi everyone, I’m very new to bazi so I need help to read my chart, it’s 26 August 1993, 9.15AM UTC+ 7

Hi, where is the birth place? City? Gender?

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Fuyin in month & yr pillar
« on: December 05, 2022, 11:35:59 PM »
Masters, can help read this chart?

19th jan 2022, 2.23pm

Fu yin in month & year pillar.

Weak ren water DM, fuyin are favourable as they are direct resource. Am I right?

Yes, weak Ren water DM, positive fuyin Xin Chou, year governed 1-17 year, month governed 17-33 year, starting life very good. The earth clash 2 Chou bully 1 Wei also very good, negative HHS inside Wei injured.

This DM male or female ?

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Also, he like flexing so much (showing off his wealth, so Having strong hurting officer hour pillar is very likely)

His friend, being the Wu earth in hour HS. His friends are always around him since this self star sit next to him.
"flexing so much' is due to the negative fire (Bing and Gui fire) birth the negative self star in hour HS Wu earth.

The hour should be Wu wu pillar, born 1100-1300.

In the natal chart, there is no fighting to combine and Gui transformed into fire. The daymaster is strong Wu earth, the chart cannot be fake vibrant because the Gui water has its root in year EB inside Zi water. For a strong chart, the favorable wealth Gui water got transformed into negative fire. The month pillar governed 17-33 year so the event of positive wealth transformed into negative fire will unfold within the LP during 17-33 years.

We have negative Yang Ren Wu fire horse, and this negative Yang Ren is in direct clash with the Zi water. Any time when the temperature of Wu fire and Zi water is strong and the clash is violent, then DM will have problem. For Strong Wu earth, Yi Wei LP should be very good but then daymaster is "rather poor and work hard for living and go thru hardship in life." We check the year pillar, Bing Zi pillar governed 1-18 years, then compare with the LP. In the natal chart, the Gui already transformed into fire. The fire is very hot and burned the wood. During Jia Wu LP, two negative Yang Ren bully the favorable Zi water, and the Jia wood officer got burned by the Bing fire. During Yi Wei LP, the Yi wood got burned and there is Zi-Wei harm happening and weaken the Yi wood. For strong chart, officer LP should be very good but here the officer got injured.

Entering Bing Shen LP, the chart become imbalanced. We have the Shen-Zi-Chen water frame formed due to external season of Bing Shen LP. This water frame strengthen the favorable wealth Gui water. But this poor Gui water got robbed by negative Yang Ren. Yang Ren is specialized in robbing wealth. It can be that DM will lose money or that DM use it negatively and conned people money. We check 2022 Ren Yin AP and see what happen with the natal clash of negative Yang Ren with Zi water.

In Ren Yin 2022 AP, Ren water protrude and water is favorable for strong Wu earth due to the support of Shen-Zi-Chen water frame. The AP EB Yin wood is forming half-combo of Yin-Wu-Xu fire frame pulling in the EB Xu earth from the help of hour HS Wu earth. So the negative Yang Ren Wu fire is equally strong. The fire frame support the Wu horse fire and the water frame support the Zi water. Now Zi-Wu clash is very violent. We then check for harm. Natal Si fire forming harm with Ren Yin AP, Si-Yin Harm activated, so betrayal is possible in 2022. Then we check for punsihment, Si(natal)-Shen(LP) is in half punishment. The negative event of favorable Gui wealth transformed into negative fire is possible to unfold when the punishment is in complete form and the Gui Si pillar negative event is possible either in Bing Shen LP or Ding You LP. In 2022, Ren Yin AP activated the punishment of Si(natal)-Shen(LP)-Yin(natal). The punishment Si-Shen-Yin is in full complete form.

The fire-water clash supported by fire frame and water frame, plus the completed Si-Shen-Yin punishment, completed the event happened in 2022.

Should be a strong chart. Only strong chart can have big change through the transition from Yi Wei LP to Bing Shen LP. 2016 Bing Shen, 2017 Ding You AP also the transition phase before entering the Bing Shen LP. The last year of a particular LP can have big change when entering a different LP.

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The Yang Ren for Wu earth daymaster is EB Wu fire horse, there was no horse inside the chart, no Yang Ren present.

This bazi is a Strong Wu Earth daymaster. Month EB Wei is the storage of Wood. Year EB Chen is the tomb of water.
The present of Yin wood in spouse palace destroyed the fake vibrant structure, so this chart become Strong Earth.

The month EB Wei is earth season. There was water tomb in Year EB Chen, water is wealth, father health will have problem when meet LP EB Xu earth or AP EB Xu earth.
Earth is very strong inside the natal chart so when there is external clash involving Chen-Xu earth clash, father health will have trouble, since the strong earth can easily absorbed the water from the Chen-Xu clash.

Do you mind reading the relationship aspects of the chart? By the way, it belongs to a female DM. :)  If you are willing, you can PM me. Thanks.

Strong Wu earth daymaster. I just focused on relationship aspect then.


DO in Chen (year EB), DO in Wei (month), 7k in spouse palace, this lady should have at least 3 different relationships happened in her lifetime. The DO in Chen and DO in Wei is two different people, not the same people. Negative resource present in hour pillar, in relationship aspect, negative resource also means the ego is very high, that mean this lady is unlikely to accept failure and face is very important, self-esteem is very high. In relationship perspective, that means she will endure the suffering even though she knows that her husband is going out looking for affair. She will not easily divorced and is unlikely to lose face. 自尊心很强。

During Bing Chen LP, Chen is negative earth which also represent red chamber and this red chamber is involved with Chen-Chen punishment. So relationship prospect is not smooth in Bing Chen LP.
The next LP started in 2023, and this LP is Yi Mao LP. Mao EB is positive wood and this Mao also represent salty pool, salty pool is one the peach blossom star and this star is more towards sexual relationship. Daymaster will likely get married in this LP since there is Yin Mao Chen wood frame forming which involved spouse palace with the hidden officers inside the earths. This Yin Mao Chen wood frame is a bit complicated because we have 7k involved with the DO inside Chen, so the relationship can easily dragged into 3 parties in between daymaster, 7k and DO.

The relationship aspect is further complicated in Yi Mao LP (not yet happened):

1. In the natal chart, the spouse palace is tiger Yin wood with travelling horse, this means the spouse always outside moving around. Then, we have Yin wood in hidden combination with Wei through the HHS Jia + HHS Ji. The HHS Ji inside Wei is a competitor to Wu daymaster and this Ji Lady is much more beautiful than the daymaster. This means after the daymaster is married, the husband will go out looking for affair.

2. In Yi Mao LP, the EB Mao wood is forming half wood frame with the Wei EB through (Hai)-Mao-Wei. This Mao represent the husband and Wei represent the Ji Lady. The position of Mao in LP means the husband is the one active in looking for affair. LP more towards 主动 (initiate), natal elements more towards 被动 (passive).
During Jia Yin LP, there is double harm activated. Inside the natal chart, we have Si(hour EB)-Yin(spouse) harm already activated. When there is harm involved with the spouse palace, the marriage life is not smooth. In Jia Yin LP, Si is forming another harm with the LP EB Yin, so we have 2 Si-Yin harm activated during Jia Yin LP, this means daymaster will have another relationship crisis in this Jia Yin LP.

Strong Wu earth female daymaster, wealth is the positive element and this Wu earth have no control at all on her wealth. Her wealth is bully by the negative earths. When the wealth is very weak in a strong daymaster chart, the daymaster will have problem in controlling their emotion. This means daymaster is easy to become sad, losing emotional control, and most of their activity can easily be dragged by their emotions.

The first marriage is with the DO inside Chen, Chen has Gui water wealth, and wealth can birth officer, so this first marriage is the happier but then daymaster messed up this relationship. The second marriage is with the DO inside Wei, the negative Ding fire bring a lot of suffering to daymaster since fire is negative resource, this marriage is on average. The third relationship is with the 7k in spouse palace, inside the spouse palace we have another Wu earth, another woman in daymaster house, this third relationship is very bad because the 7k can easily go look some random encounter with other woman since the Si-Yin harm is formed with hour pillar, hour pillar means the encounter is more towards one-night-stand, short-term relationship, random encounter with stranger.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: marrige reading
« on: November 29, 2022, 07:42:26 PM »
hi all. can help me read my bazhi for marrige? will I get marrige? when? will I be happy in marrige?

DOB : 26.10.1990
Place : Sabah
Time :11.30am
Gender : Female

I seems unlucky in finding right one.


1. Any relationship that failed in 2014 ?

2. long term relationship just ended in 2021 ?


The Yang Ren for Wu earth daymaster is EB Wu fire horse, there was no horse inside the chart, no Yang Ren present.

This bazi is a Strong Wu Earth daymaster. Month EB Wei is the storage of Wood. Year EB Chen is the tomb of water.
The present of Yin wood in spouse palace destroyed the fake vibrant structure, so this chart become Strong Earth.

The month EB Wei is earth season. There was water tomb in Year EB Chen, water is wealth, father health will have problem when meet LP EB Xu earth or AP EB Xu earth.
Earth is very strong inside the natal chart so when there is external clash involving Chen-Xu earth clash, father health will have trouble, since the strong earth can easily absorbed the water from the Chen-Xu clash.

Thank you for your feedback, from what you have experienced, it is confirmed that your birth time is correct and there is no need to do time correction.

Hour:   Gui Chou
DM:     Gui Wei
Month: Ren Shen
Year:    Jia Xu

Strong Gui water daymaster. Favorable elements are wood and fire. Earth is not good because earth is involved in punishment.
Using earth can bring a lot of punishment into the chart so earth is not favorable. You need to have basic understanding in bazi
to understand what is happening in your chart because the things i explained here might be very technical for those who are new in bazi.

Elements interaction:
vocabulary HS: Heaven Stem, EB: earthly branch, LP: Luck pillar, AP: Annual Pillar.

Strong Gui water daymaster, both self-elements(water) and resources(metal) are negative. Favorable elements are output (wood) and wealth (fire). Metal resources are very bad for you, your previous LP are Xin Wei (1999-2008) LP, and Geng Wu (2009-2018). These two LP belong to negative resources because Geng is Yang Metal and Xin is Yin Metal. Since the 2 LP is involved with negative resource, we can say your childhood is full of bad experience. You have earth punishment inside your natal chart, Chou(hour EB)-Wei(day EB)-Xu(Year EB) earth punishment. During the Xin Wei LP  (1999-2008), this external LP EB Wei can form another earth punishment with the natal earths so we have double earth punishment activated in Xin Wei LP, we want to know which year is the worst in Xin Wei LP, we look for negative fuyin year. 2003 AP is Gui Wei, forming negative fuyin with day pillar, day pillar also represent daymaster body, now we have double earth punishment activated and negative fuyin activated in 2003, we then know that daymaster will have life-threatening experience in 2003, thus i asked the question "Are you involved in accident during your childhood time which seriously injured your body in the year of 2003?" and you answered "I developed SLE and a bad chronic kidney disease during 2003 that I still have to take medicine for, that year overall was very bad and traumatizing year since my dog went missing, my grandmother died, mom divorced my dad and started to date an addict and had to slept on dirty couches for some years." The year 2003 is actually very dangerous for you because it involved Chou-Wei-Xu punishment + negative fuyin.

In your Geng Wu LP (2009-2018), Geng is metal and Wu is fire, this Geng Wu pillar can represent flaming axe and we know this Geng Wu is negative resource pillar. This Geng Wu flaming axe can directly chopped off (counter) your favorable Jia wood (Year HS). So when your favorable Jia wood got injured, then you also suffered. So we can say the period of (2010-2019) had a lot of bad experience. Now we check 2011(eating disorder) and 2013(drug/alcohol) to see how the elements interact.

2011 AP Xin Mao, Xin metal also represent indirect resource(IR), IR to female represent mother. Metal is negative so we know 2011 is a bad year but we want to know what is the cause of this eating disorder. Mao wood can formed hidden combination with month EB Shen metal. So Shen metal is the clue to this eating disorder. Shen Metal is the root for Geng. In the previous year, Geng protrude, that year is 2010 AP Geng Yin year. In 2010, this Geng Yin clashed your Jia wood in Year HS. Your favorable Jia wood is injured. From this interaction, it is very likely that your eating disorder had its root in 2010, very likely in 2010, you are in direct confrontation with your mother and your mother release her anger towards you and leaving you devastated emotionally and having the output injured, you have no way of releasing this stress. So your eating disorder very likely caused by the event that happened in 2010 which also involved with your mom.

2013 Gui Si AP, Gui water is negative, friends also bring negative influence. 2013 is the personal choice. Si(AP)-Wu(LP)-Wei(day EB) fire wealth frame that did not transformed. Wealth to woman also represent sexual drive, the spouse palace (day EB) can represent our thoughts and also our body. In Gui Si AP, the Gui represent your friends trying to lure you into alcohol so they can take advantage of you. You are a strong daymaster so self-elements are negative, that means friends bring no good to you.


In your natal chart, you have mixture of 7k and DO. DO represent husband while 7k represent lovers. DO is represent by Xu (Year EB). 7k is represent by Chou (Hour EB) and Wei (day EB). The year pillar is Jia Xu, wood countering earth, and it is HO sitting on DO, this means your first marriage will failed horribly. So it is not good for you if you want to become a full-time housewife. Then we have the Chou(7k)-Wei(7k)-Xu(DO) punishment already activated inside the natal chart. The earth punishment may indicate that the man you meet may not treat you genuinely and they just want you for sexual pleasure, because you have the red chamber in Shen metal and this red chamber also represent your negative resources. Negative resource can also give you a lot of unnecessary stress, worrying, suffering, etc. So dont depend too much on man and marriage, they can cause your life to become very miserable.

She has depression also. Will it be back next yr?

Yes, 2023 Gui Mao year depression will come back. Depression is due to negative resources. The negative resources gave a lot of unnecessary thoughts to the daymaster. It is due to the negative Yang Ren being present in the strong chart, and is free to do anything at its own will, thus bringing disaster to the daymaster. Negative Yang Ren need to control by strong 7k, but the 7k in this chart is wood and yang ren is fire, wood produce fire and thus 7k cant control the negative Yang Ren. Lucky there is no 7k present inside the chart, else 7k will support the yang ren since wood produce fire.

AP Gui Mao pillar trying to combine the day pillar, Wu Xu. Gui + Wu = fire, Mao + Xu = fire. Fire is negative resource. The mental health need to be observed and taken care of next year.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Strength of my day master
« on: November 26, 2022, 09:18:46 AM »
which country/city are you from? The hour is after correction or before correction?

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Strength of my day master
« on: November 26, 2022, 02:52:18 AM »

I'm always confused on whether my daymaster is weak or strong. From bazi-calculator it seems weak but it has support from 2 Rob Wealth and sitting on Geng Metal. My daymaster is Ren.

I was born 24 March 1987, 5:30AM.

Weak Ren water Daymaster. Male.

For weak Ren water daymaster Male, you are about to enter negative Ji Hai LP next year (2023).

For health wise, 2023 Gui Mao year is not good for this lady.

Strong Wu earth daymaster, negative Yang Ren is present in the chart, negative Yang Ren is represent by horse animal, not by HHS Ding fire.

2023 Gui Mao year, natal element You metal clash the AP Mao. In comparing natal elements, LP and AP; natal elements is like citizens, LP is like minister, AP is like emperor. LP has more power over natal elements, and AP has more power over LP and natal elements. AP can form multiple interactions with the natal elements and yet the AP original element remained unchanged  because AP has power over natal elements. So it is very bad when citizens clash minister and it is very bad when minister clash emperor, it is worst when citizen directly clash emperor, 冲太岁,(太岁 is the AP EB).

The negative Yang Ren is very active in 2023, negative wu fire forming destruction with AP Mao, Hour Pillar Wu combine with Gui AP and Wu transformed into fire, Gui AP remained water because AP has power over natal elements. In 2023, the Hour pillar become one whole block of fire, then this negative Yang Ren wu fire is in conflict with the Shen You Xu metal frame forming from the Geng Shen LP.

Paid attention to the health and be careful in 2023 year.

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