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You are now under the influence of the calendar factor of the month of May. Yin fire in resonance. It takes energy from people with DM yin metal and gives it to DM yang metal. You including. On June 8th it will end. And your state will return to what it was before. There is no magic in your current state. Therefore, there is no need to build optimistic plans for the future personal life.
The people of 1985 have the resonance of the yin tree in the year. It helps you achieve what you set out to do. And Yin fire helps to get results from actions. So May you were on the rise. But that time is ending. And everything will remain as it was.

Hello. Southern. Man. 0.58.
A card without wealth. This year is also unfavorable for your brother. Now is an auspicious pillar of good luck. Will end in 2025. Then there will be difficulties with the execution of the plan. Who is he working now?

About business and employment.
Each person can have a limited amount of resources. Money and real estate as well. If there is a lot of money, you need a lot of energy. How to get it? For example, by issuing shares. Or distributing products conditionally free of charge. But the most common option is to keep the employees of the company under stress. People under stress give off energy. Therefore, it is enough to promise one thing when hiring, and after hiring to change the conditions. And the employer has a pawn, at least for a year, which will give energy.
All jobs fall into three categories. First. Only professional skills are required. Energy is not taken from you. You are appreciated. These are the best jobs. Second. Professional skills and energy are also required. Stress is acceptable for many, because it is small.
Third category. Work under stress. Where you mainly need energy. These jobs can be found everywhere. There are companies completely built on this principle. Often the company as a whole is good, but there is a department and a couple of jobs, even in top management, where only energy is required. Now there are a bunch of rules for HP departments on how to recruit staff. And everyone knows them. And if a person changes jobs more than once every 3 years, this is not good. And employers who need energy are great at using this to lure and then exploit employees.
In BaZi on the card of the chief, and the general director and employees. And also the direction of the company's activities is clearly visible. This is not to mention business processes, such as Amazon. Warehouse employees have 15 minutes per shift to use the restroom. Here and without BaZi it is clear that this is work for stress.
Taoist BaZi allows you to calculate everything in advance. But for this you need to know in detail the current state of the environment. And current status at work. And then having studied the company to which they are called, you can simply understand. There will be a job change good or bad.
And be sure to have a backup plan. And two is better.

The post was made on April 23 and was not even closed :).
Here is the link.

At the end it says that it will be in May. We go to the topic.

And we look at people with what kind of DM they published there requests for an analysis of the BaZi card. The Yin fire in resonance will end on June 8th. But already in principle everything is clear. There are few people with DM Yin metal, because everything was very very bad for them. Yang soil has medium. Someone went to the hospital, someone was more lucky and he shared his problems with us. And yin fire. They are the most. Because the losses are minimal at the physical level. But the resonance hits the nervous system hard. And people are very emotional. But the physical condition of the body is fine.

This is because the chain in the target - resource - DM. In Taoist BaZi is correct. And with its help, you can easily calculate what time lies ahead. Light or heavy.

Clarification. There was one dm yin metal. But look how good her BaZi card is. What can you roughly understand what happened to those dm yin metal who have a non-equilibrium BaZi card.

I do not pretend to analyze the BaZi of your enterprise. Because I didn't do it. I'm only using the information you provided. And I draw conclusions from it. For example from this one too.

*My company staff comes and goes and I don't have strong team to support me for more challenges coming my way. My heart is willing to fight the battle, but my soldiers aren't there to take the call.*

Treats interior designers or those involved like soldiers... This is the right position for you. Yang metal. But creative people need a different atmosphere in the work team.

And it's not good for you to be the boss. It is very sad to deal with such cases.

Hello. I don't analyze business cases for free. People who don't pay for BaZi business advice - they are not ready for business or are doing the wrong thing. This is an axiom. And if I see such posts, everything is hopeless there. Let's look at your example. I don't know your date of birth and place. Based on the BaZi card and the pillars of luck you gave. DM Jan soil. Design is Yin fire. This is the worst direction you could ever take. You have good pillars of luck. But a man came to you and talked you into a free project. Because now the Yin fire is in resonance. The worst time for you is once every 6 years. This is a complete business fiasco. I will soon open a closed post in the topic of my program, where I described what kind of DM people will write with in May. This is an intrigue, but soon. The post was at the end of April.
If people come into business and use the services of BaZi experts, then you have to pay for it like wine in a restaurant. Not all wines will please you, but sooner or later you will find yours. Or don't use it at all. You are not looking for paper for printing on a printer in a garbage dump among used paper. To print for free. Many businesses are run without astrology. on business processes. Stick to them.
The date of birth of your client is interesting. Such people usually quietly kill the business from the inside, and then external influence. Unusual.

There is a proverb. Milk for a baby, meat for a warrior. You can ask for any consultation on BaZi for free. But if the question concerns money in any form, you have to pay for a consultation. It is strange that I am a person brought up in Western traditions. I have to say such simple things.

Hello. Now I will just give an example of why I think it is not correct to use time as it is. Qi is a concept from the 10th century from neo-Confucianism. Already for the Taoist BaZi is not an option.
Now a specific example with the place of birth. On the border between China and Kyrgyzstan, on one side of the border and on the other side of the border, two women give birth at the same time. The difference between the places of birth is 1 km. By solar time, BaZi cards will be the same for them. Is it logical? Yes. If you take the time as it is. It is possible that the difference will be a day and 4 hours. 12 times a year there will be another difference in a month, and once a year there will be a difference in a year. Is it logical? For me, it doesn't at all. This is if the time of birth is in the evening, when, according to Chinese time, a new day has already come. But in Kyrgyzstan it is a different time.
And one more mistake of those who use time as it is. The fourth pillar is the clock, in terms of mechanics it fully corresponds to the second pillar. And in fact, we are looking at solar time how many parts of 12 have already passed from the beginning of the day. As in the second pillar of the month.

Post copied as is to keep data in one place*

And you have such a specific BaZi card. That you can basically make money out of nowhere. Not much, but enough for life.

Is this something related to the Ten Gods?

Until you yourself learn to work with the Yang tree element. Otherwise, you have a stagnation of energy.

I know that Yang is the unrefined, opposite to Yin. Could you please expound on this? And do you have tips on how I can work this element out?
I am also not sure what you meant with stagnation of energy. Does it mean that I have some kind of blockage?

I look at the Taoist BaZi. You have a rich person card if you add the energy of the Yang tree. You take this energy from the environment when the hour is the Yang tree, the day, the month, etc. At the moment you are taking it from your boyfriend. The profession that will give you enough of this energy I described above. And according to Taoism, it is not enough to have a good BaZi card. We must be able to use its advantages and defend ourselves against the attacks of other people.

Georgia is above 23 degrees north latitude. So it's definitely the northern solar hemisphere. Then everything is in your hands. Once again I wish you good luck!


Hello. You are with a guy because he has the element tree. And you have such a specific BaZi card. That you can basically make money out of nowhere. Not much, but enough for life. I don't know what your qualifications are. But something related to learning. For a month or more. Any online courses related to creativity. Until you yourself learn to work with the Yang tree element. Otherwise, you have a stagnation of energy. And you lose everything again.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Request Ba Zi reading
« on: May 31, 2023, 07:04:02 PM »
The BaZi card is above average. Better than 63% of people. But the DM yang tree itself usually talks about that. That a person overestimates his importance. And if he puts in the effort, he will achieve more. The pillars of fortune are not very auspicious right now. You cannot correctly assess the situation around you. In general, nothing on your BaZi card prevents you from having a good job and relationships. And children. Problems with authority and health will begin in 2046. It is best to work in advertising in a company with world fame.

Thank you for the reply.
About the health issue, is it serious or manageable?
And when will the pillars of fortune turn auspicious for me?

Pillars of luck last 10 years 2046-2056 health problems and indirectly loss of wealth. 2066-2076 is the same. The more wealth you have, the more health problems you will have. But either health or wealth will leave. Depends on your karma. Therefore, before such a period, I recommend conducting an audit and getting rid of unnecessary resources.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: I got FIRED today
« on: May 31, 2023, 06:54:28 PM »
Than I can. Good luck!

Than I can. Good luck!

In the northern hemisphere to the northern tropic, the southern solar hemisphere is possible. Because the Earth's axis of rotation is tilted.

Than I can. Good luck!

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