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Dear all,

in this brief announcement, I would like to announce the formation of Infinity sect by me i.e. the forum founder and owner.

The details about this sect can refer to here and its latest update can refer to this topic.

Best regards,

Miscellaneous topics / About Infinity sect
« on: May 18, 2022, 08:40:43 PM »
Infinity sect is a Chinese five arts sect established by this forum founder and owner. Its aim is to provide Chinese five arts' lessons in English and other languages.

The word Infinity is a loosely translated word and in a highly concise form from the full name of this sect in native Cantonese words: zyiqq flingqq zyiqq zyiqq rgwongqq rfuqq hyamqq htinqq zdouqq mpaaiqq.

This is a new beginning. A lot of things as of now is a bit chaos. Even the Cantonese words (the writing system) themselves are new invention. The world's first.

As the saying goes, given time, things will fall into place.

Admin note: will provide more update when the time is appropriate

All paid services and hence the private boards are reside in this area. So, it will be removed. Because aoefengshui no longer here to maintain the services.

Only content from private area which really mean for his paid clients and students will be deleted. Other public area will not be affected.

Dear all,

in this brief announcement, I wish to say that aoefengshui aka Tony Lee has moved on. And he is no longer with us in this forum. He will be concentrated in his new venture in stock trading.

All aoefengshui paid services already terminated. Content related to aoefengshui's paid services will be deleted after 3 days from now. Existing aoefengshui's students and clients who wish to keep a copy of whatever conversation in your private board with aoefengshui, please do so immediately.

Foundation ebook, FAQ, Notes and the ZWDS calculator also will be deleted 3 days from now. Again, those wish to keep a copy, please print them out or save them now.

Best regards,

Just talk / 20th Anniversary
« on: February 14, 2022, 03:31:10 PM »
Time flies. I am using this tech from Microsoft for 20 years.. :)

Today marks 20 years since Visual Studio .NET launched and the first version of the .NET platform was released (or should I say, unleashed) to the world. We’re celebrating all month long and we encourage you to tune into a special celebration broadcast, tomorrow, February 14, 9:00am Pacific Time on Share your stories on Twitter with #dotNETLovesMe, show off your memorabilia, and download some digital swag.

A celebration of the .NET community
Today, over five million developers use .NET and this is a celebration of all of you. It’s amazing that a 20-year-old platform has been the most loved framework by developers for three years in a row now – 2019, 2020, 2021, according to Stack Overflow’s developer survey. And CNCF has recognized .NET repositories in the top 30 highest velocity open-source projects on GitHub since 2017, a testament to all the people actively making the platform better every day. Contributions from the community have also had a direct impact on performance, with .NET topping the TechEmpower performance benchmarks for years. There are hundreds of thousands of packages on NuGet built by the community, thousands of components and tools available from .NET ecosystem partners, and hundreds of .NET user groups worldwide helping local communities learn .NET.

The .NET platform would not be where it is today without all of you.

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Just talk / Happy Chinese New Year 2022
« on: February 01, 2022, 08:46:37 AM »
Happy Chinese New Year 2022 to all.

I wish all have a safe and prosperous tiger 🐯 year ;)

I also did not know why. There was burning sensation in my muscles and the back bone. Even have trouble lifting my arms and holding mouse. So painful. Just resting now without seeing doctor.

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Date Selection / Re: DGDS Calendar 2022 with 28 Constelation
« on: January 19, 2022, 11:37:05 PM »

many thanks for the compilation. This is useful for many people. :)

I purchase a used English dictionary from online marketplace in UK. The cost is around 3 pound sterling and until now I have yet to receive it. It's more than 3 months already.

Any chance for me to get this book?


Today migration attempt failed. Web hosting disable the DNS service without notice. >:(

I got this dream today. I was back in old house and my neighbor house was on fire. There were people running away from fire, smoke and firefighters already there to put out the fire.

My neighbor house is facing directly to my house and there is junction of walkways separated our houses. Technically, my house would be safe.

Any interpretation? ;D

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