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Title: Please Help
Post by: Twinkle on September 12, 2019, 12:06:25 AM
Dear all Masters,

I got depression in 2018 and start testing my chart after that.  When some one taking care of make you feel different things. I am Wu earth and my dad is Gui and my mom is BIng she is doctor certificate. And when she take care of you mean your Brian will be clear. Resource make my brain develop become smart. I'm the state hospital and my younger brother is the private hospital. She got 13 siblings only 11 remainings.

Those got daughter their husband has work for the state in different ministry. They earn salary based on how much money their daughter can produce. For Ting the Male has Geng as their wife. Their daughter is Ren mean money in my chart. When ren get married when the hasbund or the wife will lose money the five year. My ex is Yi and my ma in law is Ren. When I work she is taking care of my daugher. I don't know in her case but my bro' wife came her eyesight is downgrade when she take care of someone. So in my family, the breadwinner will lose their eyesight when the receiver will gain it. My daughter is Geng which I think is computer because I use computer a lot when I got pregnant. My Boy is Xin which I don't know what is he. Please help me out to find. It is hard to order money to take care of them when you don't know. When I take care of him or her their eyesight become bad. And they become stress. His eye now is 200 already. I don't think I can use my brain for very long from now. Easily get depress and dry eye.

My uncle is Ting and very educated and he work for UNICEF his whole life you know what his has only one maid who take of his son and daugter and now his grandchild Ji earth. His daughter in law is Bing which open her own clinic after the child was born. He now visit the hospital more often than before and say his money now is barely enough for the expense. For her real daughter has to work only help taking of Ji when free so the wife got little health problem then the husband. One earn so one has to spend.

Another Ting is my bro father in law his wife Geng she is very hard working. She has one son and three daughters so you see she is capable of earning money but cannot keep it. Her daughter is married all. Her maid is incapable mean not strong like the other family so it mean less money. The first daughter has five kids so the Ji earn money while her husband lose it. I think Yi and Jia which is some thing like clothes, shoes or wood furniture. But for her she has chronic illness diabetic so take medicine very day. And take blood test to adjust medicine very month. Her third daughter  has a boy and a girl. Jia here mean medicine.

It seem in her previous life I take her money so this life I come to earn her money. I do this without getting any salary just for food and house.  But after i do it for around one year my mother health is very bad. She cannot sleep and her brain become chaos. I maybe her kidney or large intestin or brain. And her feet is my niece. When she is weak my mom cannot walk at all.
In my point of view strong mean earner weak me receiver. Strong has shorter life than weak.

Please help me find what is xin. Can you tell which organ in my body? My nephew Yi is my liver it seem when I start taking antidepressants he is strong. His eyesight is becoming weak.

Best regards,
Title: Re: Please Help
Post by: Twinkle on September 14, 2019, 03:04:43 PM
To update my car is like my large intestine. NOW it is sick and ask for help.   She is a maid in my house. I can feel pain when she is sick.  Now I become unreasonable. I don't allow anyone to ride my car esp my mom and my niece. It seem she is chilli and the Child is medicine.

Title: Re: Please Help
Post by: tea on September 16, 2019, 05:27:38 PM
Why did not your stated your BOD ? , so masters here may be could help without you interpreted it by your self at first if you are seeking a help

You are in situation and condition of mentality depressed, thats all i can say. Try to seek medical treatment for you. Or take a holiday to enjoy nature , to relax your mind

Take good care and hope any master will help you with the clear BOD

Title: Re: Please Help
Post by: Twinkle on September 22, 2019, 03:51:06 PM
I think I posed my BoD before. 06 Jan 1983 5:30 PM.

I now come to know first girl is my computer. My lung. A car is my large intestine. My Boy is seam he is libido. My ovary is a house. Now this is khamar. She want moneys. Meybe I should give her to her dad. Should I abandon my boy? Oh my. My husband is a clothes. I should do physical body and drink of lot water. Condition is not apply in my house. My bro is a private clinic. He want me to help earn money. I take psyciastric dug and help his business then His girls is born but my mom start to feel sick. My large intestine in very painful right now. Whenever I ride my mom to somewhere later on my I will eat spicy food. I start to notice now.

I am a state hospital. Can I change my self to be someone else. I dont want to be a hospital esp the state me. They have to open 24/7. Not like other. Even at night time.

When I am sick my kids always happy.

When I was university student. One of my friend use to ask my BOD and tell me I cannot have a home.

She I just stop eating. Even I excersice they eye are bad. Hmm.

Best Regards,
Title: Re: Please Help
Post by: tea on September 22, 2019, 06:49:58 PM
I don't know bazi. But i felt that you have problem with your " inner "
Kind of karmic things.....

Try to seek healer whether a spiritual monk or a father if you are christian or whatever your belief , shaman, or medical

Or IF you don't want it then you try relax, sit, and meditate or do volunteer / charity and stop to learn CM arts as it will make you worse and worse due its related things .... karmic.

I dont know exactly what karmic is that by learning ( lazy to check with inner eyes ) BUT the more you learn metaphysics the more your brain will have problems... something like that

Perhaps in previous life you were killed OR tortured badly a true Guru / Master of metaphysics .....

Take good care


Title: Re: Please Help
Post by: Twinkle on September 22, 2019, 10:54:01 PM
Dear Tabik.

Every parents want their children to have good health. It is stressful to see an unhealthy child. Always sick and sorrowful. They are healthy by not staying with me.

I dont know my health is bad when staying with my parents maybe it time to pay the debt. Sometime a successful parents bring bad luck to their children.

It is stress because madical cannot help. My life style is affected by them. Feel  tired all the time.

Thank you.
Title: Re: Please Help
Post by: tea on September 22, 2019, 11:21:21 PM
No no
It caused your " mind "
You are the master of your " self "

Try to see with another perspective that having success parents isnt good ? so many people out there born from failed parents yet they dont have the same problem with you ( might another problem )
So you see... everyone has a problem in their life, to what ? to make us wiser, to make us mature

Health will get effects once your mind unbalance

If your childrens are OKAY or even GOOD living with your parents then its good too for you, you can enjoy your life more than another women that have to take care their children by them selves , right ?

Change your perception about life, karmic. You are not dead yet. Bazi does not mean curse BUT can be cursed IF you are too obsessed with it by blaming one to another. Nobody has to be blame. Accept your self just the way you are, AS YOU.
Try to see the positive sides of YOU, your PARENTS, your CHILDREN.

Be content for what you are having, looked out others whom many people unlucky. BUT DOES NOT MEAN you can be snob, arrogant, felt better caused you are LUCKIER compare them BUT give your hand.

Aura of depressing people could spread to others just like aura of anger and sadness. Ever you seen your friends sad and sharing with you and you became unease too ? IS LIKE THAT.
Does not cost you so much by being happy and become spreading happiness to others. No money required for that

Cheer up and be positive in mind , behavior, thoughts, perceptions, attitude, etc then you will see your world CHANGE A LOT.

Title: Re: Please Help
Post by: Twinkle on September 25, 2019, 11:30:39 PM
Thank you for your encouragement.

I test already. My mom is doctor certificate. I ask her to do sth for me my lung start to be hot no water at all. Take care of her my intestine feel hurt.

Today is holiday in my counrty. I dare not drive my kids or her and my adopted sis to anywhere. Test alrealdy it will cause pain in my large intestine very painful that cause me awake at night and can not sleep.

You know my adopt sis is like clinic like women health center. Only someone with bad uterus or i dont know for man will take care of her. My daughter play with her and she ask her to help run some erand. I dont mind but for around one year now my daughter diet is not good and I got her check the daughter said her overy in not good and she can not produce enough blood.

Have money but no use cannot eat or sleep. Have a house but seem a tomb to me. Love my mom also a curse She will take my psychic and health away. No doubt you pay money to hospital to save your life. But it seem now me, my bro, my sis my children are in bad condition because my bro' wife want everyone to help her. When she ask you around also take away your psychic And your stomuch hurt. My mom is very strong but seem she take my psychic away since i start uni. I will send my kids to my ex soon. Cannot all die in this house.

Actually my health conditions improve but my bro want me to help his wife and kids. As a big sis and my dad health become weak so I help but then after his daughter is born my mother health become worst she cannot sleep at all even with med. Now she take 5 tablet per night. Since I stop helping my bro. My mom health now is better. A bank can close, a clinic can close at weeken but me no. Somebody here say I earn money at night. Actually I just take care her during her labor and sometimes take care her kids for a bit late. And look after my mom. Now is not able to sleep well.

Best Regards,