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Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Help read my bazi chart
« on: December 14, 2022, 11:19:17 PM »
IR structure means you will depend on your skills to make a living, which I believe to be musical training. This year's Ren water (7K) clashes with your Daymaster, and the Yin wood (IR) is controlling the multiple EGs in the chart. Probably some things happened that made you despondent.

Considering this Xin-Hai phase (2017-26) is quite difficult due to the presence of 7K, you will need to consider carefully if you wish to change career tracks. The next Geng-Xu phase will be much better and smoother for you.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Birth Chart Reading
« on: December 14, 2022, 10:59:11 PM »
2021 and 2022 were quite tough financially and your income was adversely impacted this year.

There might be problems in the relationship, especially in 2024.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Birth Chart Reading
« on: December 14, 2022, 10:23:01 PM »
In 2021 you had an unexpected large inflow of money. But your mom's health was negatively affected and took a downturn this year.

Be mentally prepared for more stress and upset events next year. Zi-Mao punishment will create some problems for you at work and drive a wedge in your relationships with others.

The next Xin-Si phase will be kinder to you and less stressful.

Yes, you got that right. At this moment, perhaps it's just hobbies for you. When you start working in future, it's advisable that you watch for other people's interests as well, like colleagues for example. Lend a helping hand without being asked. Just focusing on your own thing isn't going to win you any favors. Now you're serving NS, it's a good time to practice and improve PR skills.

The current Wood phase is favorable. You should be able to attain a leadership position in the upcoming years. Fire and Earth are not good for a very strong Daymaster. Besides Wood, you also need Metal, your Output elements. Metal completes the link between your DM and the Wealth elements in the chart. Without adequate Metal, the excessive Earth is directly fighting the Water (Wealth) elements and crushing them. So, when you encounter Metal years or phases, you will have more opportunities to make money.

Religion features quite prominently. The chart shows you have a fascination with the mysterious and supernatural. But I think more involvement with religion will come at a later stage, in your late 20s or early 30s.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: BAZI Reading
« on: December 09, 2022, 07:40:52 PM »
City of birth and gender are basic details needed for reading.

Is 10pm exact timing or just an estimate?

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Chart is Hurting Husband?
« on: December 09, 2022, 07:36:36 PM »
You have high expectations of yourself that will also invariably apply to the people close to you. In the pursuit of improvement for your partner, you might exert too much pressure on him and cause arguments. There is a tendency of not adequately picking up on cues that result in you seeming insensitive.

Water, representing your lover, shows up rather weakly in the chart and the abundance of Earth puts the Water element in distress. Besides that, Fire and Wood are also quite strong, therefore sapping even more energy from Water. It's better if you provide your city of birth and exact time, so I can do an accurate check.

I see a new source of income last year, perhaps a change of job or promotion. Earlier this year was particularly hectic for you. Was there a fight recently, making you quite upset?

Next year you should be getting into a relationship that's somewhat of a whirlwind romance, and you might be tempted to get married. The signs are rather strong on this. However, this relationship won't end well, so resist the temptation and keep it at bf/gf stage until you are more mature. I think marriage is better for you when you are much older, perhaps in your 30s. Getting married earlier than this age is going to cause you problems and hassle.

Try to be more considerate of people around you and not be overly focused on self interests. You are inclined towards making rash decisions without consulting others and this can get you into trouble. I also see a tendency of speculative behavior (gambler's mentality) which is more likely to lose you money. Looking at your future phases, it's best for you to get a stable job after graduation and build a career from there. Business is quite out of the question.

Another thing I wish to highlight. When you begin your working life, consciously guard against wanting to take shortcuts and don't try to make money from illegal or even grey-area methods. Your chart shows a lack of awareness when it comes to boundaries. Anytime you try to skirt boundaries, it can end up as a painful lesson for you.

She seems likely to suffer from anxiety, perhaps depression as well. Relationships with other people are quite bad. She has few friends, if any. She tries very hard but seldom gets what she wants. Before 2019, things were still quite alright for her. In recent years, she feels that working so hard for other people isn't worthwhile and desires to improve her life. Possibly met a potential partner in 2020 and arguments are rife. Did she change her job this year?

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: marrige reading
« on: November 29, 2022, 10:32:19 PM »
Couple of things I should advise you as well.

First, it's better for you to move away from your birthplace. It can be a different state or city in Malaysia, or even a different country altogether. Staying near or in your birthplace will bring you problems.

Second, carry out good deeds like helping the poor and sick people, on your own, quietly and regularly. This would help you avert or reduce the severity of future problems.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: marrige reading
« on: November 29, 2022, 10:23:19 PM »
Staying as dating partners should be alright. In this case, you have each other's companionship without the problems that marriage can potentially bring. Although Fire is bad for your marriage, yet in a way it's protecting you, keeping the 7K under control, and preventing them from threatening you. Sorry there isn't any remedy I know of to fix a Bazi chart.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: marrige reading
« on: November 29, 2022, 08:51:53 PM »
I feel conflicted telling you my honest opinions. But I think it's better that you know and can do some reflection on your own.

Marriage is going to be real tough for you. When a woman's output elements are strong, like in your case, quarrels and fights with her partner will take place often. The Spouse palace is also hurt. It won't take much, let's say for example 2026 with Wu fire in year and phase, to bring your marriage into deep trouble. Your future husband's health and safety will also be negatively affected.

The 2 Geng metal as 7-killings are actually being controlled by the abundant fire. As the name suggests, 7K can take a person's life and they are both in your Heavenly Stems directly clashing you. If Water arrives and calms the fire, the metal elements can grow unchecked and become more vicious. You might have some health issues since childhood. Do take better care of your health and don't take unnecessary risks. Be careful too when traveling.

Being preoccupied with work is one of the manifestations of the Stagecoach. It doesn't just mean travel or moving house. Besides, if you are really keen to move out, there should be some initiative. From your statement "november is already gone and theres nothing, no mentionable movement", it seems to me you're just waiting for something to happen. A person with lottery luck still has to go out and buy some tickets.

I don't understand what you're really trying to say or ask here. Likewise, I don't know how to answer you. You can speak what's on your mind and ask directly. If your point is that what I said is not accurate, feel free to ignore. Remember, this is a forum for FREE readings. Nobody has the obligation to reply.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: marrige reading
« on: November 29, 2022, 07:37:07 PM »
年 月 日 时
庚 丙 甲 庚
午 戌 子 午

Did you nearly lose your life when younger? It seems your relationship with family elders are quite bad.

The Geng metal represents your boyfriend/husband. Both these elements clash directly with your Daymaster. Futhermore, the Geng metal sits on top of Wu fire in Year and Hour pillars. Fire is in a controlling relationship with Metal. There's another Bing fire in the Month pillar, so the Fire is quite dominant in your chart. Both Wu elements are in a state of self-punishment, amplifying its strength exponentially. In short, the Geng elements are severely weakened and damaged by fire. Both Wu fire elements are also clashing with Zi water in your Spousal palace.

You also had a relationship in the past 2 years. You're quite insistent on your ways and refuse to give in, so both of you cannot agree to each other's expectations and end up fighting. The abundance of fire is the problematic issue. The current phase Gui Wei has Wei earth forming up with Wu fire to produce even more fire. The next phase Ren Wu again triggers and strengthens the fire elements.

I think the issue here is not about when are you getting married. When Water elements arrive in the phase or year, it can calm the fires in the chart. This can happen in 2024 when Chen earth combines with Zi water in the chart to form abundant Water. But in the next few years, fire in the chart is again triggered by the phase and years, sort of like returning to the default state. What happens then? I think you can already imagine.

I think being discrete and low-profile has helped endear you to the influential friends. You are not an ostentatious person, yet quite sincere, which has gained you appreciation from the elite. You know intuitively what to say and how to present yourself, these are the positive qualities that will always work in your favor.

If you're already married, do be aware of outside temptations as there's a tendency of women showing up in your life. If you're not married yet, a later marriage is better for your life and business. Trouble at home can be disruptive to business.

This phase has been smooth and your life has improved. In the next phase of 2025-2034, there will be some fundamental changes to your business. Disagreements with people will be apparent. Do exercise caution from this year onwards, as what you do now will set the stage for the next phase.

The Resource elements of Water are favorable to your birth chart, and helps protect and keep you safe. The next phase sees a clash with the Ren Water in your month pillar, this is the reason why you need to be cautious.

This is a rich man's chart. You will become wealthier in time to come. The current and future 10-year phases are quite supportive. You have a way of getting close to rich and powerful people, and they like you.

Frankly I think you can go it alone or find somebody who can create positive Bazi combinations with you. In this phase 2015-2024, your Daymaster is already quite strong, so it may not be advisable to find a partner because there is a risk of fighting over money. The next phase will be better for partnering with another person in business.

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