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Part II: Saphora Food-Chart 168

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Part II: Saphora Food-Chart 168

Hi All,

In Part I: Summarize the topics I want to share.

Self-Healing is part of the Five Arts. Nowadays there are so many illnesses compare with the past. There are so many cures, but why are people still suffering. Never we have so many information online about cure and healing methods, but which one is real and which one is fake. I try to make it simple through combining Western and Eastern Medicine Theories through food that we easily can buy at our local shops.

Self-healing through foods in our local shops without using any medicine at all.
Surely in 5 different continents on Earth we are consuming with different food-tradition. It is almost impossible to verify everything.

In this part II: When is the best time to consume food?

According to TCM, our digesting system is strongest when it is supported by Fire-element. Fire-element is optimal during 11am – 1pm.
It is not always possible in our modern world. Especially people who are working in Night-Shift. I work like many of us 8 hours a day with 30 minutes’ lunch time. In tropical areas during 11am – 1pm is very hot, people rather take a nap than having lunch.

I am aware of this problem. This is a first sign increasing of illness in the world: wrong time consuming food. A chaotic or unbalanced organs network could mean unbalanced health-system.
A simple solution is not easy to give, everybody has their own commitment and time-table for their daily life.

Buddha was aware of this problem thousands years ago, this could be one of the reasons why he recommended to having meal at noon time, coincidence?

They also said: with an empty stomach, you have just one problem. With a full stomach many problems will follow. That’s life.


Part II: Saphora Food-Chart 168

Hi All,

In Part I: Summarize the topics I want to share.

In my first topic I mentioned about 168-chart method: 8 hours’ food consuming and 16 hours fasting.

I eat twice a day, one during 11am-1pm. I eat everything my body needs (main meal), mostly 80/20 Vegan/Vegetarian. My second meal (sub meal) is much lighter to digest, mostly some healthy drink or 1 or 2 sandwich around 5-6pm.

After 6 pm our Digest System is becoming weak, it is not recommended to have big meal after 6pm for this reason.
After 6pm our body needs energy to recover and clean up all the rest of our food. After 6pm our Immune System needs to recover as well and prepare for the next day after a day of hard work.
If you are still consuming food after 6pm, your body will take all your energy to have a full digest cycle. Everything will be stopped or being delayed that is why our Immune System and all other organs slowly are becoming weaker.

Sometimes they said: cooperate with Gods, your Destiny will be fine.
Gods, here could mean the Law and Order of Mother Nature: Organs of our Body Cycle.

Why Buddha recommend us not to consume meat, not through religious point of view that I first thought.

In reality they said: “You Are Is What You Eat”.

This has to do with Darwin and Law of Mendel, the DNA and Evolution Theory. In my previous post I recommended eating Fish if you still like meat. Fish is cold-blooded and has millions of years’ evolution behind compare with our human body. Their DNA is less developed, this is why our body easily destroys their DNA-structure and reprogram into our human cells. Plant materials DNA is the best material for our body to reconstruct it into human cells.

The other reason according to Eastern Belief system, is that every living organism, especially the warm-blooded they all have a soul/spirit.

Every pain they suffered before death, some panic hormones or surviving hormones will be triggered. This becomes a toxic/poison for our body. They said hate/anger even revenge in their spirit will be transferred into their last breath. The second reason is less convincing than the DNA-structure of millions years of evolution.

Just a reminder, you were being created by your father and mother cell. It is more just a string of DNA and some cells.
The head of a sperm cell is roughly 5 micrometres with a tail, the same size as bacteria. Even a monkey has a tail.

Surprisingly we are not bigger than bacteria. Who are we to destroy everything on Earth, included all other organism.

All other living creatures also have the right to survive, and not only human-being. Is using disinfectants a sin according to Buddhism? The answer is yours.

This is why our body only absorbs 18% of warm-blooded animal protein, 82% will be considered as waste.
This is why they said Beef-meat causes highest chance of Cancer. This is because 82% of undigested meat will cause rotting in our body overtime. It stays longer in our body, rotting process and unwanted bacteria grow in our body. Overtime it becomes toxic and causes inflammation and causes severe illness. Even a healthy body is struggling to get rid of all those toxic waste.



Hi All,

Today there are many Research about health and many resources online. People always refer to something is good for your health, according scientifically proven.
The problem either is that they never show you the Yin-side or the dark side of their information.

I used to work at the ATO-DLO in the Netherlands. It is the companies who are funded for any project research. Only if they are happy with your research they will continue pay for it. It means they are using your Research-data for their Profit, it doesn’t matter if it is wrong or right.

Scientists are just labor, who have a mortgage to pay like many of us. The multinational corporations control almost all the research only for their profit. Scientists are only developed at lab-scale; the big guys scale the formula up from Pilot Plant to billions dollars’ production.

At the end what you read anywhere, it doesn’t not always add up to be true.

In Australia I have worked in a pharmaceutical company which did research on Metformin.HCl, it is a drug for Diabetes for generic purposes. When a drug patents’ is expired, you could register your own research at the Food Drug Administration. Although it takes at least 5 years, from Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Stability and Validation. Don’t forget from Pilot Plant scale to big production scale.

The FDA and the World Health Organization are kind of Gods. They control billions of dollars’ project. That is why the most fear they have for Eastern Medicine, even though they are aware that Eastern Medicine could prevent many Chronic Diseases that the Western Medicine don’t know the answer.

Prevention doesn’t sell or make money, vaccines sell better.

I witness myself how the pharmaceutical company was making billions of dollars. That is why the FDA and WHO are hindered Eastern Medicine the last century.
See picture about the table sugar. Table sugar or white sugar which you could buy in any supermarkets. In almost every cookie, from chocolate till soft drinks. You cannot avoid it; you cannot escape from it.

Currently I am working at a Food Laboratory and do also testing of Sugar profile in food.
All Health research they know the danger of Fructose-sugar, the problem is that they are not allow to share it, why?

The FDA and the WHO are behind it, yes, again it is involved in Billions of dollars’ business.

It has to do with the labeling of sugar-content. The trick is to label sugar as carbohydrates, or Corn-syrup of many other names or even Total Sugar-content. This makes for consumers like us very confusing. If they label a product with real Fructose-content, nobody will buy that product. Coincidence in America was the first who funded Corn-Syrup in Coca Cola as billions project.
If your grade is Secondary High School level, you know that only a living cell needs Glucose to live. Fructose is considered as toxic; the liver will turn it into Triglyceride or Cholesterol. This gives extra burden for the Liver in long term. Cancer, Diabetes and Heart diseases were affected or being cause from this Fructose.

Aging or death is absolute, unfortunately. This is the work from Law and Order of Mother Nature.

Why is Fructose or Yin-sugar always win, and death wins too?

Yang and Yin is never balanced. Yin always wins, death always wins.

Table sugar or Sucrose, will split into 50% Glucose and 50% Fructose. Actually it is not true, because the enzyme which does this reaction, needs/eats Glucose to do its job. So Glucose content is always lower than the Fructose content at the end. Glucose is Life and Fructose is Death, that is why we are ageing for this reason. Fructose is the source of increasing health-problems, ageing and finally death.

If you know now the work if Mother Nature, you could extend your life and enjoy a happy and healthy life: less Fructose, Saphora’s hat trick if you have terrible Bazi-chart.
Next time I will discuss why we better eat Brown Rice or whole grain to extend our life.



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