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--- Quote from: IKW on November 08, 2019, 09:52:18 PM ---Is it possible I get better position during my decade Jia Yin period?  Or wait until yin mao? What year it will be possible?

Cause since last year i face my career is very struggle... Although i try my best but my superior is not care much. Is it my bazi luck too has an effect? Need your advice..


--- End quote ---
Yes possible at Jia Yin decade because Jia Yin decade it will be related wealth. For this time just do the best as you can.

Last year is Wu Xu annual year, you dont like additional earth in your bazi.

Thank's Windwheel for your valuable advice...

I have a friend who would like to join  a business, with DOB 27 Nov 1982, he is male. Need your advice is he ok with me ?

The other one is my boss, DOB 15 April 1952 , 6:20 WIB , he is not stable and can not make final decision ? How should I face with him ? he is my superior since last year.

Compare my previous boss, female, 29 Aug 1974 , 23:45 WIB, is she better with me ?

Thank's in advance Windwheel.


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