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Date Selection / Close day + Flying bird formation
« on: October 02, 2020, 06:27:26 PM »
Has anyone had any experience using a close day (12 officers) along with qmdj personal flying bird formation (bing Jia) + open kai door for opening a business or starting something new.
If yes, how was the result?
Thanks in advance.

Sorry for delay in responding :-).
Just wanted to keep everyone updated.
Doctor finished his duty and tested negative. However a colleague tested positive and has also recuperated.
He will be going back again for similar duty.
Thanks for your inputs.

@TaiYin  Thank you for your kind words. I will surely pass them on.

@Bazi_Fan Thanks for the inputs. Will keep them in mind for 2021/2022.
During the duty period (7 days) outsiders are not allowed to meet him and the doctors at work are stationed at rest cabin building from where they do their shifts. Generally food, room etc is provided by government. After duty is over again government will provide 7 day hotel quarantine. Only if he tests negative then will he be able to come home after 14 days.
2016 he was promoted from senior resident to assistant professor. Yes he is extremely generous with his knowledge, time and money.

Hi everyone,

Help required for a doctor who has been assigned covid 19 duty from jia shen (9 August 11Pm) to ren chen (17 August 8Am) days in august.
Covid duty means he will be stationed in the hospital area along with other doctors and they have duty for 8 hours everyday for 7 days, he was assigned night duty (11.30 Pm to 8am). And he will be attending to covid positive patients. After 7 days he will be tested and sent for mandatory quarantine to a hotel for 7 days. After 7 days hotel quarantine if he tests negative he comes back home.

His bazi chart is as follows
HP    DP    MP   YP
Ji     Jia      Ji     Bing
Si     Zi      Hai   Yin
LP - Ren Yin

As duty has already being assigned and he has accepted, my focus is on keeping him safe.

These are the following things I can think of:
1) Use daily ba zhai/qi men direction while sitting in chamber/doc station for duty.
2) Use direction qi men using hour chart when leaving home to join duty.
3) Will check qi men hour chart (everyday from jia shen to xin mao) to see if 11 pm or 10 Pm chart better to go from cabin to hospital. Staying cabin building to hospital direction is west/southwest he will clarify tomorrow.

Any inputs to help this doctor will be great, anything at all, I am open to all suggestions.

Thank you for your input.

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