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Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Request to read Bazi
« Last post by Spiritsfan on Today at 01:40:43 AM »
You are now under the influence of the calendar factor of the month of May. Yin fire in resonance. It takes energy from people with DM yin metal and gives it to DM yang metal. You including. On June 8th it will end. And your state will return to what it was before. There is no magic in your current state. Therefore, there is no need to build optimistic plans for the future personal life.
The people of 1985 have the resonance of the yin tree in the year. It helps you achieve what you set out to do. And Yin fire helps to get results from actions. So May you were on the rise. But that time is ending. And everything will remain as it was.
Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Request to read Bazi
« Last post by ctan on Today at 12:02:44 AM »
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As long as you work in such a metal yang job, you will be the weak link in the team. And they will always unite against you. This is a dead end. And joining a group that won't help against you. They will still betray you. I don't know what career change opportunities you have. But even moving as a consultant to the sales department will improve your position. And if you behave passively, without standing up for your rights, you will always be driven into the worst position in the team. It's a cruel corporate world. He's not for everyone. You are now in your position will always give energy. Therefore, you will not have a personal life. You don't have energy for it. You spend everything at work.
My personal experience has shown that housing depends on BaZi. And not vice versa. Therefore, feng shui does not change anything drastically in life.
Try to get into sales without losing your professional orientation and your life will improve.
And there is a chance to build relationships again. Or even meet someone else.

Thanks for this. It is actually true that they will always unite against me. Even a friend has turned into a petty person and joined the other side. Im glad that I finally could see the true face of the friend.
Will this situation get better in my career as I get older by any chance?
Can I still progress (slowly) and get promoted in this yang metal job?
Thanks for enlightening me about alternative career route (sales related) which may be better or can improve my life. I have been a bit lost after experiencing extremely slow progress in my career after a while it has been demotivating, doubts if this is the right job. Feel like I work alone, carrying the burdens of the whole team. That's why it feels like my time is always invested in work. not much personal life.

I am curious which day master is more suitable with a person like me as spouse? I was told before that I have higher tendency to have divorce.
Is someone about my age or younger better suited?
is it worth waiting and reconcile with that person who had come to my life earlier in 2020 if there are still feelings?
Does my Bazi show the tendency to attract unavailable men?

This sentence suddenly caught my attention. I might have missed it earlier. What did you mean by he is not for everyone? Are you referring to the guy that i had asked about?

"He's not for everyone. You are now in your position will always give energy. Therefore, you will not have a personal life. You don't have energy for it. You spend everything at work."

Do you mind helping to find out the compatibility of Man B: 9 June 1985. Malaysia. Crossed path much earlier when abroad (2016-2017), but only recently we became real friends in 2021 due to the nature of our work. I actually feel curious too, that i frequently get the attention from guys born in 1985, usually begin with work. Why is it so? Sometimes it can turn into a problem to me. Thank you.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Request to read my brother's bazi
« Last post by Spiritsfan on June 04, 2023, 09:46:16 PM »
Hello. Southern. Man. 0.58.
A card without wealth. This year is also unfavorable for your brother. Now is an auspicious pillar of good luck. Will end in 2025. Then there will be difficulties with the execution of the plan. Who is he working now?
Just talk / interview essay outline
« Last post by Germionatind on June 04, 2023, 03:08:37 PM »
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Just talk / Re: write a case study for me
« Last post by Germionatind on June 04, 2023, 03:06:12 PM »

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Hi Spiritsfan,

The word 'soldier' is just metaphor, haha. Not Yang Metal as you said. I have been nurture creative minds for more than 15 years and I know how to grow them with the right amount of water, sunlight & fertile soil. Since you are not analyze business, maybe others can help. Thank you!
yes. i don't like to keep things same for too long.

Does this means personal presentation is just a change of my looks/appearance? ;D
Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Request to read my brother's bazi
« Last post by wdigital on June 04, 2023, 01:22:06 PM »
Hello, I would like to request help to read my brothers bazi. His details are 16 Dec 1992, 8.30pm, SG

Thank you in advance!
Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Will I be changing jobs again this year?
« Last post by ren on June 04, 2023, 10:39:29 AM »
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About business and employment.
Each person can have a limited amount of resources. Money and real estate as well. If there is a lot of money, you need a lot of energy. How to get it? For example, by issuing shares. Or distributing products conditionally free of charge. But the most common option is to keep the employees of the company under stress. People under stress give off energy. Therefore, it is enough to promise one thing when hiring, and after hiring to change the conditions. And the employer has a pawn, at least for a year, which will give energy.
All jobs fall into three categories. First. Only professional skills are required. Energy is not taken from you. You are appreciated. These are the best jobs. Second. Professional skills and energy are also required. Stress is acceptable for many, because it is small.
Third category. Work under stress. Where you mainly need energy. These jobs can be found everywhere. There are companies completely built on this principle. Often the company as a whole is good, but there is a department and a couple of jobs, even in top management, where only energy is required. Now there are a bunch of rules for HP departments on how to recruit staff. And everyone knows them. And if a person changes jobs more than once every 3 years, this is not good. And employers who need energy are great at using this to lure and then exploit employees.
In BaZi on the card of the chief, and the general director and employees. And also the direction of the company's activities is clearly visible. This is not to mention business processes, such as Amazon. Warehouse employees have 15 minutes per shift to use the restroom. Here and without BaZi it is clear that this is work for stress.
Taoist BaZi allows you to calculate everything in advance. But for this you need to know in detail the current state of the environment. And current status at work. And then having studied the company to which they are called, you can simply understand. There will be a job change good or bad.
And be sure to have a backup plan. And two is better.

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