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Title: (Express) aoefengshui ZWDS Foundation Course
Post by: Administrator on April 05, 2016, 11:11:09 AM
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Master Tony (aka aoefengshui)
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ZWDS Foundation Course (Express) (ebook + notes + FAQs + 5 questions)

There are 2 options for the Foundation Course---full and express courses. Full foundation course costs USD $1380 and express foundation course costs USD $115.

Full aoefengshui Foundation Course is a 37 days one-on-one foundation course with aoefengshui. Full detail can be viewed here (

Express aoefengshui Foundation Course is the full aoefengshui Foundation Course without the 37 days one-on-one teaching and other goodies. You will be able to gain access to all course materials (ebook + notes + FAQs) and ask 5 questions (within 30 days) related to the foundation course materials. Click here to buy (


For more information about aoefengshui ZWDS Advanced Course, please click here (