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>Rio de Janeiro 16:41

Hi again @packingslip,

Thanks for the reply. The Hour pillar is correct, no need to change. Keep as 甲(+Wo) 申 (Mon)

Checking your chart, I think you married between the age of 16-18 (2008-2010).

In terms of personality can you confirm the following?
- You are a workaholic. You like to plan and strategize
- A great learner, understands a lot, is usually self-taught, independent in thinking
- Likes to work alone
- Receives help most of the time from men
- Charming and romantic
- You are a target of gossip and petty revenge.
- Did you have any problems giving birth?

This year it seems you might be in a new relationship or ex might be trying to patch things up.

Starting age of 22 (2014) did you have problems with your soon-to-be-ex spouse about money matters?

Hope this helps.

>My date of birth: September 20, 1976, time: 09.15 GMT+7
 >Wife: September 7, 1977, time: 05.30 GMT+7

Can you kindly share your location of birth for a more accurate reading?

Thank you.

>I am just trying to understand a few things about your chart...

>What country, town were you born in and what is your hour of birth (just want to confirm hour pillar)

I agree with @ren about confirming the location and time of @packingslip's birth for better accuracy.

Request for divination [FREE] / Re: Dispute between siblings
« on: March 12, 2022, 06:11:46 PM »

Looks like willing to nego peacefully.

Let me know how it goes.

Request for divination [FREE] / Re: Is there anything I can do?
« on: March 12, 2022, 05:09:04 PM »


How young are you? Are you a thinker and often outdoors?
Did you just complete a cycle? Did you get most of the small things you wanted?

If so, a new cycle is about to start. It's time to restart anew. You have to get over some self doubt and just go make yourself visible and help people.
You'll most likely meet someone who's a bit outspoken, who likes the outdoors and is physically active. Maybe from the East of you and maybe within 4 weeks.
You have to go make yourself visible. There'll be initial difficulties at the start if this is not something you do, but keep at it.

Hope this helps! I'm using Yijing for this reading. Let me know how it goes

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: HELP with life
« on: September 27, 2019, 11:45:09 PM »

By must travel to have success, do you mean that I have to travel out of my birthplace or travel in general?

Hi again,

It is to travel out of the place you spent majority of your life in, which is usually your birthplace.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: am i a yi DM or a Bing DM?
« on: September 26, 2019, 11:53:07 PM »
Hi all, I was born on November 7 1990 00:00 in Surabaya, Indonesia. I am confused whether I should use yi hai DM or Bing zi DM instead? Would you mind helping me in analysing it? Would be very happy to clarify anything if you need more information. Best regards Josh

Hi, have you checked the physical 10k yr calendar book itself? And have you tested both charts to see which one fit you the most? You can usually tell by the life events that happened to you. Thanks.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: HELP with life
« on: September 26, 2019, 11:39:58 PM »
Hi all, my name is Ben, I'm a new member here, have read some and tried to learn about bazi, but couldn't quite grasp the whole concept :) so any help is really appreciated! I have some problems that I need help with: -I have a relationship issue with my father that is taking toll in my life. Well, it's not just me, other family members like my mom, and brother also having problems with the dad, he is such a difficult person. - For these past 2-3 years I've been trying to start my own business, but at the end they weren't profitable enough so I decided to close those business ventures.. with 2 small kids and a loving wife I feel that I don't have much leeway anymore in experimenting with too 'crazy' or too 'creative' new business ventures; and furthermore, my financial resources are drying up just to support my little family, this has been stressing me out very much!! So any help in reading my bazi (or any other method) chart is really appreciated! By the way, I've done a bazi reading consultation and this guy told me that in this upcoming 1-3 years is going to be good for me financial-wise, is this true? One thing I know for sure is that I'm a Ren DM with no wealth element in my chart! (is this bad?) and also want to know my chart structure and my useful gods. Thank you for your time reading my post and hopefully I could get some answers that could help me decide my next course of action.. Btw, my DOB is April 3rd 1985 at 06:20pm in Los Angeles, California, USA. Male 8)
Hi Benett,

I'll have a go.

Having no wealth star doesn't mean you won't get rich. In fact a lot of celebrities do not have any or many wealth stars. You just have to work with what you have.

I can see since last year till this year, you've been trying to find your feet. You have no affinity with your father. In fact you are closer to your mother.

Did you get married in 2013?

I agree with the others that you must specialize in something and charge for or use it to work for someone else. If you want to start a business you must find people you must partner with to run it who can help you handle it. Doing it alone, you will most likely be overwhelmed. Am I right in saying that you prefer to do things on your own? You do however have the ability to collaborate, but you have to dig deep to develop it.

Between November and April, you might want to start networking in earnest. Ask your friends, family or strangers for opportunities. If you're looking to work for someone else, you can do so at the start of April. Whether working alone or for someone else, you only have a window of 2020-2021 for bosses to see your ability so make good use of this timeline. I can also see you must travel to have success.

Hope this helps!

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: When will I have a baby?
« on: September 17, 2019, 01:38:06 PM »
Thanks @amfortas for helping me in QMDJ reading. I cross-check with ZWDS, there's still a possibility of pregnancy, so just do your best, good luck.
 In my opinion, you need water in your chart. The closest time for the baby to be born is in 2022. Can someone cross-check me? Thank you.
Does the fact that my husband has a lot of water in his chart help?
Hi again,

It has to be water in your own natal chart. As another practitioner has mentioned, your natal chart has no water. You'll need to rely on the luck and year cycles for that then.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: When will I have a baby?
« on: September 16, 2019, 10:57:58 PM »
Thanks @amfortas for helping me in QMDJ reading. I cross-check with ZWDS, there's still a possibility of pregnancy, so just do your best, good luck.

In my opinion, you need water in your chart. The closest time for the baby to be born is in 2022. Can someone cross-check me? Thank you. 

Hello , I know it is a bit silly to ask anyone to intetpret a 1 year old daughter but here I go.. My daughter just born last year, to be exact 16 august 2018 at 10.00 a.m in Jakarta. Her chart will be as follow, H D M Y Xin Geng Geng Wu Si Chen Shen Xu Funny thing, we have book a caesar operation on 18 August due to consultation with a master by my mom in laws, me and my wife prefer to have a normal surgery. But every night I speak to her, If you want to carve your own destiny and not the one we have chosen for you, you better come out on your own and pick the path you feel best for you.. Voilaaa she came out on 16th ;D .. I want to give her the support that she need and give her guidance so she can pick the best suited education that will benefit her in her future.. I make some research that Geng Chen and Wu Xu is kui gang.. Kinda worry to have it in a female chart but then again it is a different era I suppose.. Anyone have an insight on how can I raise her to give her the proper resource for her future? Thank you in advance

Does your baby have scars?

Kui Gang means it's a very yang chart. This usually denotes good career, strong life force, independence, love to win, can take hardship, resilience, and capable. This person will command great power as spoken in the Golden Verses. 

From the looks of it it is also very dry. No water in the chart.
I can also see that she'll most probably gain greatness upon the age of 23 and above. 

My advice to you is to be patient, show your love and make an effort to be close to her. She will naturally become close to the mother. 
She will most probably be very career- and success-minded so you have to find a way to balance this with social skills and putting her in the shoes of others.  

Hope this helps! :)

@johnyqi @windwheel @sutriz I take your advice seriously and will convey it to my mother so she can advise my sister. But for additional information, I just asked the date of her husband's birth, which is April 21, 1988 at 11.33 pm in Jakarta. Which chart is like this (CMIIW) Jia Bing Bing Wu Wu Wu Chen Chen He has so many fire too. Is it okay in matters of relationship with my sister? Sincerely, Mike
Hi again,

Can you confirm his time of birth is 11:33pm? The hr pillar you mentioned is 甲午 but if it's 11:33pm it should be 庚子.

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