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Hi Friends,

I've been interested in the concept of Qi Flow in Bazi. I have read that Qi flows from one element to another in chart interactions. I wanted to reach out and learn about the interactions of Qi Flow. My natal chart have the Cai-Guan-Yin formation with three rooted pillars that produces each other's elements.

May 27 1988 - 2:41AM Ox Hour.

I have the weak Ren water daymaster. The companion Water element and Resource elements are supposed to be favourable for me. However, some articles have mentioned that the Qi flows between different elements. It can make an unfavourable element (like the fire and earth elements in my chart) favourable by how Qi Flows between elements.

My charts is quite unbalanced with rooted wealth and 7K. Despite having this natal structure for Qi Flow interactions, my health was weak during birth and have encountered bullying while I was a child. Things have gotten better and I've since graduated from software engineering and am pursuing entrepreneurship at the moment but we are still paying ourselves minimum salary wage during this startup grind. So despite that I have many wealth and officer elements in my chart, I haven't acquired wealth or status or even been in a relationship yet.

Does something need to happen to facilitate / activate the movement of the Qi Flow? Any guidance is much appreciated.

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Hi friends! I've recently received my time of birth and was always very interested to know about my bazi. I started learning the art of Bazi and found a few interesting formations with my chart. Notably, I may have the following formations: Fake Follower - Follow Wealth, Cai-Guan-Yin, Golden Carriage, Weak Water Daymaster.

Male, May 27 88, 2:41AM

A little background about me. My mother had food poisoning and was taken to the hospital. Because she could not speak English, the doctor did an xray on her and everything after changed my life as a fetus inside her. I was born with no sweat glands, no body hair, and my skin is very sensitive. I look different compared to my peers. Early life was hard, my family went through government financial assistance and I would always get sick. I've endured quite a bit of bullying growing up.

It's a bit more easier for me now. I graduated with an engineering degree at a reputable university in computer science. I've always been interested in entrepreneurship. I've ran my own successful business by myself at the age of 13. Currently I am running a beauty eCommerce business with a few partners in 2013 but it has not flourish. This decade I did have to travel back and forth between cities to work with my team. In addition, I started investing in stocks in 2017 and had some success (big ups and big downs). Currently I am invested in the water and metal industry (logistics and financial sectors).

I want to ask if anyone in this community can help me look into my bazi and provide me with some relationship and career guidance. I am still single - never been in relationship. Despite that I have the Cai-Guan-Yin formation, I am currently working hard and still going through the start-up grind with less than average pay. Does anyone know if and when this formation will be beneficial for me in the future?

Your kind help will allow me to be aware of opportunities and head in a good direction. Thank you so much.

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