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I would consider this a weak daymaster, even though the resource is strong, the resource itself is constantly being controlled by the rooted metal or 'put to work' by the surrounding earth.

I would pick Yi as the usefull god, assuming the UG has to be present in the birth chart (the way I learned it)

Main event in LP: the outside world will bring you a lot of new information, new people (noble men) who support you in your professional life. you will have the opportunity to really grow these years. Might be years where you master a new skill, have training, classes, etc...

rob wealth is a favourable element, not the UG in my opinion. any outcome regarding any interactions with RW should be favourable, so I wouldnt worry about that. there is however a punishment between ox, dog and goat happening in the relationship palace involving an unfavorable element, so I would make sure to proactively make a change there, like a move.. which is what earth likes.

Hi all,
I'm a new(ish) studen of ZWDS myself (flying si hua only).
I'm awaiting love or 'peach blossom' opportunity these days (I am gay), have my heart set on someone but he's not free for the moment.The way I analysed it (see chart ), I had opportunity last year but nothing happened.  2024 could be a possibility too when I apply the 'similar palace' technique for this decade where "D. Spouse' flies into Life palace.
Now when I look at bazi, I have DO (as my spouse start) appearing as GUI in 2023 and 2024 could activate a part 3 harmony CHEN-ZI-SHEN with my ZI luckpillar and the Dragon in my daypillar. In the past, whenever DO appeared, I either got a boyfriend or got married, so I'm quite certain this is my spouse star (spouses are also always older)

On to my question from a zwds point of view, since I see peach blossom in both 2022 and 2024, is it possible 2023 as being in the middle, might be the TRIGGER moment too?

thanks for any insights

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: I feel stuck. Please help.🥺
« on: December 17, 2022, 07:11:46 PM »
I would recommend you to go out, socialise. meet people, Go for a job where you have a lot of colleagues and peers to daily work with. Don't stay at home! They represent the earth element. They are the ones that can help control your strong water in this period. Water is your wealth element, so if you can keep that under control, you could actually end up with a nice stream of income. Wealth is also the element that 'damages' your resource, which means your health. So quite important to keep that element at bay.

Also,  you can earn money in both the water and earth industries (google that). Though I would recommend an earth industry, since it's "native" to you and will also help control that water element.  Earth industries could be real estate or insurance, mining, building materials and antiques but also western medicine, welness (massage, etc..)

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / ZWDS Children palace
« on: December 17, 2022, 07:04:21 PM »

Could Decade children fly a LU into the natal Spouse palace (via WU QU star) mean a peach blossom opportunity?

I  was wondering: imagine a married couple where both spouses work, albeit the man is 10 years older. They both earn their keep. Traditionally the woman would be the Direct Wealth and the man the Direct Officer.  Life happens and the man retires from work and simultaneously falls ill with cancer. The woman is now the only one working and taking care of the sickly husband too.

My idea would be that the man can no longer be the Direct Officer energy, but reverting to DW or IW.  And wouldn't we find the husband in the woman's hour pillar now? Since he falls under her care?

Thanks for your insights!

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Am i bisexual or gay?
« on: July 29, 2021, 10:22:39 PM »
you are gay.

@ren: my relationship to this person is rather unorthodox to be honnest.. trying to explain it might raise a few eyebrows, so if you really need to know I can tell you, but I prefer to do this in a PM rather than in plain view on this forum. ;-)

I feel no responsibility towards not having seen this, but it completely took me by surprise after I studied this chart a couple months prior to the diagnosis.  Unfortunately I have no access to his hour of birth.. i've been trying to "guess it" based on the fact that he has a love for the arts (especially baroque), so I would have assumed to see some EG in the hour pillar He has just retired this year, so I would assume the hour pillar would have been very usefull at this point in time.

Thank you very much for your elaborate replies! I will most definitely take your insights into account.
This cancer is a very mysterious case (I do not know this man personally, it's the partner of my friend).

This patient is a gay psychiatrist and the discovery of the cancer was random after discovering an enlarged lymph node in the groin. It turned out to be metastasis of a cancer which could not be found (at first).  When there's no tumor to be found, it's very hard if not impossible to treat the disease.  Thankfully a clever doctor checked for the HPV virus in the blood, on which he tested positive indicating it to be Penile Cancer.. a very rare type of cancer.   After that diagnosis, they could still not find a tumor there, which was fortunate and unfortunate at the same time. 

They removed the metastasis and he now has to be checked every 3 months, while there's no treatment plan like chemo or radiation planned (since there's no tumor to be found.. it's probably too small or got evicted by the body itself).

I had assumed the HARM from the LP affecting the relationship palace to be the indicator, it being activated this year with XIN as heavenly stem for 2021. It was also found out in March 21 which was a XIN month.    I had assumed there would be relationship problems for my friend and his partner this year.. even thinking their relationship would end (since the partner had a destruction with the dragon in the relationship palace).. but turns out that palace can mean physical harm too..

I used Chinese Metasoft

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Cancer Diagnosis in chart
« on: July 23, 2021, 03:34:34 PM »

This person had a cancer diagnosis last march 2021, Can anyone help me how I could have foreseen this and maybe help forecast the outcome?
Thank you!

Hi all,

I see in a friends chart that his OX (CHOU) is making a combination with RAT (Zi) next year. ox is in his year pillar, next year 'year of the rat' and his luck pillar is also in rat.
both ox and rat are in DE (Death & Emptiness) for him... what does this mean?

combinations usually removes DE, but I learned that in this case something will be taken away in year pillar.
Ox is 'Friend', Rat is 'Indirect Wealth'

full chart:
H     D       M        Y
JI     JI      DING   GUI
SI    WEI   SI        CHOU

Question 1 : Your biz should be okay currently is it?
Yes, it's going ok.

question 2 : new biz opportunity you mentioned, any water kind of biz or joint venture offer?
No, no joint ventures.. and I won't go into any of them, I did that once and that doesn't work for me.   The job opportunities are either artistic (doing graphic design/layout for someone) and the other is translation work.

Question 3 : several projects in the pipeline professionally ~> not really sure with the meaning of pipeline, any relation with : metal company like finance industry or consulting, teaching?
it's an expression that there are several projects I am working on to expand my own business, offer bazi consulting for instance.

Thank you! :)

Thank you all for your input! :)

@johnyqi Yes, I am artistic and had a 10 year carreer as graphic designer, but chose another path more in the lines of 'Indirect Resource' ;-)
The pig year has been ok so far, I figured it would turn out ok, since it clashes my fire element in the year, which isn't favourable to me. I interpreted it as a change of social circle.

@GregG Thank you, I had heard about that book but I totally forgot about it!  Now to find it.... 

@Gmuli I know quite a bit about the five elements and acupuncture and meridians, since I run a salon where I work with the five elements through means of colorpuncture (chromatherapy on acupuncture points and meridians) and also with the Phyto 5 products. I am however curious about QiGong.. I thought it was something like the Yoga from the Asians? Have experience with yoga, but QiGong is on my list!

@TianQi : That's an interesting technique you are using, can I ask what it is?   Professionally I run an energetic beauty salon, also offering energetic therapy through the five elements.  I have several projects in the pipeline professionally. Dizzy, vertigo, tired.. not at all  I am definnitely a loner and a thinker. but not sure about quick! ;-)
I have indeed recently had business opportunities :-)

Hi all,

I've been a bazi enthousiast for about a year now and have devoured the books and courses that I could get my hands on.
(Joey Yap Books, Joseph Wu course 4 pillars, Get rich with bazi, ...)
What I really would like to get better in is in the annual forecasting based of a chart.  Anyone any good recommendations specifically for that?
Also, I have very few info about  BaZi and Health.  Where do I find that?

Last, I'm curious what you can see in my own chart for 2020, that I maybe can't see ;)
I was born on april 29th, 1977 at 4.20 am in Belgium.  I use solar time, which changes my time of birth to 2.40

thanks for any help! :)

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