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Post to read.

@senators613, @johnyqi, @j27945

Just wanted to give an update. My daughter was awarded a scholarship to study overseas. We are excited and thankful for the opportunity!

Thanks for your advice.

@j27945 No way I’m a practitioner! Just started reading up on my own after hearing about bazi from a friend. I cannot figure out how the interactions work and sometimes I just decide not to be too hung up and take charge of my life. But sometimes, I feel really down and start again to try to figure out why things turn out a certain way. Especially with this new boss. He favors a younger colleague with much less experience and capability and straight away promoted her as soon as he joined. She is a Jia Zi DM also, good at currying favors with the boss. Lots of guiren in her chart!

@windwheel I have a professional qualification in healthcare field. Career is quite stable and should be able to find a job easily, if not desiring a high position. But at my age may be difficult. I used to manage a team in local office but since moving to a regional/ global role, I don’t manage people anymore. Hope this answers your questions.

@Sebest Thank you very much for the zwds analysis. It describes how I’m feeling perfectly! I guess I have to keep an open mind and stay positive.

@j27945 Thank you for the clarification.

I feel very blessed to receive all your help and advice. Thank you!

Thank you for your replies.

@highfire I try to look at it positively too and have tried to improve in areas that I am lacking. Such as softening my tone when talking, being more nurturing and improving in public speaking. Can I ask what do you mean by “being on my own”? Separation/ divorce or self-employed etc?

@j27945 Is there anything I should look out for in the next decade? What does trio wood mean for me? I know my chart lacks wood and I assumed it was an element I need.

Thank you again.


@johnyqi Thank you for your advice. I didn’t realize that I’m weak DM. I thought I was strong  :(
I do hope the next few years being water years will be better. Actually I got along very well with the previous boss, unfortunately she left. I guess I’m not destined to have a boss whom I can work well with.

@highfire You’re right about our working style! Yes he likes to delegate but it’s not the amount of work that I’m unhappy about. I feel that his way of thinking is just weird/ bias/ unconventional/ illogical. Don’t know how to describe......Anyway my DOB is 9 Oct 1970 Hai hour. Thanks.

Hi, hope someone can give me advice.

I have been with the company 20years. I have been feeling unhappy and frustrated at work since 2-3 years ago, after the new boss came. I have tried but just don’t like his slack personality and cannot understand how he thinks. From experience, I realize I cannot work well with Jia Zi DM people. To me, they are too much into office politics and too ambitious, yet lack real substance. At least to me. Apologies in advance to Jia Zi people out there!

Appreciate if someone can advice how long more I need to suffer and how to improve the situation. On top of that I’m entering LP Geng Chen in a couple of years. Am bracing myself for tough situations ahead.
Year     Geng Xu
Month   Bing Xu
Day      Ren Xu
Hour    Xin Hai

My boss DOB 14 Nov 1975

Thanks in advance!

@senators613 Thank you so much! You’re right and she’s seriously considering going overseas for studies. I’m supportive but no financial means, that’s why she has to apply for scholarship. I hope she gets the place in overseas Uni and the scholarship!

@j27945 Thank you for the advice. She may want to do one of these courses, but also considering something else unrelated. She has to make a choice if offered both.

@johnyqi Thank you! Yes she’s creative and artistic. She has opportunity for scholarship, just wondering if that’s the best for her.

@senators613 I guess you can say that she’s closer to me than her dad. All my children are closer to me. Just because my husband is not a very hands-on father....and no, we're not separated.


My daughter is at the stage of her life where she has to decide her future career. Can anyone please help to advise? She wants to apply for a scholarship. Is she suitable to work in Gov sector?

D.O.B 16 June 2000 Si hour

Many thanks!

Quote: Talib
Acne in teenagers is a hormonal event, but from TCM perspective its lung heat. Its because there is a boost of yang during those years. They gain rebellion behavior and bad temper denoting yang exuberance. When there is not enough yin in the body to balance yang heat rises naturally upward and manifest as acne on the face or back (also yang aspect of body). So seems like for him this yin deficiency is manifesting in lung and kidney system, which is interesting because he is going through Xin You LP. Xin= Lung and You=Kidney.
Hi Talib, you're right! He had acne also on the back of his body. Yesterday brought him again to TCM doctor as he was not feeling well and had slight fever. Dr said will treat him to balance his body after he recovers. Thanks again!

Hi FireOperator,

Actually, from what I've read about characteristics of 7K, it doesn't describe my son at all. Is it because he's still too young to tell? He's not aggressive or ambitious or go-getter. When I first saw his bazi profile, I was surprised. In fact I thought he was too gentle, soft and laid back. I was upset at first to learn he has a bad chart, cried a little, but at least now I have a better understanding of his shortcomings. Will do what I can to help him in life.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for helping me understand better.

Dear Talib and Han,
Really appreciate your input. It is alarming to me to see he has no supporting self element at all.
Re: acupuncture, I have not tried that but will seriously think about it. Hope it's not too late.  Brought him to TCM doctors before, but they could not find anything wrong. He's just weak generally, and always saying he's tired, really not like a strong and healthy young man.Eg. he will cough whenever he eats, just cannot be explained. He is not having a cold or anything like that. Also battling with bad acne since 11 years old. Stopped growing in height since 14/15 years old which can't explained as he has not reached adult shape etc.

Hoping someone can shed light on his 'special' structure. Thank you.

Hi Talib,
It's Singapore time. Thank you.

Hi, I am new here, first time posting.

I wonder if anybody can help read my son's chart. He seems to be having a lot of health issues, minor ones which are unexplainable to me. Also can't grow physically, so he's quite short. I'm really worried about him.

Thanks in advance.

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