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hi everyone,
i have been provided a list of interview time slots and am wondering which time slot would be most favorable?

1) 30Mar2021 1000h to 1100h
2) 30Mar2021 1700h to 1800h
3) 31Mar2021 1100h to 1300h
4) 31Mar2021 1600h to 1800h

also, is there anyway to tell whether the opportunity is favorable or unfavorable to me?

thank you and very much appreciate the insight of the learned experts here.

Qi Men Dun Jia / Re: correct QMDJ application / logic
« on: March 02, 2021, 06:44:56 PM »
@rainmaster: yes, KISS is a good principle to live by.

i had thought absorbing more energy might have made a difference, but it's not really possible to design an experiment to test the theory.

thanks again for taking the time to share your insight and wisdom!

Feng Shui / Re: bed sitting/facing direction
« on: March 02, 2021, 06:05:18 PM »
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Feng Shui / Re: bed sitting/facing direction
« on: March 02, 2021, 05:58:24 PM »
dear fellow students and experts,

apologies for the noob question: when it comes to bed orientation, it's never been clear to me which of the following should be taken as the bed sitting direction:

a) the direction starting from the head going to the feet when the person is lying on their back on the bed.
b) the direction starting from the feet going to the head when the person is lying on their back on the bed.

thinking conceptually, the direction that qi flows probably has something to do with it but not entirely sure.

many thanks in advance.

When you know what you are trying to measure then you would know which is correct, concept wise it applies not only to bed or desk. It applies to whatever you are trying to measure and it always starts with what are you trying to measure and why.

盘法 or LuoPan application is 1 of the most fundamental knowledge to be taught even before all the sophisticated formulas, sadly are not properly taught nowdays and jump straight to rocket science on the get go...

@rotiprata, thanks for your sharing. i've not had the opportunity/privilege to study under any master, so have been self-taught which misses things here and there (hence why i am asking the question in the first place).

in terms of what we are measuring, isn't the point to measure the direction from which energy enters the person?

on the subject of a luopan, i have always wondered whether a magnetic compass be used in instead of a luopan. isn't a luopan basically a magnetic compass embedded on a plate that happens to have a number of markings useful for fengshui?

Feng Shui / Re: bed sitting/facing direction
« on: February 28, 2021, 05:27:33 PM »
Bright mirror is a reference to a thorough 8 mansion feng shui book that is often used for studying 8 mansion. terrance chan made it accesible to english readers with translated version of it. It's out of print now. of course you can find digital ones somewhere.

Its in the forum.

duesouth = Terence Chan
Its reposted from the old forums.

Many people don't know but the old forums had a lot of stuff, even had translation of the 100 stems and the old fisherman QMDj songs...
hi @Gmuli, do you mean the topics which start with "Bazhai Mingjing translated..."? i'm reading one of them and they seem to be headers only or is the translation really that brief?

hi @fengshuiartist, many thanks for your further sharing. will need to further study the na jia aspect.

thanks @j27945, that could explain it!

The FS part, I'm using my chart. The people question you later ask, I was lazy hence, I use your attached chart.
is your chart different from my attached chart? if so, is the cause of difference the time used to plot or the plotting method?

If from my chart for FS QiMen, there is pregnancy sign, this year.
is there any indication into what month?

@j27945: i think you are being humble and are plenty skilled already and thank you for your reading and assistance all the same.

would appreciate your thoughts on whether you are aware of situations where the reading of geng and yi need to be reversed.

Feng Shui / Re: bed sitting/facing direction
« on: February 26, 2021, 07:45:51 PM »
thanks for sharing, @fengshuiartist.

thank you for all your responses.

it seems the way qi flows should matter (i.e., whether the qi enters from the top of the head and flows to the feet or vice versa), but then there is no necessary consistency in application. for example, in QMDJ, one should sit with their back towards an auspicious direction (say if the auspicious direction is SE, one should sit with their back facing SE which would mean their face points towards NW) but if one were to travel then one should travel towards the auspicious direction (i.e., their face would point towards SE as they traveled towards SE). from a qi perspective, it doesn't quite make sense because the direction the qi flows relative to the person are opposite.

if we take the example of tai sui, supposedly one should avoid facing the tai sui, regardless of whether one travels or is sitting down. there seems to be a greater consistency here.

in sum, it seems having qi enter from the back (like a tailwind effect) is the most logical.

theory aside, what is everyone's personal experience on the matter? does experience match theory?

@antiserif: i suppose if we all slept in a half sitting up position there would not be such confusion  ;D

i concur with your view that the way the energy flows relative to the person is the focus and bed positioning is usually taken as a proxy for the person's sleeping orientation.

in your view, if a person's good direction is NW, should the person's head point towards NW or should the person's feet points towards NW?

thanks @j27945. any idea why the reading for the flat is accurate but the personality side is not as accurate?

the personality analysis is not entirely inaccurate: part about impatience is accurate, although it manifests differently. is it possible that the interpretation of geng and yi need to be reversed (because i'm doing a lot of the housework like a house husband and she is working)? or is it necessary to look at different chart plotting methods?

noted on your point regarding the QMDJ remote sensing of feng shui being overrated. i suppose i may have read one too many case studies!

Qi Men Dun Jia / Re: correct QMDJ application / logic
« on: February 26, 2021, 07:17:26 PM »
@rainmaster: never thought to think about it in this way--that the inherent nature of QMDJ is that it simultaneously impacts both yourself and your opponent (namely increasing advantage to yourself and increasing disadvantage to your opponent, thereby creating a sizable gap between the two parties).

in the aforementioned scenario, do you think there is any contribution to one's advantage by traveling for 15 minutes to the SW?

many thanks again @j27945.

1) is there any indication in the chart when i might be able to find work?
>> In the month of May, can I check if your background is in info-sciences, technology, metals related or finance and sales. Nonetheless, you need to proactively go for the work.
i've worked in the technology, aviation, and banking industries (in that order). when you write "proactively go for the work", do you mean to try to leverage my professional networks or are you referring to something else?

3) does the fengshui of the flat contribute to the quarreling in any way?
>> Quarrels, every household will have, either big or small. So long it doesn't break relationship, it is a good quarrel as it help each on to understand each other better and bridge the gap better. Based on the chart that is provided by you, the argument look more like a positive one, to resolve differences. Both of you appears impatient in your ways of handling conflicts. Put the 2 side by side in comparison, the Male querent has a higher tendency to self sabotage opportunity, twist words, the female appears to be of a higher quality persona, forth coming and righteous, a bit strong willed.
i find this part of the reading a bit perplexing, because it seems the male and female roles are reversed. the male is definitely the one who is more forthcoming, righteous, strong willed, as well as matter of fact, consistent, etc and the female the one to twist words. would you kindly elaborate what is meant by "self sabotage opportunity"? is this in the context of interactions within the relationship or does it apply more broadly to interactions with anyone?

4) are there fengshui remedies or mitigations that can be utilized to address/mitigate the contribution of the other feminine figure to the quarrels?
>> FS remedy, think you got to ask the FSM (Feng Shui Masters) in the forums or facebook, some advocate manifestation, some talks about placing crystal and teddy bears. It can also relate to Wicca practices, spell circles etc.
i apologize as i did not express as intended when i wrote "fengshui remedies". what i meant was--in some QMDJ case studies i have read, sometimes remedies were suggested based on the QMDJ chart--do you see any QMDJ remedies that would be appropriate here?

i will separately ask the FSM's here on the forum but i was of the understanding that QMDJ could identify specific and immediate concerns that a conventional fengshui audit might miss.

Feng Shui / Re: bed sitting/facing direction
« on: February 25, 2021, 02:56:07 PM »
some even sleep on the belly :D

@antiserif: well, regardless of whether one sleeps on back or belly, the qi enters body from the head.  ;)

in bright mirror there is a line that the facing of the bed should be bright. try that with the wall side ;)

do you mean that the wall opposite to the headboard of the bed should be bright? if it is dark, can i shine a light on it at all times? ;D

also not sure what is bright mirror...?

Qi Men Dun Jia / Re: correct QMDJ application / logic
« on: February 25, 2021, 02:49:08 PM »
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thanks @j27945.

the first question, i am the querent.

the second question, i am the querent asking about the fengshui of my girlfriend's flat (where i have been residing as well). however, i am not sure if it can be considered "on her behalf" because she did not ask me to ask the question.

the third question, i am the querent.

the fourth question, i am the querent.

male year stem is xin you, female year stem is bing yin.

does FSM refer to "fengshui master"?

Qi Men Dun Jia / Re: correct QMDJ application / logic
« on: February 24, 2021, 03:27:12 PM »
thanks @rainmaster.

your comment about combining directions and timing gave me a few ideas to try to harness QMDJ for sending job applications (or for any other action that one wants a good start to).

hypothetically speaking, let's say there is an auspicious QMDJ hourly chart that is 4 days from now at wu hour. let's also say that in this chart, kun palace has the auspicious configuration of open door, green dragon returns, zhi fu, tian xin. the question would be how would i actualize the timing and the direction part together. i believe timing is actualized by taking action during wu hour, please let me know if you have a different view.

can you rank the following 3 scenarios in terms of which one best actualizes direction during wu hour?
a) i sit at home and send job applications.
b) i leave my house 6 hours (do you think the number of hours matters?) before wu hour to a location that is approximately 15 minutes walking distance away to the NE. when wu hour comes, i walk 15 minutes towards the SW (kun palace) and return home. i send job applications after i return home.
c) when wu hour comes, i walk towards the SW direction for 15 minutes until i find a coffee shop. i then send job applications at the coffee shop.

can you rank the following 3 scenarios in terms of which one best actualizes direction during wu hour?
1) i sit in the SW sector of whatever building/flat/room i am in (how would this work if i were in an open area such as a park?).
2) i sit with my back pointing towards SW.
3) both 1) and 2) above.

many thanks again for your sharing your insight.

welcome the thoughts and comments of any interested fellow students and experts.

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