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Kehidupan rumah tangga yang berantakan, pasang surut dalam kehidupanproletar0274
Compatibility question, please help!!!bebenad0238
Wealth, Marriage, Children. please help to analyze this chart.Eostre201979
A good housewife or better be a working mom?Eostre121062
How to see one being adopted in a chart? Adopted Child - Case StudyTaiYin202137
Please help me read/ interpret this chartReizt8906
Zi Wei in E8 clarificationArstevan101069
Confused about my day masterddd19931641
Please help read my son birth chartEostre182526
Life is stuck , can I meet angel investor to help on business this year ?Wooden river1871
ZWDS Books Translationfan223717
Meaning of Hua Lu in Spouse Palacefan41258
Free ZWDS Resourcesfan41878
Tian fu in wealth palace ZWDSArstevan41720
Need advice on suitable jobEostre333784
Weak daymaster with supportive luck pillarsimonfoo12341941
ZDWS: Career in 2019sumo61322
Please read my birth chart with zwds or baziSakura_spring2461615
Will I fall pregnant and have a baby in Ji Hai year?deepwater42037
ZWDS Natal Chart and Time of Birth Issuedjusmansya82404
Tan Lang Star: Fu de gong, sickness, desires, greed, peach blossom jmatalo01737
Wu Qu in Spouse PalaceArstevan346311
Lian zhen, tan lanv, zuo gu in spouse palaceArstevan254779
learning zwds - recommendations on where to start, beginner at baziwellhandy143422
Cursed year... when will this end?TWD0223153316
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