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It depends from what part of the Five Arts we approach it from. As its seen in many places, from 4 Pillars to Feng Shui and even in Date Selection.

We use cures for it in Feng Shui and I like to think that negates it in the other systems as well.
If I have to order it from what was mentioned so far I would say in my current view it goes:
Strength of Effect/Difficulty
1. 4 Pillars(very little, as Year Branch is what belongs to others). Some charts can be really strong effect, depending on the role the Year Pillar plays.
2. Date Selection(noticeable enough to avoid for very important activities). Calculations are same as in 4 Pillars of course, only the span and focus of the activities changes.
3. Feng Shui. Some of the stuff we have does remedy that as well, so obviously there is the consideration its important enough problem. In theory that with 3 killings is accepted to be one of the major problems in some of the most popular schools there.

I see. : )

I was thinking about the rooster because the root xin without carrying seven K ...

I think the important factor may be where she works. If she went to a place that has projected light ina dark room full of people, then the Light may be more important and the only favorable element.
As of course the rest fits to the Images, but not the 7K, the 7K aspect is not there - so likely not the most important one.

The good old 'temperature adjustment' technique, simple or not, may be the right path if that is the case.
Then the chart being too cold(after all Chen is very cold, being Wet Earth with water hidden stem), is the major problem and not the 7Ks on the first layer of it.

If this is the case then first major favorable element will be Wu horse(with the direction mentioned above). Once the chart is more balanced in temperature, other favorable elements could come into play to empower her somewhat, but it seems the coldness may be the major problem.
That is only if she finds the light the cinema beneficial and healing. There is (Hai<>Wu) combination that some styles consider, so there are indication that may be benficial even outside of pure temperature adjustment.

I was thinking about the rooster because the root xin without carrying seven K ...
Regarding the pituitary adenoma, from a certain point of view it concerns kidney and bladder, as territory, but the accumulation is brought from the earth, all that is accumulation is generated by the spleen for Chinese medicine.

(How do you post pictures, I can't do it...)

We have tag  [ img][/img]
And can upload Image on a online service like
I think there was way to do it in the forum hosting as well, but I can't find info now.
Then just copy and paste the link from wherever its uploaded. : )

I like this look at Traditional Chinese medicine, though. It fits well to the Images. What sources you would say view it like that?
So far I was focused on Giovanni Maciocia are you focused there too or something else?

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Thanks Gmuli you are really very kind, I still enjoy you and I ask you one last question, this girl works with cinema, do you think it is a profession that can help her?

Hmm... Maybe fire can be favorable then?
It really depends on her.

Chen can show a cinema, as its Storage of Water/Sibling, so a dark place with lots of people.
She falls in it. But then if the light that is projected(Wu horse) is something she finds helpful, then Fire will be useful element as well(Wu horse fire). Only she would know, however.

If she finds the projected light as something that is helpful, then we know Fire is something that may be more needed in her chart then initially seems, so we can add another direction, that would be South  172.5 - 187.5

In your opinion, can Yong Shen be found in this theme?

I get it may sound contradicting as we are having problems with Chen(wet earth and storage of water), but as I mentioned I think the helpful element is Xin Stem from stems. Together with the North direction mentioned above(its not the whole North, just that part of it).

Its not every metal or every water, but its complex to explain as it involves Feng Shui and stuff, for the North, but for the Xin - its just one of the few beneficial influences in her chart in the Hour Pillar. The Wu(Fire) is important, but Wu is very weak and empowering it will need to be very sure what we are doing(there are secret combinations and stuff in this case and Wu is too weak to control the wet Earth around it).
Its possible empowering the Fire is good idea, as that can be clarity,that seems to be very important, also the only hot factor in a very cold and wet chart... But again - need to follow the life of the person and see how that will ifnluence stuff, as there are many reasons to have doubts in that approach. While empowering her own element seems safer and less riskier option with the right influences(Xin and the direction that is).

Both can empower her in different ways. That seems to be as much as can be done from this perspective, the rest is up to the person.
As even though wet earth as Chen is the same group, ultimately Earth controls Water, so even though that brings even more images of her own group being against her, empowering the water makes sense.
(Metal produces Water, we have that in the hour as well, so can relate to metal foods, then Water as her and there are other reasons why that specific direction).

The rest the person need to understand and balance, and hopefully move beyond as they learn to negate it. It can be very challenging, but no other ways. Well, at least none openly available to everyone at this point. In the future could be...

So summary with some additions. For what I think can be favorable elements in this case:
Xin metal, can be in form of Food or other resource(music maybe, but to listen to it, not make it).
North1 direction, that is  337.5 - 352.5 . That can be beneficial to face when doing stuff or sleep pointing there.

Can add stuff related to Xu Dog branch that can be very helpful, probably the most helpful part, but sadly its not in her chart or LP initially, so how strong effect it will have is up to debate.
We had cases where it worked in similar situations even without being in the chart, however.

Anyway, Images related to Xu Dog can help(a statue of an angry dog for example, coming from a cave that has light in it fits to many of the Images we seek in this case).

This is all I can think of. Its not a full element, however, has to be more specific then that, as water by itself is not something we need more of. Only if we have other reasons to realign and accept they will help the chart.

Its all good.
I don't think they can relate between charts much. In situations it seems to happen, but for anything long term they see the other representation in their own chart. So he will be Earth for her(everyone with authority will be), yet Wood from his own point of view.

I think understanding the Day Branch is very important. We say its Spouse Palace, we know the Spouse Star has to connect to it in some way for a stable connection... We know branches are deeper, more dense, earthly and more difficult to see from outside...

If we combine all that, it relates the impression the Day Branch is what we would call 'the inner part' of the person. How they feel deep within, so first and more surface part of the 'inner world' they have. How we connect to our inner world is how we relate to the relationship with our spouse star. At the same time Spouse Star has to connect to the inner world, or its only surface relationship.

That seems very related to emotions in the western views.While that may have negative connotations in some of the Five Arts systems, nevertheless its what branches seems to reflect much closer then stems.

So she has 7K at Day Branch.
First it suggests her inner world is controlling her in a difficult to negate way. And that carries the Images of the Spouse. So she will view her partner as very strong influence on her, as all authority will be. At the same time she will see it as something protective, as Entomb carry that too.

Also it will provide many Images of her and other people in different situations, but that last one is difficult to know how will show up, so lets forget it.

Basically, people carring Images of authority(including her spouse) have very strong impact on her and that is part of any health problems there may be. Yet at the same time she finds protection in them(Water entombed in Chen) once falling in the year, then she also finds protection in her own inner world when there is someone carring that Images around, even though it harms her.

This can be difficult, but it isn't specifically in relation to someone, all people with Spouse Images may have that effect.
Hopeful she realizes that if the reading is right and she has found,by now, ways to negate it and to be more open, free and flexible in relationships and in situations where there are people she see as authority(bosses etc.).
If not it may be one of the main reasons for the health problems.
(her inner world controlling her with Images of officers, also finding protection in that even though its harmful).

If I had to guess only by that I would guess one possible health problem with similar charts could be  autoimmune disease, one when she was very young, then disapeared, then showed up again later in life. As that carries similar images often, although of course, she may have worked it out and the problem to be entirely different.So just some possibilities.

Happy to help : )
I'm not sure she can use wood. Depending what wood, it may clash away Xin and it doesn't exists natively in her chart, be that as belonging to her or not.
So its likely unfamiliar to use.
That makes the whole "communication" idea, more of a problem. As communication would be output, that would be Wood, but Wood is not readily available I think in the chart.

I would focus on Xin and the Water itself, for support.
Even if she did would also do so, as Wood would drain the Water as well... And the 7K is all over the place, so if she doesn't have problems with lack of fire(also possible), then I wouldn't focus on wood much.
The Wood in Hai would be difficult to access, the wood in Chen would be even more so...
So I'm not sure she can use the wood she has.

Usually control is not very good for balance... In this case it will weaken Chen, but Chen is also part of what belongs to her(stomach/pancreas in this case) and is protecting Hai/Ren that is entombed in it. Then as already mentioned Hai/Ren will be drained... Xin may be clashed if we go for yin wood...

What else can help...
As far as directions go parts of North can be good for health,that is 337.5 – 352.5N.
Can see if the direction feels nicer in some cases when facing it or sleep pointing to that etc.

In theory Ren and Hai would be "protected" in Chen. But with so many 7K and her physical body falling in them, the experiences related to that sees unlikely to be able to avoid much.

All this is theoretic, though, it depends on how her life went and where the problems are I think.

If we use traditional bazi, she has a lot of Images of 7K all over the chart. on top of that she has unbuffered 7K next to her fromthe month... That is difficult to take, usually.

From other styles, her physical body will be lost in that Officers(Hai represents Ren and both fall in Chen).
So all the Images point to health and authority problems.

Xin in the hour can help. That has Images of mouth and Resource, so the food she eats can be a strong supporting factor?
Maybe communication, while that may need another Image, but still possibly.
As far as work done, goes, its not all bad Hai helps in controling Wu. And Wu can be well controlled... But what does that mean will depend on choices... But its not as bad for work as it is for health, can be successful person if they found good enough healing systems to keep in shape with all this.

Just talk / Re: King's Coins divination 文王卦
« on: April 14, 2022, 09:16:15 PM »
np, I think ArtofFugue left the forum a while ago, by the way. : )

- when you refer to my chou as *her*, were you referring it to symbolize the person I mentioned, or can we refer chou in my chart symbolizing any incoming communication from acquaintances?(chou being in my year pillar representing larger groups of people)

Sure. The idea is that its pattern that shows in everything as all is seen through it. In work it can be older co-workers or communitaction or projects(something created) in relation to work etc.
Chou containers Xin hidden stem, so something created that is based on wealth/income/assets possibly. Or at least on 'value'.
- if the latter, does it have something to do with both metal and water falling in day, how would this influence communication?

Can't say for sure, as I would imagine it can be different depending on the people and how they position it in their life.
One way would be grasping what they say and overanalyzing it in Chen again and again until you can find 'value'(metal) in it. At the same time what they say may be related to 'value', money assets as well.
In that case, it would be potentially slow process. So when Chen is open dynamic is different(years, months, days etc. with Xu Images are when its open), as then instead of overanalyzing it can right away trigger realizations of what is going on. Then when Chou is open, it won't fall, so can perceive it from their own point of view, it won't be pulled to you.

Can be interesting to bring Images of Xu(so like a statue of a dog for example) in a work meeting if there are meetings in that type of work. Then observe if that helps the process of analyzing what they say and make it work faster and better for example.

Alternatively it can be a type of work, analyzing other peoples communication or something they created. It could work, much better in years when Chen is open, but to some degree even when it isn't, just slower.

- is the time I'm taking to assimilate affecting the connection from going anywhere at all?

I think so. Not the time necessarily, by itself, but the pull to you, so its not met at the level it happens(in the year), but its first brought in you to work on there. Yet I don't think its necessarily bad, most people just ignore stuff, so spending time to understand, even if it disrupts a flow it can still be seen as good in many situations I think.

P.S. This is a little beyond traditional bazi. The concepts in some way are there, but not fully developed. If you check the archive in the forums can see the rules for all this, when something falls, when it doesn't etc. Puppylove(that is a member in the forum) posts are where it started for many of us.

Books, Software, Tools, and Resources / Re: ZWDS app
« on: April 13, 2022, 10:38:54 PM »
I deleted most of the old .exe apps .
Mostly because I really don't enjoy Windows or Microsoft now,  and since people would need that to run the apps natively, it seems it was more of a harm then help.

Sometimes we add links to all of them on the site, for holidays or something, so if someone really need they can find a way to download them again. But in general, its for the best. : )

Exception being the WWG app and I think TBSS one, as the first one did include more help from the community for the pinyin names of the stars and it does have more content, so I felt its more appropriate to let it stay for now. : )

Just talk / Re: King's Coins divination 文王卦
« on: April 13, 2022, 04:43:00 AM »
Wild Crane is part of WWG?

Classical text about the system.
It seems that is one of the important directions one can take. One alternative is "gold yarrows" or something like that.
Also classic text, seems to be very different.

Wild crane from what I have seen so far doesn't seem great. At least not for me.
The rules from the Yarrows is similar to what I'm using now I think. What line interact and stuff like that... There are sources in English from a few decades ago with a lot of details on that. We also had it in the first app back then, although not sure many were using that function.

I started with that initially, switched to more simple stuff, now I'm using something in between but more closer to the rules in there.

At least that is my current understanding changes will probably happen again going forward, so just where I'm at now. I avoid reading in the net, espesially for not important stuff, anymore(in relation to the other topic). I used to do it a lot, though, can check archives.

Just talk / Re: King's Coins divination 文王卦
« on: April 12, 2022, 02:32:34 PM »
There were other books with their own arrangements of the hexagrams, if I remember correctly. Also with their own text... Some of that have been found and published in English now. I'm not focusing heavy on the text, so if someone is interested in that there are places that go in great detail about everything connected to zhouyi and the alternative versions, can ask in there.

People focused on WWG/Liu Yao have a section of the forum dedicated about that here:
And of course, books and courses in English from some schools/practitioenrs out there.
There are free calculator apps and other stuff... Overall some looking around may make it easier before starting with the translations.

The other forum also has a lot of materials about it, including translation of parts of Wild Crane book and more.

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