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Saphora Food-Chart 168


Hi All,

I would like to introduce my Food Chart 168. It means within 8 hours Food absorption, and 16 hours fasting.

Surely food-absorption during 8 hours I would recommend for example 12am-20pm and 11am-19pm. In modern world most of the people are coming home from work and have diner between 6-8pm for example. Those people I recommend to switch having Diner-food at Lunch time, which for most of us impossible. I don't eat Breakfast, just coffee or water.

I am also struggling with my diner-food within 30 minutes at work during Lunch-time.




Hi All,

This picture you all, especially some Western Doctors will raise their eyebrows. If someone have seen this before or have such knowledge, please share. I would like to compare what I have learn from a TCM practitioner.

I send a link from Youtube about the basics of Pulse rate according to TCM, I like that guy. This is an introduction only, but it had similar background about the picture I have attached.

Surely I will come back for more. Please share your own knowledge for me to learn.


Hi All,

A picture says more than thousands words. This all I want to share with you all in the near future, it will be a long journey.

You might think we have Western Doctors, why worries. I do believe that Some Western Doctors belong to the other 4 billions people on Earth with Category-Yin (Bad Luck).

Some Eastern Doctors belong to the Good 4 Billions people on Earth. There is always a continuously interchanged between Good and Bad, nothing is absolute. It is always "Yuen" where you are landing.

We are one of the luckiest members on this Living Earth. We control Heaven (Bazi/ZWDS), we control Earth (Feng Shui) and we control Mankind (Self-Healing), the Trinity.

I do believe that the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Food Drugs Administration (FDA) are not the Gods that they want to be. Their followers are Human-Creatures.

We and followers of non Western Medicine are Human-Beings, the rest of 4 billions people on Earth.

These are no accusations of mine; more opinions what I have discovered so far.

Surely a life-time is not enough to reveal it all.

I just want to encourage Young Starters to continue to discover what our Ancient Masters, Scholars in Metaphysics and Eastern Medicine had left for us. Thousands of years they were sacrificed for us to reveal the Truth how to be a Human-Being.

Human-Beings (Yang) vs Human-Creatures (Yin). The Balance of Law and Order of Mother Nature.



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