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  • Remove advertisement on
    « on: August 05, 2014, 04:18:05 PM »
    Dear all members and visitors,

    a new paid subscription package for this forum already up and running. Now you can enjoy advertisement free forum by subscribing to

    "Remove advertisement on the forum".

    Remove advertisement on forum for just $10 USD per year.

    Step by step to subscribe to this package:

    1) Login to your account.
    2) Click Profile.

    For smartphone and tablet users: click the arrow as shown in following picture:

    Then you will see following screen as shown in following picture. Click the paid subscription link to continue.

    3) Under Action, click Paid Subscriptions.
    4) Then find 'Remove advertisement on the forum' section and click the order button.
    5) Then a confirmation page will be shown to you. Optionally check Make this a recurring payment checkbox if you want automatically renew your expired subscription.

    NOTE: We are using PayPal as our payment processor.

    6) Then click Order with PayPal to continue to the payment process. Then you will be transferred to PayPal secured processing page.
    7) Follow the payment instructions on PayPal page.

    If everything is OK, your account will be automatically upgraded to Ads Free status and you can enjoy browsing the forum without advertisement immediately.

    Alternatively you can PM the administrator at and the administrator will process everything for you.

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