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Female 26 feb 1952 3:00AM Morning Indonesia Time

does this bazi make a good case study and its amazing she still live today with such chart?

any masters would like to take up this case study ?

i understand, but what thats gotta do with career or work? you mean she prefer career or work over love marriage 'sex'? what if she is married , can she focus on career or business? u mean her making decision on impulse also not good for business? should just stick to working or career?

that means to be honest. mens will look for her and wanted  love marriage "sex". She will gladly accept it bcs its her nature of making decision on impulse. 

I hope you understand my meaning.

yes she is quite beautiful and exotic ,

the effect of huaji at work will lessen, - what does this mean?
HOWEVER i dont think it will work due to her personality and her friends palace is too close with her self palace.    - what does this mean?

thank you master

Hong luan Tai means = having children with diff mens :D its like it tells u right away multiple marriage...

Yang liang in friends= many people around  i would say a person that is very attractive.

WuQ, TXiang, Hji, Tma and jie kong =  jobs wont be stable. frequent changes and at work and its not gonna be easy too....

North america: society is different, the possibility to work even at minimum wage but still can enough to live and take care of family at home is possible. The effect of huaji at work will lessen,

She is responsible person. she can be a manager of any businesses or work in business, finance, banking sector. HOWEVER i dont think it will work due to her personality and her friends palace is too close with her self palace.   

If she is beautiful... one more marriage for husband to take care of her  and actually husband if rich.. can help her with getting a job.

yes your right, she is very impulsive and like to make impulse decision as well. what does hong luan + thai in children means? she used to care for her kids, but now she is used to leaving them behind at home for her younger sister and mother to look after them. she says she leaves them behind because she needs to work and support her kids and family, she used to work in shady business but i asked her to stop now. what does all these mean? " Yang Liang Lu in friends + jie kong
Wu Qu Tian Xiang + hua ji tian ma + jie kong... Tian ma with jie kong is like horse with broken legs.
 will her life gets better or should i just leave her alone and work out her own life? why north america lol?
does she has any positive or valueable attribute or skill?


its really bad chart... i have looked at it for 10min thinking of a way for her to get better. but i dont know

reasons: body located in ming + all bad stars. Lian Zhen  likes doing things on impulse and making decision as well. which is relaly bad
Hong luan + thai in children oh god...
Yang Liang Lu in friends + jie kong
Wu Qu Tian Xiang + hua ji tian ma + jie kong... Tian ma with jie kong is like horse with broken legs.

only one advice: Move to north america....

if its midnight time, how would the life reading would be? any advise please

its midnight time.. not after 1am

yes alot of small moles at her face, abit hot tempered and hasty

does she have moles in her face?

is she hot tempered ?

kids follow her because she said the previous two fathers could not support them and slowly stop providing financial means. eventually those two fathers left to re-marry again. they just left the kids with her.

quote author=j27945 link=topic=17855.msg188487#msg188487 date=1547515149]
Thanks for inputs.

The kids follow her is because of legal proceedings or ...

 :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o spot on she said she got married 16 september 2013, elder twin has never been married.

hi lord cendra,

did she got married in 2013?
her elder twin also has married?

yes , she started to live separately from her husband from 2015 and started to see other guy

Divorce took place in 2015 乙未 ?

after 1am midnight

any help pls

Dear masters , merry christmas and happy new year, i wish you all bountiful health, happiness and wealth, gratitude and content from year to year !

I have a question for this bazi
why alot of people mistook this bazi for rich widow,

born in indonesia, either 12midnight or 1am above 24 october 1992 , her parents are divorced, mother is now single. She has been married once, had a son, then divorced and met another guy and had another baby daughter 2 years ago. She is also a twin (has a twin older sister). now she is single with 2 kids. Any luck or improvements ahead of her life? any career or business advise for her to support herself and children to the future? should she re-marry or find a BF or sugardaddy, or will she makes a good mistress?

thank you i hope the bazi above provide new insight and learning experience for all masters that life is indeed 'unique'

Happy new year 2017 to all dearest members in this forum !!

my d.o.b - 28 february 1982, 20:30 pm hour

I will have harms to my hour xu and year xu pillar from you 2017.
Need help on harm in hour& year pillar interpretations in year 2017.

what should i do and what should i practice in precautions??

help please, i am planning to travel to overseas to study/research and do some investments, but not sure what to do due to the harms.

thank you !!

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: is this an unique chart?
« on: April 23, 2016, 09:28:29 PM »
"You need to take cautious" what precautions should i take?

met another girl with interesting chart today - 15 nov 1988 11:00AM , 

but overall still clinging with hope on the 94...

I need to put this down before I sign off (*yawn, zzz). The financial turmoil didn't cross my mind, I was looking at 子 and 申 year. You need to take cautious especially in these 2 years. In another words, this year also exercise some cautions in your dealings.

Well, to meet a person in a month time and she share her time of birth with you. This imply some form of connection between you n her, probably fate ?

I haven't manage to see 94' chart, will take a look over the weekend.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: is this an unique chart?
« on: April 22, 2016, 11:26:29 PM »
i am the mid (so 2nd) in my family. I was sent away to study overseas when i was 13 years old, so i was not really close/ just okay relationships with my parents. I am very independent , sometimes i move around and live separately with my parents. when you say "she is either my working partner or cross path with each other due to career & roles" do you mean my future-wife?

you r right about few choices, but i could not seem to seal the deal, theres always third party involved or circumstances not supporting. the 94 is my ex-girlfriend, and i still hope we could still cross path with each other in the future. 

the 83 girl i just met recently early this month, i have also taken a liking in her, but her behaviour seems to be out in synch compares to mine (she smokes&drinks, i dont). 

i could not remember 2004-2005. maybe as you can see from my luck pillar in 11-21, my spouse palace and year clashed with chen ta yun, maybe that explained why i used to move around. 

in 2007, things are really ok and going well at the beginning first half of the year then everything just started to go downhilll really really fast in 2nd half of the year.

i had a really really bad emotional (relationship)  and financial (career & wealth) turmoil and lowest point of my life in 2008.

2nd or 3rd in the family? Enjoy close relationship with parents, especialy mum.   A competitive, yet understanding & humble person. work well with your peers and superior, a problem solver. Your work well with people, chance are, you are doing advisory or mananging type of role. She either your working partner or both your path cross each other due to career & roles. Lady luck shining at you for this couple of years, are you 'presented' with a few choices recently (i.e. 2013,2014,2015). Just that you are now deciding which one to further develop a relationship and settle down. Also, mum asking you for girlfriend, cos you are running marriage luck (my guess). i haven't got the time to look at the 94' female chart. Just between your chart and 83' female chart, i think you may need to put away your possessive nature (if any) once you get into a relationship. Wood and Fire is 2 key vital point to keep the flow in your chart and also to put togehter the yin wu xu fire combination. If clash yin. or clash wu. your chart will feel fustrated, due to disruption in qi flow. To validate this point, Anything that upset you 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008. ? Particularly  in 2004 & 2008.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: is this an unique chart?
« on: April 22, 2016, 12:10:02 AM »
Omg dear sir, you must be a physic O.O 

she is a senior consultant in a law firm. her mother is currently sick, kidney failure and needed a kidney transplant. 

you are absolutely right, she said she has many helpful people in her life whenever she is in trouble.
yes she has been extremely focussed and driven in her career, thats why she is unable to settle down till now, but she said she is willing to compromise and hope to settle down.

my chart is:

28 february 1982, 20:30PM male

can you tell me about my chart as well?

also am i compatible with her?

would you be also kind enough to take alook at another chart

17 juni 1994 12:30PM female

which one i am more compatible with among the 2 above?

thank you sir

Hi dear masters,
got to know a girl lately
her dob and time:
Birth : time 16:05PM , 1st March 1983
is she a capable woman?

There is a reason I need to look at your chart. first,  her chart look fine. as it she should be a fine lady. gentle. meticulous as well as talented, and possibily gifted in speech. Is she in the legal / compliance industry. luck cycle always been on her side.
Childhood wise, closer to her father. I need to ask if anything has happen to her mother. In her teen and adulthood, helps from peers n colleagues. Because of her pragmatic feel in her chart, I think... Most of the time, problem get solved and can consider smooth sailing. She should be more focus on her career than settling down with kids. Realistically speaking, Given her age, 33yo. you don't have much time to woo her and settle down and baby plans.
In 2043, Gui Hai year, she is on Geng Shen Luck, I afraid that they may a nasty arguement (this is why I need your chart to validate this against) If this info is not in your chart, it likely indicate as legal dispute, fines, bad investment or health ailment that relates to water (i.e. woman's ailment, blood circulation, urinal/ bowel related & lower limbs).

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