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Now this is somewhat strange topic. And is a little out of context, but anyway...
Mentioned before that Tantra by itself isn't necessarily connected to sex. And while that is true, that doesn't mean there aren't systems related to this that are.

Qigong have a big parts about that usually, since it's part of the first steps there. Very different for male and female, and also long topic with many books on that.
Here is very different view, that is considered as practiced back in ancient egypt.

It's called Ancient Egyptian Sexual Ankhing  and is very related to the orgasm.

In the higher levels of Qigong teachings(some of them, for example Mantak Chia), there is the idea of creating something called "lightbody". Where that becomes the active vehicle for the soul instead of the physical body.

A lot can be written about that, however doesn't need this for that specific technique.
The idea is usually that this is done after the lightbody(any lightbody, since there are a lot more then one) is actived/awaken, but can be done even without. Though the steps where we let this energy circulate our lightbody will be skipped obviously.

Anyway, here is link, this is supposedly being practiced in ancient egypt, and uses channels that aren't very popular in most systems. It's easy practice that anyone can try, as long as they can achieve orgasm, though the fact is easy doesn't mean the effects aren't strong.
Does it work or not, is something everyone can try for themselves. Actually from what I know about that schools(the old egyptian tantric schools,if we go deeper in the info present about this, it's actually lemurian systems), they are very, very connected to the Trigrams and I Ching. Especially the 8 personalities from there, and the Lou Shu is actually the way the Prana moves in the geometry forms in our aura, but that too is complicated topic.


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