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My DM is Yi Wei, was wondering if Nov 14 is good day to do Surgery.  It's Geng Zi.  Clashes my day stem but resource to the branch.  It's a bad Dong Kong day.  Officer is remove and hexagram is Increasing.  Would really appreciate ur advice. 


There's been study on biorhtym and surgery.  the surgery rate was 100% successful from a switzerland doctor. he only did surgery when the physical and emotional rhythm is high positive.  That's because the physical body need the energy to heal after surgery. high physical rhythm will help on recover faster.  he did over 10000 surgery and not one complications using biorthym to decide when to do surgery.   if you want to plot your biorhythm. This method using biorhym is probably more reliable than date selection for surgery as it relates to your physical cycles which is more direct relation to your health than date selection using 5 elements.

Thank you,  I'll look into it...

There is a section here about finding a "Personal Good Heavenly Doctor" day 天医星

Not sure if this actually refers to going to a doctor or not.

But it shows you for each year what those days are, if your month animal is pig, you would search the year calendar for pGH-me12

In my opinion, first see bazi or zwds see if year/ month is ok or bad before you proceed with date selection. Once decided the date. Pray then cast a divinaiton to see ok to proceed or not. Its a macro to micro approach.


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