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No feedback for more than 6 months, is the project dead? If not, please contact me for a donation (supported by some deadline commitment). As Yoda used to say, "You do or you do not. There is no try!".

I will strongly recommend Harmen Mesker as the best Westernn Yijing expert have come across.

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Ready to buy too! Full support! :)
Tell us when you have completed it!

Ready to buy,too, and recommend to community. If the project is dead, please announce it, no need to tease the audience...

Date Selection / Re: Xuan Kong Date Selection
« on: November 17, 2018, 07:34:32 PM »
There is a good software here:, payment for premium version with XKDS is quite reasonable. Good references, too. I know the site owner, Voytek,quite well. Strongly recommended.

Books, Software, Tools, and Resources / Re: Gmulis Bazi Calculator
« on: August 20, 2018, 01:02:09 PM »
Hey, I think Gmuli deserves a monument and not distrustful notes.
I have been in Five Arts' communities 30+ years and I have rarely seen a person so dedicated to distribute real and preciouis knowledge.
Though unlike him, I am convinced everything must be 1)earned by hard labour and commitment and 2)paid, even symbolically.
If you give the hungry one a fish instead of a fishing rod, he will most probably not find it satisfactory (I mean,the fish. And the approach,too).
Of course, a little common knowledge on IT protection will not harm anyone.


Any antivirus software will always issue a warning if you run a file with the .exe extension. But if you scan Gmuli's software with AVG (free antivirus), it will say it is safe. I have not had any problems with Gmuli's software. I have downloaded two - the Bazi calculator and the Wen Wang Gua Calculator.

One who wishes to hack into your system will not identify himself. Gmuli is well identified here, and the Administrator has his identity info. So it should not be a cause for concern to download software from one who shares freely.

Hello, respected friends and enthusiasts,
I would like to raise a question I have stumbled upon frequently in my ZWDS research: some experts say that we must use local birth time (of course, adjusted to solar time) and others recommend using the Beijing time at the moment of birth.
Which of the two statements is the right one? Evidently only one must be correct due to obvious differences in chart structures for both cases, with similar methodologies for calculation...
Thank you very much in advance!

Hello, Ren!
Shall we see the work complete soon? I am ready to pay, and probably there are extra passionate enthusiasts around!

Welcome to the contribution effort for the preservation of the ancient Chinese art of Zi Wei Dou Shu!

For many years I have been working on an Encyclopedia of sorts for this art-form that would act as an ultimate reference tool - one that strives to explain everything there is to know about Zi Wei Dou Shu.

Unfortunately, as it stands today, information about this ancient art is a torn and scattered mess, strewn about the world, fragmented, and hidden away in extremely exclusive circles in China and Malaysia. This is mainly due to major historical events that strove to "revolutionize the Chinese culture" as a massive effort to rid China of its ancestral heritage and replace it with modernity. During this time, traditional practices such as Feng Shui and Zi Wei Dou Shu were banned from being taught in public, and official records that had anything to do with these types of arts were carelessly destroyed. The only records of these arts that survived were safely hidden within certain knowledgeable families.

There are only two openly published official ancient scriptures on Zi Wei Dou Shu:

Zi Wei Dou Shu Quan Ji by Chen Xiyi (The Complete Compilation of Zi Wei Dou Shu)


Zi Wei Dou Shu Quan Shu (The Complete Book of Zi Wei Dou Shu)

Other than this, there is also oral instruction that is passed down exclusively from teacher to disciples, called Kou Jue, and a handful of modern masters that have been generous enough to share their knowledge openly to anyone willing to keep this alive.

If you happen to be coming in on this cold...

Zi Wei Dou Shu is one of the major "ancient Chinese secrets" that harmonizes thousands of years of ancient statistical data together with Taoism in an effort to analyze the framework of one's "destiny," or personal magnetism towards statistically probable fates, or "luck".

There's an ancient Chinese philosophy that states that there are three kinds of luck. Namely Heaven Luck, Earth Luck, and Human Luck. An example of this would be:

You happened to be born in a family that is well-off - Heaven Luck
...and live in an area that grows and sells healthy foods - Earth Luck
...but ultimately it is up to you to go out, buy and consume the healthy food that's available - Human Luck.

There are two popular methods of reading one's Heaven Luck.
There is BaZi, which is the most common, albeit simpler method; then there is Zi Wei Dou Shu - the more detailed, complex, and precise method of reading one's Heaven Luck.

This e-book is an ambitious goal to collect as much information one can find and place it into one, completed source material with easy-to-use navigational tabs so one can easily seek the meaning of one's Stars, read the personified stories behind each major star based on true stories of the heroes of ancient China, the effects of every star for each of the 12 life palaces, and much, much more.

This collection has taken a strong solo effort of 7 years to create. It is very difficult to structure and organize the details of each star, let alone translate everything into English properly. The good news is that it's almost completed!...

...Relatively speaking. I still need a good year or so to complete and edit this 1,500+ page and growing e-book. I'm hoping this donation request will help to support even more additions to make this e-book all-inclusive, and allow me the means of being able to focus on this historical and culturally significant effort towards preserving such a unique art from our human history.

Books, Software, Tools, and Resources / Re: Gmuli Wen Wang Gua Calculator
« on: January 20, 2018, 09:55:44 PM »
An excellent contribution, special thanks and respect to the author for the outstanding apps, some are even unique among other similar pieces of software ! His messages and my personal exchange with him show profound understanding even of some most intricate points. Let us wish him keep the good job ongoing!

Seems like it is time for update. : )

Symbolic stars from ArtofFugues topic here were added, also some other info.

So what we have now:
  • Added Symbolic Stars
  • Added Mei Hua Alternative Screens
  • Some bug fixes and other stuff

First thing is we have 2 alternative Mei Hua screens now.

Mei Hua Screen
We can access them by hitting CTRL.
Alternative way would be Menu > View > Main Screen > Mei Hua

First time we hit it will show this:

Most people probably won't be using the horizontal arrows, but long time ago I used that too, so wanted to add it.
In here if we press A or go to Menu > Mei Hua Details > Arrows for Yin/Yang it will show arrows, up for Yang trigrams, down for Yin trigrams.

Here we can see the middle hexagram as well. Since not everyone uses that, we have one more screen where it shows only original and result hexagram.

To access that we either use CTRL one more time or we go to Menu>Mei Hua Details > 2 Hexagrams.

Additional Notes:
  • App will try to see if there is only one changing line. If that is the case it will assign Ti on the Trigram that doesn't change and Yong on the other one. That won't work if there is more then one or less then one.
  • If we click any trigram it will show more info on the left as usual. That will include strength of the Trigram in the season, something most Mei Hua practitioners may find useful. : )
  • Option in Menu > Mei Hua Details will only show up if the Mei Hua screens are active, any of them.

Symbolic Stars

A few different ways to see this. We can see all of them or we can see only the ones that show up connected to specific line(usually branch).

To see all of them we can go to View > Symbolic Stars
Then click on any star to see more.

Up on the screen it will calculate branches/stems that this applies to.

More useful way to see it would be to use it from the lines.
We right click the line and choose Symbolic Star for the line:

Now, this will show same screen as the full listing of the stars, only this time it will only list the stars that apply to that line. There are usually 7-8 stars for each line.

That should cover the most important changes.
There are some bug fixes also and some other stuff around.

Thats it, enjoy! : )

Books, Software, Tools, and Resources / Re: Gmuli Wen Wang Gua Calculator
« on: November 13, 2017, 12:47:26 AM »
Do you mean the familiar relations based on their own hexagram and not on the original one?

As far as I know, Joseph Yu uses the Six Relationships for the resulting hexagram as they are originally linked to the lines of the hexagram. However, I came to know by Harmen Mesker the correct way is to use the Five Elements from the first hexagram, and use these to label the Six Relationships in the resulting hexagram. So, if for instance Earth is Brother in the first hexagram then Earth is also Brother in the resulting hexagram. Based on my experience with his advice, I have reasons to trust him.

Books, Software, Tools, and Resources / Re: Gmuli Wen Wang Gua Calculator
« on: November 12, 2017, 09:50:24 PM »
An excellent effort, thanks to the author of the software!
A small note - another English language source is the Wen Wang correspondence course of Mr. Joseph Yu, which may be complementary in a useful way. Though there seem to be some differences in calculation methodology.

*Added the blindsect branch to lines arrangment from ArtofFugue translation here:

It's in the menu. There is option to allow their stem use as well, keep in mind if you haven't switch to the branches first it won't show anything.
All of it is in "View" menu.
View> Branches for the branches > Blindsect
View>Additional Info on Lines> Stems(Based on blindsect)

Link is the same as before:

Saved the naming convention "blindsect"  or "blindman sect" as ArtofFugue used it, since I had to name it something...

P.S. That doesn't affect the hidden lines calculations, so they won't be accurate while using it, right now.

Books, Software, Tools, and Resources / Re: Saphora FS Calculator v.8.1
« on: November 04, 2017, 11:10:51 PM »
Hello, Saphora,
Greetings and my respect!
I missed to download the file, is there a working link,please?
Thank you in advance and have a great time!

Hi All,

I have time to do some corrections about my FS Calculator v.8.1

Please understand that it needs time to correct issue by issue.

It is for me impossible to re-write all those formulas, Zi-palace should be in North-sector and not moving around as in the calculator. The Contents of all the palaces are the same.

So Enjoy the new version, especially with ZWDS-correction for Annual Flying Stars: Thank all the help from Tony Lee.

Please click on the Link to download it:



Hereby an explanation about the Annual Luck by Tony Lee: AOEFengshui.

Flying from the HS of Year or from the HS of Year Self Palace?

Regarding the Flying Si Hua for a special year. There are two different ways:
One is from the HS (Heavenly Stems) of year. For example for 2014 which is the year of Jia Wu, everybody will use HS of “Jia” for flying Si Hua. In other words —- “Lian-Zhen Hua Lu, Po-Jun Hua Quan, Wu-Qu Hua Ke & Tai-Yang Hua Ji”. This is from the “nature space” point of view. Many zwds software go for this choice.

The other one is what I studied: flying from the HS of Year Self Palace directly. For example for 2014, if the HS of Wu location is “Bing”, then use the HS of “Bing” for flying Si Hua. In other words —“Tian-Tong Hua Lu, Tian-Ji Hua Quan, Wen-Chang Hua Ke & Lian-Zhen Hua Ji.” This is more from “zwds chart” point of view.

Decade Flying Si Hua is from the HS of Decade Self Palace — which will “take care” this decade.
Year Flying Si Hua is from the HS of Year Self Palace — which will “take care” this year.
Month Flying Si Hua is from the HS of Month Self Palace — which will “take care” this month ……

Saphora’s explanation:

As you could see in another example with Life Palace has Jia Chen.

If we use current year as: 2012. In 2012 is Ren Chen, but if we are using for decoding Chart for ZWDS purpose we are using Chen Earthly Branch and see which HS is belonging to Chen in each unique Life-chart. In the example, see picture the Life Palace unique chart has Jia Chen as Annual Luck for 2012.

So we are using Si Hua method for 2012 as Jia HS to Fly and not calendar 2012 as Ren Chen.


Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Shen Sha Books
« on: June 11, 2017, 07:01:31 PM »
Please consider myself fully open-minded, I have heard great praise for the Blindman Sect. Your enlightening notes will be highly appreciated! Please do not hesitate to PM me.

@threadstarter, if you're truly open-minded, I may share later some symbolic stars that are exclusive and unique to Blindman sect (from below book). Guarantee you never heard of even the stars' names (unless you've read that book)! ;D

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Shen Sha Books
« on: June 09, 2017, 11:04:45 PM »
Hello, dear friends,
I have been digging in Non-Chinese BaZi sources and I am absolutely fascinated by the ShenSha concept. Unfortunately,  information on this subject is extremely scarce.
Can someone recommend a good and reliable source of Shen Sha, especially books (there is some stuff on the net, but it is basically scattered and limited in contents).
Anyone is free to message me at my private E-mail
Thank you and may all the good things you can think about come true!

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