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Thank you Sir. Your advice will be my light as a guide.

<quote>Frankly I think you can go it alone or find somebody who can create positive Bazi combinations with you. In this phase 2015-2024, your Daymaster is already quite strong, so it may not be advisable to find a partner because there is a risk of fighting over money. The next phase will be better for partnering with another person in business.<quote>

Thanks for reading my birth Master Leonard28, Hope you are doing well and if you don't mind this is the last question about my birth.

1. What kind of attitude should I maintain to stabilize my Element?

2. If my input/mother/resource elements are too many, should I reduce them?

Birth Time: 13:25 pm
Birth Date: 06/September/1994
Gender: Male
Location: Longitude 110.828316
Time; +7 GMT

I don't know exactly, for the other date is by the Lunar calendar. My birth (gregorian calendar) is 6 September 1994, And I am male.

And my concern is to choose a partner business.

My business is Trading Stone.

And here is a lunar calender of my birth

1994, 8th month, 1 day) at 1.00 p.m. to 2.59 p.m.

Hello, All Masters who read this post.

It's very hard to find a Master's in my region.

Here is my chart

    13:25   6   9   1994    10yrs luck      Xing Nian
HS   Gui         Yi      Ren     Jia       Yi                  Jia
EB    Wei         Wei   Shen   Wu       Hai               Chen

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