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Thank you master Qingfantasy 🙏🏼. I understand it now :)
Thanks. Additional post to read content
Just talk / Intro - newbie
« Last post by zhang29 on Today at 09:40:56 AM »

My name zhang and a newbie to this metaphysics forum, had learnt Bazi. Eight Mansion & Hawaiian numerology system.

nice to meet you all.

@qingfantasy, can u pls explain to me how u see the HHS injured in wei? I can’t see it. Thank you!

Resource Xin metal protrude in heaven stem, then earth also can birth the resource and negative earth become positive. Weak Ren water daymaster, because of resources protrude in HS, this weak DM can enjoy three favorable elements, earth metal water are favorable elements. The Ji Hai LP and Wu Xu LP are good LP for this DM, DM can easily get promoted in high paying salary job during these two positive officer LP.

The Chou earth clashing Wei earth. Inside the Wei, we have Yi wood and Ding fire. When Chou clash Wei, Xin metal inside Chou clash negative Yi wood HO. The negative Yi wood Hurting Officer got injured. We know negative HO is about impulsive behavior, but when negative HO injured, the person can be very calm during a very challenging and stressing environment. The Gui water inside Chou clash the negative wealth Ding fire. We know that negative wealth is about laziness. When negative wealth got injured, the laziness is lessen. This means DM is hardworking and is not going to waste time for nothing. The negative wealth Ding fire got injured, we have Ding protrude in hour HS. This Ding fire got injured and failed to bully the strong positive fuyin resource Xin metal. The bad elements got injured while the useful god Xin metal is intact, this shows that the life quality of the DM is above average.
@qingfantasy, can u pls explain to me how u see the HHS injured in wei? I can’t see it. Thank you!
Thank you Johnnyqi, Ren water in yin earth chou month, how to be strong? Just my 2 cents’ worth
So u mean his life will be good til 33 yrs old?
Thank you Qingfantasy! Sorry to state gender. He’s a male. 🙏🏼
Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Need help to read chart
« Last post by qingfantasy on Today at 01:10:31 AM »
Hi everyone, I’m very new to bazi so I need help to read my chart, it’s 26 August 1993, 9.15AM UTC+ 7

Hi, where is the birth place? City? Gender?
Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Fuyin in month & yr pillar
« Last post by qingfantasy on December 05, 2022, 11:35:59 PM »
Masters, can help read this chart?

19th jan 2022, 2.23pm

Fu yin in month & year pillar.

Weak ren water DM, fuyin are favourable as they are direct resource. Am I right?

Yes, weak Ren water DM, positive fuyin Xin Chou, year governed 1-17 year, month governed 17-33 year, starting life very good. The earth clash 2 Chou bully 1 Wei also very good, negative HHS inside Wei injured.

This DM male or female ?
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