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one other thing, you mentioned "Chou/Wei clash opens tomb" what does that mean?

Also, will I only have one husband? does it say that in on my chart? and again...

I am worried about 2017 with problems with the relationship......


In 2014 I made small return on investment, however not anything significant..

What did you before by 'void'

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@slametbing 2011 lost my job, but I traveled alot. 2014 nothing special happened except meeting my current boyfriend but we were just friends for the longest time but they was around the end of 2014

@slametbing can you elaborate on that?

on this : IMHO combine (Liu He, Ban He, San He, San Hui) Xu and Wu can cured Void .. can you put it into simple terms?


what if baby comes first then marriage after?? does that work? im just so surprised.

but can you read anything about my spouse on my chart?


seriously? what about babies? thats in the picture too?!!!!!!!


I don't want to put his information up because I know many of his friends are into bazi. what if they go off and tell him about my situation....

when you say fire? isnt too much fire for me a bad thing?


WHAT????? 99% sure I will marry this year?!! omg... is it one or another? or both?

what does MBA mean?

@baziindublin Okay fine fine. I'll give a bit more.
Day month year
Gui    wu   yi
Wei    zi   chou

Does this help at all?

He doesn't spend alot of time with friends he spend it alot alot. He spends all his free time with me.

The guy overseas I'll give you less since he's less important right now.

Month year
Ji           Yi
Chou     Chou

Can you please help? Is fire good for me or himhim?


I have traveled already this year, does it mean I will travel more? I don't think I am moving aboard though.

Are you saying I will have children this year?


If I travel will I be able to find a husband then? Will the male that I find be my husband? Better husband.


When you reference to, no wealth, poor money management? Can this be fixed?

What does Qing yang mean and why do I have to be careful? Travel palace good one, what does that mean?

Hi @baziindublin @Graphene @mushroom

Thanks for your advices, and omggg @baziindublin are you saying he's going to cheat on me?!! And are you telling me that my current boyfriend I will marry? When I was younger I lived with my last boyfriend with his parents. But this one is different we don't live together

Actually we both have a mutual friend that is sort of into bazi ask him to read my boyfriend chart.

I have no idea, but  he said that my friend is extremely water lacking fire whatever that means. But without giving too much information on just in case he see. His month pill is

Wu yang earth
Zi yang water

Hidden stem
Gui water.

Can you tell with this information that he will cheat on me or not? Wow I almost gave away all his information...  :'( :'( hope he doesn't find out.

Anyways apparently he has alot of friend and Rob wealth? He said hes really laid back but can be very extreme? Whatever that means. And apparently his spouse chart is empty? A grave?...  :'( :'( :'( what does that meanmean?!

The guy here loves to own his own business, but  the guy over seas doesn't. So the guy that I'm with is the guy I'll be marrying?
My friend told me that ding fire is his wealth element? Does that change his losing money aspect? I don't want him to lose money because of meee  :'(

My current boyfriend isn't loud, isn't flamboyant at all. Very soft spoken, introverted.

Apparently he has 7k on his chart as his 3rd useful God?

@baziindublin @Graphene @mushroom sorry for the ramble, please help me understand better  :'( :'( now you are saying hes not for me.

Please allow me to answer all the questions in here.

I will begin to talk about my boyfriend and other guy without giving too much away, because I still really want to focus on myself in this thread and not dragged out over to someone else chart.

I guess charts don't balance each other out? that's pretty sad, apparently my chart is hot? if he is really water .. i guess it doesnt help? Both guys are born on the same year (ox) both in the winter season.

the guy who I met at 22 is now gone, we've broken up but still talking he does pretty decent in his life I don't think there will be a third chance for us.. we still talk once in a while. back to the guy who I am currently with (I met him again in 2014 winter, when I was single, first time we met was when he had a girlfriend) , he has very high ambitions but doesnt have the money through reckless spending and the business debt that his partners left him in he still trying to recover. (The other guy overseas I met him last year, when me and my boyfriend were just talking)

he currently joined a company that pays him 50,000 which is low by his standard but he accepted it, its a bottom position so getting dirty alot but still working in an office environment very fast paced, after taxes he'll take home about 35,000 however he just got the job so it will take him two years to pay off his debt that he is in if he pours all his working money into it. which i think he is doing except some extra out to cover other expenses like gas bills and insurance.

on the side note he wants to get into internet business of selling products on other platforms hes found a product however will put him into 8,000 more in debt he is willing to do it though. I currently help him but it is mostly his business, he makes all the decisions however he is also an introvert which is harder on him because he doesnt ask all the questions to vendors as he needs.
It takes him alot of effort but he is trying to create a future for us. As you can tell from him already that he takes alot of risk but he tries to calculate things but not everything goes well for him however you can see him try.

Also, he's been hearing about next year makes some sort of triangle and if we have a baby in that year it would bring us some luck. but since you mentioned I have bad luck I don't think it would happen. both guys actually mentioned it, but I dont think the guy overseas is serious about it.

Sleeping with a guy here doesn't mean we have to settle down with them? or are you telling me he's my best option? Actually the guy i am with is very attractive and I actually see him with other girls like they call "Vancouver specials" typical girls who ware high end bags and have big fake breast. HE looks like one of those guys who would settle down with a girl like that he loves high end products and says you should invest in high end products because they will last longer, better quality, better build but right now hes focus on paying off his debt even though he doesnt tell me, the way i see him is always poor cause hes paying off his debt and he doesnt want to spend money.

Someone once told him he should settle down in 2018, I don't remember where he told me why he told me that. but that does not line up with 32? so maybe we are not right for one another?

back to me, I went to back to school then decided I wanted my own business and after I finished a semester I left to help him, he put me in charge of the business however it did not do well. So he is starting over again and going to take over and make all the decisions about product purchases and left me with all the creative work, but that seemed to stress me out from his point of view so he just took over. We are not living together right now, he still lives with his parents and I still live with mine.

what do you mean by real estate in terms of a career? fashion manufacturing I don't think I would be good at.

"The Dog, which is based in your relationship pillar, have declining yin metal, which means your husband is not good with money. "

does that mean if he has metal or water in his chart that I will absorb it? right now he is not good with money but he's trying to get better.

pleasssseeeee help  :'( :'( :'( :'(

@Graphene opps tagged the wrong person, it was suppose to be you

@baziindublin, I've actually got to know him for 2 years sleeping  together but I. Met him over 4 years ago and we started dating recently..

The rich guy is far away.. And I wouldn't be able to see him.. Plus I've loved the poor guy for so long. He just didn't show any emotions until recently because he's been cheated on before..

I studied in fashion business, but finding a career in that is hard. Is there a way to make my future better?

I have been living at home all this time. When is my life suppose to get better?

I would have to work in a office if I depend on myself. Or an assistant, I was getting paid decent money before like 50,000 year, but I haven't work for over two years.

Does my chart tell me when I am supposed to get married though? Or have kids?

I read somewhere you can balance your chart out to make it better? Is that possible for me? Can my boyfriends chart balance mine? What would I need to look for to balance? More wood, water, earth, fire?  :'( :'( :'(


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