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Ebook on charms


Here's an interesting article on charms, Examples of charm against epidemics with short explanations by Ch'en Hsiang-ch'un.

"Chinese works on charms usually do not give interpretations of inscripts. Hence the best and only way to learn the real meanings of them would be to ask the professional magicians. Such field work was excellently done by Fr. H. Dore, S. J. and his discoveries were published in his monumental work entitled: Recherches sur les superstitions en Chine. It was translated "by Fr. M. Kennelly, S. J., into English with valuable notes, historical and explanatory, under the title of Researches into Chinese Superstitions, Shanghai, 1914-26 (Vol. I-III deal with charms)."

And here's Henri Dore's book (Vol. I-III) in English: Vol. I , Vol. II , Vol. III . Have fun! :)


Many thanks to you,
Blessed be.

I read Henri Dore recently. Thanks for examples charms.


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