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Just talk / Faith and belief
« on: November 19, 2022, 08:09:29 AM »
Suppose, there are iron filings arranged randomly
and if one among those many iron filings become charged, magnetized for some reason
then all the other iron filings around it will orientate themselves towards the center point of that charged iron piece
and the charged iron filings will have the experience of being the center of everything, being "chosen", or wielding an influence over all other filings
that feeling of influence is what is called God, or Omnipotent
that is what happened to Jesus when he transforms himself into a charge iron filings
the whole Kingdom of God is within Him
that Kingdom of God is the iron filings that are attracted by his magnetism
and it is within him because he is the cause of their centering around him
God is omnipresent, he is everywhere, just like the filings, He is present everywhere, and when one of His children heard his call, and seek his face (become magnetized by love, devotion, prayer), then He will respond, that is, he as the dormant iron filings everywhere will rush towards you and fill you, that is what is the promise that He will dine and eat with you, and meet you within yourself
that's the symbol of the cross, the earth, the human (horizon) meets the sky, God (the above flowing downward vertical)
it becomes a Plus
But I have not told you something, it may be strange
just as any piece of iron filings can become magnetized with love, prayer, anyone can become Christ
that is why there are so many religions in the world, because somebody, somewhere feels devotion and love, and realize his magnetism, Love and devotion is not restricted or exist only with the Jews
everybody feels love, but few raise it high enough to become sacrifice
just like the potential to be a magnet exists in all iron piece
but some works hard and charge themselves up, and others remain neutral
that is why Jesus was crucified, it is like in the past, Moses was also charged, hence his courage to lead the Isralites, so Jews think that only Moses can be the messiah
now there is a new magnet appearing, that is, Jesus, and Jesus attract everyone's attention away from Moses code, because Moses is no more, the magnet was no more, now there is the new magnet, Jesus, so the old hate the magnetism of the new (Jesus)
so in a way you can become Christ, you just need to find a real magnet, and learn from it 🙂
hence Jesus and the 12 disciples
Thomas was also realized, charged, that is why he said that "if I tell you what Jesus said to me, you would pick up stone and throw at me, and the stone will spurt out fire and burn you"
one who is God's side cannot be defeated

Just talk / don't lose your womanhood, woman is greater than man
« on: November 12, 2022, 06:29:26 PM »
who is greater than God? of course, mother of God
most men became God realized because God is man, and it is easier for man to know God, because he is man quality just like God, but God comes from the nothing, the ocean of nothing, ocean of foundational materialness
like the painting cannot be drawn without the paper, even though the paper is nothing, but if the paper is small, the painting, no matter how great, will be small and insignificant
It is a joke because even Jesus calls God father but totally ignores the Mother of God, he keeps declaring I am God without knowing who gives birth to him, it is nothingness, death, darkness, total unknowing, total ocean
Like the shark is the greatest in the ocean but not greater than the ocean itself
Life is great, God is everything but everything comes from nothing, from the base, Life comes from death, and goes back to death, so death is greater than Life, but Life cannot be inclusive of death, because death is the base status
Woman is rest, peace, silence, like darkness, she likes quiet place, and don't like to act physically
Men is excitement, he likes to act, but his excitement is short-lived
Peace is forever, God is momentary, silence and darkness is forever, God, light, comes and go
In life, you can realize God, but the silence, the ocean of peace and rest, rejuvenation, relaxation, death and surrender, is the maker of God, of the life
Woman does everything totally, because ocean is total, it knows every creatures living in it, woman knows everything about the man, the eyes can only focus, but the body feels everything
It is difficult to know the Mother of God, the death, the nothingness, the silence, the peace, the relaxation, the rejuvenation, because reaching God, one thinks he is all there is, all past present future, all life, all manifestation, but he does not know that he is just a movement, an activity, but stillness, inactivity, no movement is his mother

Just talk / Re: Glimpse of enlightenment, awakening, what is it like
« on: August 30, 2022, 07:43:00 PM »
There are many ways to lead to this experience but it all boils down to surrendering and leaving the ego, the ego is hard to leave because you cannot leave it, if you will to leave it then the willer is the new ego, you need someone whom you can trust to demolish your ego, it's like you are trapped in a prison which you think is your home, someone starts hammering away the prison wall, you will be like Why are You destroying my house, but the Master will keep demolishing your ego, so that the wall becomes weak, when the wall is weak you can jump out, otherwise it is too hard, your ego is too strong
You need solitude and alone time, the quarantine works that way, because of you meet people, they will cause you to constantly rebuild the wall of the ego, someone says you are ugly, and you start defending, improving yourself, someone says you are nice and then the ego is built, ego is a way of being reflected by people around, you start building your facade, and people can't be pleased, one person is your friend another is your enemy and you cannot please everyone, you cannot satisfy everyone because that is suicide, you will lose yourself if you try to please everyone, but once you know yourself then even if the whole world condemns you, it makes no difference, you already know yourself, and not just a meager self but the Self that God has gifted to everyone, but everyone wants fake things like money and fame to boost up their fake self, the real Self can only be known when the ego is evaporated, just one glimpse, one second of seeing and you are changed forever, that's why I said Glimpse, but it is enough to change your whole life, Mohammad has seen, Jesus has seen, Buddha has seen, Laotzu has seen, no one is more superior than the other, they all have realised

Just talk / Glimpse of enlightenment, awakening, what is it like
« on: August 30, 2022, 07:27:54 PM »
Hi all
Since this forum is anonymous so I can freely share my experience without being condemned by Real people hehe
Glimpse of enlightenment in my experience, is like knowing who you really are, we think or I used to think that we are just this body, this mind and some unknown x factor called soul, after awakening, you will realise that for your whole life up till this point you have been cultivating and polishing a fake entity...please enter your birth name here, all you do is making this name shiny and respected by people around you, after awakening, you realised that you are more than this, imagine you see the whole vast sky and beyond as yourself, you and the sky is one, and that just as the sky can't be destroyed, or changed, you too are deathless and immortal, not just that, you have been existing in the now that contains all the past and possibly future, future is unknown but somehow your now moment converge and gives the seed to all future moments and contains all the past, when you know yourself, you know that you are all, everything, that you are the centre of the universe, that you are God and you created this universe, everything that has existed and can possibly exist or potentially will exist emerge from you, from God, light starts bursting from your heart and an unknown voice inside you coupled with feeling of bliss cries out I Am God, you don't declare it, the feeling declares itself, that's why Jesus was misunderstood
When you awake, you see that you own everything, everything is yours just you need to empty yourself, you become the all and the nothing, you become everything and nothingness, then you realise that only you exist, nothing else, there is only one, oneness, oneness exists and that oneness is you, there is nothing outside of one, then you know even your enemy is you in a different form, like the finger and the toe is connected to one you, then you see that even the evil is contained in the Goodness, then you realise evil is not separate from goodness, you start pouring love for the whole sky because now you know everything is you, if you see that your enemy is indeed your little finger of your hand, how can you hate him, then you see everything is contained in the one you, and you see many things like thunder and lightning.
When you are awake, you know there is no time, a million years can be contained in just one second, everything that comes into being return to the void all, and from that void all emerge you, there is no death, just the entering into and out of the void all, you know you are immortal because the sky, which is you, cannot be altered or changed in any way, it remains, and you remains the moment you merge yourself to that all, bliss, truth that you are the all, when you have all and everything, will you bother about 100 dollars, if you have the whole universe in your unclutched empty hand, will you bother about being a president, if you have the whole of time, the vastness of time, millions of creations in you, and you know everything is from the void all, the void all is the real destiny and the real source, when you die you will return to the void all, no heaven, no hell, no ghost, and you now know that the vast all is your real mother and father, that your mother only creates your body, but your soul comes from the void all, God, you are spread everywhere, everywhere has your signature, and when you know who you are, you also know who a beggar is, who a president is, they are equally God asleep, they can claim the whole universe just as you can claim as a common property, common wealth, you start respecting everyone because you know their potential of realising their godhood, then you pray, before that you cannot pray, you start real praying because of gratitude that you have been given so much, you, a small body has been endowed the whole universe and it's infinite time, then rain starts pouring, you bless the whole existence, tears of bliss and gratitude, you don't feel that earth is harsh, it is just an opportunity to leave the home and find your way back home,
But before all this happens to you, you need to find a Master, one who already knows and experience, because no books can teach you this, you need trust in yourself and in your Master

Miscellaneous topics / Re: Saphora FS calculator
« on: May 31, 2022, 12:47:07 PM »
I just met Saphora in person today and he helped me decode my chart, a very humble and unpretentious man who only says what he is certain about the chart, he shared many basic tips overview on the chart, the foundation clues which are often overlooked
Thank you Saphora, it's great to have your participation here
He told me he had many books but has to filter out many bs from books and only take in the basic

Future event predictions / Nadi palm leaf prophecy
« on: May 09, 2022, 09:59:55 PM »
Civil war in usa and Europe 2023 due to economic (with russia  and China taking over control)
New worm pandemic 2023 meat food

Just talk / Re: Could the third Antichrist Mabus be Marx?
« on: May 07, 2022, 04:17:43 PM »
It's a sad thing for America, it has really high ideals set in the beginning for freedom and respect for God, America even fight among themselves to protect the rights of the black people (who was not having any rights since the beginning) even it reaches to the extent that white women get married to African (Obama), charity is considered a virtue in America as well as moving upward through strife and poverty (Ford), I am really sad because America is not what it was before the atom bomb era, I guess because it's too open to allow refugees and the culture got mixed badly

Just talk / Could the third Antichrist Mabus be Marx?
« on: April 28, 2022, 07:55:32 PM »
I am not sure but the pronunciation sounds similar

- Wealth luck is related to parents and spouse.
- Sanguine and happy-go-lucky person. Possibly charming too.
- She enjoys a comfortable life yet this is detrimental to her career.
- Doesn't like to work for food. Preferably getting paid to have fun or to be famous.
- Possibly enjoys gambling, partying and socializing. All of them are costly activities.
- Her parents control her desire from going overboard and instill a sense of responsibility.
- Broken marriage yet spouse(s) are helpful with $__$.
- Her property luck is related to parents/ancestors and this will carry on to her children.
- Her children will struggle in life, but their career and friends are good.

- Health problems are related to her neck, head, stamina (passivity) and eyes. Currently, I think her post recovery condition isn't that bad and manageable.


Thank you crimsongem, my previous username was nilegem so I guess we have a little bit of common ground and affinity here hehe

for the feedback

- Wealth luck is related to parents and spouse.
Parents (my grandpa) are poor but my father (spouse was rich), so yeah, she was fortunate with spouse

- Sanguine and happy-go-lucky person. Possibly charming too.
yes very charming, people like to chat to her for hours, very optimistic, like to delay things

- She enjoys a comfortable life yet this is detrimental to her career.
in her childhood yes, but as she grows older she is obsessed with work (workaholic is the word?)

- Doesn't like to work for food. Preferably getting paid to have fun or to be famous.
Yes that is true, she makes show that she is working but her main income comes from renting houses and land (lent for monthly payment)

- Possibly enjoys gambling, partying and socializing. All of them are costly activities.
My grandmother (her mother), is hard-core gambler, selling many lands just to gamble, but my mother does not really like gamble, more like calculated risk takers (invest in land)

- Her parents control her desire from going overboard and instill a sense of responsibility.
this I have not seen, but she can be obsessed about things

- Broken marriage yet spouse(s) are helpful with $__$.
my father died early (14 years of marriage)

- Her property luck is related to parents/ancestors and this will carry on to her children.
Parents are poor (grandpa), but property luck for her grow with time

- Her children will struggle in life, but their career and friends are good.
Yes me and my brother have mental illness problem, don't know what caused it :))

Hi, it was actually my mother's chart, but she is living with me now and I know pretty much her whole life, so if possible could you reveal some insights about her chart, preferably using Bazi

date of birth : 15 June 1961 at 4:45 am vietnam

reason why she had correct birthtime (because she was first daughter of my grandpa, and my grandpa is a careful man)

most relevant question I guess could be about health, she was having covid and was still on recovery

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Worlds worst chart?
« on: March 13, 2022, 07:01:44 PM »
an excellent executive in handling others, in looking after this or that as the manager, or guide. And especially dealings with wheat, grain, cereals, coffee, tea,

person who may read character easily; thus adapting self towards an executive, or  direct the activities of others

considered rather moody

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Help on bazi
« on: March 13, 2022, 06:50:59 PM »
You are suited to be in the teaching profession, especially guiding those young people who are on their way to becoming adults (more counselling and guidance than knowledge transfer)

you tend to be too serious about life, learn to make it more playful

you have your own rule and law, and that is good because anyone of worth should rely on the law and principle set by "Himself", not by outsiders, environment, society

you tend to be "noted" by others around you, even strangers

You have the capacity of Love, brotherhood, caring nature

Hi all. Im a strong Yang wood born in season with Ren Gui in monthly pillar. Am i destined to underachieve in my career? Is there any remedy?

will be good if you put details of birth data and birth city and time of birth to the best of your knowledge
it won't help just from 1 aspect of your chart

[Hidden post: You need login to forum to see it.]

Hi popcoke,

they made a deposit (placement) in Jan-Feb 2020 then the news about the virus broke out, then the government in vietnam has lockdown (around june), then their company goes bankrupt, if they had waited few more months, my land would belong to them, as the lockdown was temporary and the government has plans to revive the economy, but anyway their company was out, I am just lucky

[Hidden post: You need login to forum to see it.]

Hi popcoke,
Ah thank you friend TPY, now you said it, i became alert about it, just for the benefits of others
Life palace 1st decade HS is Yi, Yi flies Huaji to Taiyin in Happiness (karma) palace, so that is 1 Huaji in karma
Life palace 2nd decade HS is Bing, Bing flies Lianzhen Huaji in decade wealth, clashing decade happiness in Shen (tanlang), so that is another Ji
Life palace 3rd decade (now) HS is Ding, flies Jumen Huaji to YOU palace, which is also decade happiness
But 4th decade, you said with Mental clashing self, I assume that is Ji YOU palace (decade happiness palace for 26-36) Ji flies wen qu Hua JI clashing original Ming (life palace in tian tong)
And 5th decade Geng Xu (happiness palace for 5th decade), flies Tian tong Hua Ji to original Ming (life Tian tong) too
I din know you familiar with Sihua ZWDS, so I just wrote in general.  Since you have share your details, let me return by sharing my approach.
What you wrote on 1st and 2nd decade is correct.  1st decade is also your natal chart, which is your characteristic, so you have this tendency in your life. 
1st decade and 2nd decade is Ming flying Ji to Mental.  The damage is amplified by a 自化禄 in the mental palace. 
3rd and 4th decade - the fly out is from Decade Mental.  3rd decade mental is from Ji You flying wenqu to clash natal ming. 
4th decade mental (geng xu) flying tian tong ji to Self.  This sihua is less damaging vs earlier, but due to your nature, it is a stress to take note. 

Is it because 2021 in Ox palace, brother of Ox palace is Rat Zi REN Wu qu flies Ji to opposite meeting Birth Ji in Parents Wu palace (Double JI!!!!)  逆水忌?
In 2021, annual brother sits with Qingyang, Qisha flying out Wuqu ji.  The indication of knife is per these stars. 
So you also familiar with 逆水忌.  :)
So the years landing in Zi-Wu would not be "quiet"

You mentioned about the sales of the land but later it did not go thru due to buyer going bankrupt, that seems like a 逆水忌 event but I can't relate to your property if you have not say so.

I just curious when did the buyer go bankrupt and you confirm the deal was off?  Is it 4 months later after you sign the deal? 

You mean parents palace 光明線
Yes, brightness line is 光明線, but most schools define as parent and health palace (that's why it is a 線).
This decade, this line overlaps with 成就線 ... so need to take note when self or career overlap on this line.

Thank you again TPY, my understanding of sihua is a little mixed up, so when you pointed out, then I notice, my head is full of theories from different sects (including the 梁箬宇), I don't know where is the focus (太極?) so without you pointing out I would be at a loss as to what to look for, you know sihua has many sects and is quite confusing in itself

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