Author Topic: Came across Hexagram 26 three times (26.6, 26.5 and just 26)  (Read 126 times)

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  • TLDR: Came across Hexagram 26 three times. First was 26.6, second was 26.5 and third was just 26 (no changing Yao). I would like to work overseas, specifically in Country X (northeast from me). How can I make this wish come true i.e. what type of company/industry to apply to, which part (direction) of Country X to apply to, when to apply etc.?

    1. Around late Feb/earlyMarch this year, I asked a question: Will I get a job overseas this year? I got Hexagram 26 with changing Yao 6. I then looked around online, but my search was not very fruitful.

    2. About 2 weeks ago, I asked another question: What is the outcome if I apply for a job in country X? I got Hexagram 26 with changing Yao 5 this time.

    3. A few days ago, I saw a social media post belonging to a Chinese astrology consultant. It was a cryptic post that did not reveal much.. but I clicked on it anyway. A Hexagram appeared - Hexagram 26 (no changing Yao) - accompanied by some text saying that things will align well in June 2021. I did not have any specific question at that moment, but my job search had been in the back of my mind for quite some time, so I'd like to think that the Hexagram was related to that.

    How can I interpret coming across this Hexagram 3 times (26.6, 26.5 and just 26) in relation to getting a job overseas, especially in Country X?

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  • Re: Came across Hexagram 26 three times (26.6, 26.5 and just 26)
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    Re: Came across Hexagram 26 three times (26.6, 26.5 and just 26)
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