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Helo Sword!

rough 2022 :(
okayy well noted

i was living a pretty good life when i was 9-18 yo, my mother business went very well.. after that chaos and collapsed followed
i also just lost my mom last 2019, she is the strongest person i knew and she took care our fams really well
eventho i am not that close to her, unfortunately

and the gui hai DM guy i mentioned, yea he is not the type i like at the beginning but we had very strong connection that i fell in love too hard for him
but i am glad he blewed it, i guess i have better POV about the ideal spouse now and ready for the next love journey ;D

Hello Ardarani

Let me give a shot.

Since young, some of your friends may comment that you are goofy and not sociable.
But deep down, people who knows you like your family, they appreciate your kindness and generosity.
We start from your current LP Ren Shen (19-28 years old).

I believe this is a great period for you. In this period, you dream about the things you would like to do, but you would not
set a end-point goal & timeline for your career.

For love life, you may run into one / more candidates who wants to run a business with you. Bottomline is - you need to fork out money for him.
While it is very subjective, whether this is good or not it is up to you, just be aware of this possible phenomenon.

For 2020, the income is unpredictable and should improve in 2021!

Happy New Year!

Hey Sword!

hmm from the very young age people know me as someone that extrovert but private as well
i'm quite easy going

yeah! let's start on my Ren Shen LP
noted Sword, this LP almost over and i really wish next LP i could break a leg and achieve something big and meaningful

for the love area, about "fork out' money for him, i guess it happen in my first serious and long term relationship back when i was 19 around 2013, i really want someone with a big heart and someone that strong enough to be my spouse in every aspect
so i hope that he can support me, i can support him in a balance and best possible way

haha sounds like a dream, but lets try the best
heaven know more :)

what bout 2022 ren yin year? Ren Yin will be fan yin to my Bing Shen DM

Yeah 30s is a bit late but otherwise marriage life looks solid so I think it's worth the wait. Children aspects are good too.

You'd have a lot of headaches if you married your ex. His marriage life isn't that auspicious and he has multiple relationships / women. Definitely not a solid marriage for him so be thankful you didn't end up with him.

Good day Vince

okayy i will listen to you, anything for the better living and bright future

haha ya damn ex, he played me so good its kinda hard to move on but i have to, i am stronger than he is and than before
Thank God i'm done with him

Thanks for your advice,

suwun sanget

hey Vince

actually i think i met the Ren guy last january 2019, but he left me and had to choose arranged marriage, been thru quite deep heartbreak
i dont know if 2022 i will meet this guy or a new guy
here's i attach his bazi chart

wow i will married old ;D, which is fine as long as it is the best
i just quite worry about my dad and big family expectation and also i a lil bit worry about not having a kid, since i married late
eventho i dont really like kids tbh haha

how bout 2023? its gui mao year
i thought my spouse it will be 7K or DO since i have banhe combination on my spouse pillar and hour pillar
hehe correct me if i am wrong

Happy New Year @Ardarani

This year basically will be a mixed year with good ending for you - business / wealth wise. You're still learning the ropes so it will be challenging for you, not to mention the pandemic is still not really over yet. Shen is wealth goes into Chou and Zi locks it meaning you'll have problems running the business and not doing well. However, Xu father comes and clashes Chou open so in the end father will help / rescue you. In the end, you also will gain wealth.

Relationship, not so much I think. This LP Ren and Bing clashes each other so there could be a relationship but does not look like it will pan out. If that already happened then it won't be much relationships until next LP. Ren and Shen are the same thing and linked to Wu through Zi. Wu swaps image to Bing, sounds like the Ren person went with / was already with another girl.

Anyway, you'll find your love soon enough.

hey Vince! happy new year
hope you always surrounded by positive energies this year!

Thanks a lot for your insight, may i ask you further?

i dont really understand about the Ren guy you mentioned above, so this Ren guy now is married or in relationship with the other girl and we will meet somehow?

is it true that i got a better chance in love and even marriage in 2022-2024? or i will married in the next LP, which is when i am 30s

so.. to conclude your insight that 2021 would be up and down for me regarding business with a good ending and stuck in love
i really hope that my business and wealth will be better this year and follow with 2022 and so on

btw happy sunday :)

Thanks Master @johnyqi
i hope everythings getting better ;)

Dear all,

happy new year!
may the new year filled with happiness

would kindly request for your help in this new beginning of 2021 :D if i may ask

what it would look like from bazi, mangpai or ZWDS perspective in the area of my business and love life
my dad just start a baby business in food and beverages last october 2019 and he trust me to handle it, the small business is actually a restaurant just next to my guesthouse which is we also rent it

i resign last year and actually i was not quite ready about this new business, so i try to doing my best for this fam business
last year was pretty much rough for most of us and also for me in the area of career, wealth and love

will my business survive and can grow? and also i curious about will i find prospective love this year?

my birthdate is
Jakarta, november 6th 1994
i am female

here i attached my bazi chart as well

really appreciate it for the reading ;D
God bless us

Hi, i am new to ZWDS, if my reading are wrong please correct me.

Reflected major star show Tianji self ke with Jumen self Ji show there will unstable relationship with alot of attraction of opposite sex in works. there alot of verbal argument between you and your spouse. your spouse may not like the works your are doing and possible of separation if not handle well.

hey thanks for your reading, i dont know either its wrong or not
maybe all masters here can help? @Saphora  8)

@Gmuli Thank you very much for your time
really appreciate it

and well noted for your advice about divination, i am new here so i will learn about it and how it works
Bless you @Gmuli  :)

He has a lot of people around him most of the time, right?
exactly! you right, he is pretty outgoing and have above average charisma

thank you and good choice of a calculator, in my humble opinion! : )
yea indeed good calculator, but have so many symbolic stars, i dont understand how to read it in my chart
could you please read my personality based on it? :D

His relationship with you is difficult to say without being sure of the hour, as his kids in bazi would be in the hour.
In your chart, he seems to be trying to support you the way he can in more then one way,
yet if you are pulling away, may be why there is distance now.

Thanks for your advices, so wise like always
about the hour, here's a condition my dad had:
1. his parents divorced when he was like 5 Yo, his father (my grandpa) married after to a widow with 3 kids, her mother (my grandma) never married again
2. have 2 sisters that so manipulative and materialistics
i hope those help you to confirm the hour? i am sure he was born in the morning, his name meaning "sun" he said around 7 am

and yea true, he always supporting me more than my mom did emotionally,
what about mother figure in my chart?

is it true that i am similar to him based on our charts? my mom ever said that i got my dad's charisma

me and my father have business together, likely i help the business. but you know.. it is always hard to have business matters with your parents i guess

May be good idea to mention that he may have difficulties with people around in the upcoming years(from both charts - sometime after 2024 maybe)

well noted @Gmuli after 2024 i guess we already married, i mean me with my partner and my dad with his
so maybe that's why

@Gmuli !! i am a fan of yours
actually i use your calculator from the link you mentioned

People with so much earth earthly branches(storages) often hold stuff in I think.
sorry but i dont understand, could you please explain me

Did he knew your mother since both of them were very young?
bingo! they met when they were in highschool, in relationship when they were 22 yo and got married when they were 29 yo

i was short of daddy's lil girl, till things got changed and when my mom died, i just feel like against my dad and kind of blaming on him somehow

Dear All!
happy Sunday

as i grow older i feel like i do not know my father anymore, he is there but i dont really feel his present
and after my mom passed away 9 months ago.. things getting worse.
He moved on rather quick and i think he has a girlfriend or maybe plenty of them i dont know.

his DOB is July 19th 1964, around 7am (not really sure)
my DOB is November 6th 1994, at 00:15 am

would you guys please examine my bazi and his bazi and see thru it?
ZWDS or another POV of reading would be awesome too ;)

here's attached the bazis

Thank you so much :)

Hi Ardarani,

My first impression was, I thought you were firstly in the Baby-room and later one hand making a photo and the other hands "Breast feeding". Maybe the next photo, you see a baby-face happily smiling at me, enjoying his daily feed. I am very sure that I have an Alibi due to COVID-restriction, it wasn't me, seriously!

As you could see in the picture, Fate and real life are almost having the same direction. It could mean you have less control what is happening around you. Go with the flow, they said.

Secondly you are too kind among your friends, sacrifice for others is a good things to do. Some times they are using you for your kindness, is it Karma?, God knows.

You will be fine, cheers!


@Saphora !! hahahaha i knew it! you will comment this right away
well.. im not breast feeding any baby, im in my niece play room. since my niece is not here, next.. i attach a pic of baby me

Secondly you are too kind among your friends, sacrifice for others is a good things to do. Some times they are using you for your kindness, is it Karma?, God knows.
well noted! maybe its because too much output in my bazi chart

You will be fine, cheers!
yayy thank you @Saphora , you too!


Don't take Metaphysics as absolute, make it a funny way. That is life all about. If you are taking seriously you won't stay long in a Social Forum like this. I always try to make it a funny way seriously. You have to read between the lines.

Yes, I am not an innocent guy either, seriously!


Left hand is extra, you can send another photo if you like.

Left hand is for a Woman; the Actions that they are doing now. Right hand is more the Destiny-Path that it was written for them.

Left hand is more a manipulation what they have learn from their mistakes during life: their hesitation from their actions. You can only manipulate till a certain level, because Destiny is hard to change.


@Saphora awesome!!
please take a look at my left hand, wonder how the manipulation stuff works

Thank you

@Saphora wow i'm speechless, thanks for your feedback

"Lovely hand you got, sensual and seductive, hot touch of pleasure. Maybe next time the other parts for my eyes only, ok?"
Now you sounds just like the other guys haha :D ;D

"Such heart-line you could see in Chinese Love Drama movies; they always die for their love mostly the female only. (Give me a break. Men come and men go, I would say, plenty of men here in this forum.)"
My great grand parents have chinese descent i guess haha, Men come and Men go.. i agree. I just cant help it somehow. it's really exhausting

"You are very young, so that line will change time to time. In general, you are a Lady to love and to be loved."
i am such a hopeless romantic haha, does it mean that i like being in love? or what you mean?

"There is a hidden snake under the grass, you could become severe lonely (your choice) whenever you are betrayed in a serious relationship."
i dont really understand this. so i will be lonely most of the time in my life?

"My tip will be: calm down and count to 20 every time and take deep breath. Breathing is Metal-element it cools down the Psych. Walk slowly, talk slowly, wear a flower dress, 10% make-up will be fine. Just act like a naïve/innocent lady. It will balance your life and Mr. in Shining Armor will come to you."
This is epic, well noted Shifu!! but why 10% make-up and innocent things? i hope this Mister shining armor worth it

and.. you wrote "run away heart" on my right palm pics, what does it mean actually?
and.. why right palm not left palm?

@Bazi_Fan haha exactly such an old trick :P, @Saphora really a funny guy ;D my honor to have you guys here

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