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  • The Concept of Wind in TCM
    « on: November 08, 2019, 04:12:49 AM »
    This is an excerpt from a great article which appeared in the 2016 December issue of the Journal of Pharmacopuncture. You can read the whole text here, The Concept of Wind in Traditional Chinese Medicine. :)

    "Wind is one of five climates that characterize the five seasons according to a Chinese philosophical principle. Heat occurs in summer, Humidity in late summer, Drought in autumn, and Cold Wind in winter and spring. While Wind is present in all seasons, its manifestation will be stronger in the season that matches it. Wind in the body resembles the wind in nature; thus, it generates both movement and movement in what would otherwise remain motionless. It produces change and acceleration in what otherwise would be steady and slow and causes things to appear and disappear quickly. Wind is considered as the backbone of many diseases in TCM. It affects the body in the same way as moving branches and leaves on a tree affect the tree; consequently, Wind is a Yang phenomenon.

    When Feng Xie, or Wind nefarious, attacks the body by penetrating the skin and the pores, an important result in TCM is the emergence of imbalances of external origin caused by climatic aggression pathogenic factors. Wind is associated with spring, but a disharmony characterized by Wind can occur in any season. Feng Xie is a corrupting influence that rarely appears alone, usually being accompanied by some other external pernicious influence, such as cold and damp weather. The presence of a nefarious Wind even helps other influences to invade the body.

    The Huangdi Neijing says, “Diseases develop from Wind”. Wind that is directed toward the upper body has a pernicious influence on Yang. Because Wind is “light and airy”, the Huangdi Neijing says, “The damage inflicted by Wind affects primarily the top”. Wind is thought to be initially manifested in the highest parts of, and more outside, the body, especially the face, skin and sweat glands, and lungs. When the body is invaded from outside, its defensive capabilities are weakened, causing a mismatch in the opening and the closing of the pores in the entire body, leading to the invasion of other pathogenic factors causing diseases with symptoms such as a headaches, nasal obstruction, painful and itching throat, facial edema, abnormal aversion to wind, and perspiration.

    Cold Wind is an aversion to wind and chill and is accompanied by fever, headaches and generalized aches, a runny nose, and a cough.
    Hot Wind is accompanied by fever, sweating, headaches, red eyes, sore throat, photosensitivity, thirst, a cough with yellow and dense sputum, respiratory problems, constipation, and epistaxis.
    Damp Wind has effects similar to those of the common cold, with sore limbs, listlessness, nausea, anorexia, and diarrhea and can cause diseases like arthritis.
    An Endogenous Wind attacks the liver and causes dizziness, spasms, convulsions and even coma.

    As Wind is associated with movement, its attack is varied and fast and is often recognized by signs like pain that moves from one place to another, itching or rashes that change location, spasms, tremors, tics, and lightheartedness. Generally, these symptoms such as migratory pains are acute and temporary. Huangdi Neijing says, “Wind is adept at movement and frequent changes”.

    Feng Xie is often associated with Cold, Humidity, Dryness and Heat, forming complex pathogenic factors such as Wind-Cold, Wind-Humidity, Wind-Dryness and Wind-Heat. Wind can also be associated with Phlegm, thus producing Wind-Phlegm. A characteristic of Winds as harmful exterior influences is the speed with which that characteristic appears, as is the case with all other external pernicious influences. Winds often include a fever, which is a sign of conflict between an exterior influence and normal Qi, sweating, sudden headaches, nasal obstruction, itching, and throat irritation. (...)

    The denominating ‘Six Excesses’ (Wind, Cold, Heat, Dryness, Moisture, and Heat of Summer) originated thousands of years ago and may sound primitive and unscientific, but are precisely associated with many diseases and disorders and with how they behave in the body (see Table 1). For example, in nature, Wind often breaks out quickly without warning, coming and going. Similarly, the symptoms of Winds in the body are often characterized by coming and going, sometimes suddenly. Have you ever had a sudden headache that is passed as mysterious as to why it appeared? That was a Wind attack. If during the headache, you were red-faced, sweating, and hot, those symptoms indicate that the condition was caused by a Wind-Heat."

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  • Re: The Concept of Wind in TCM
    « Reply #1 on: November 08, 2019, 06:41:57 AM »
    Very interesting. Thanks you.

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    Re: The Concept of Wind in TCM
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