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1. When we had ZWDS chart ready, please make sure that:
1) The 30 stars are listed.
2) All the “Life Si-Hua” are listed.
3) All the “Self-Hua” are listed.
4) All the “Hua to Opposite” are listed.

Note: You can download the free “aoefengshui Flying Star Zi Wei Dou Shu Calculator” with “30 Stars”, “Life Si-Hua”, “Self-Si-Hua” and “Hua to Opposite” in here:

2. Look at the meaning of “Stars at Life Self-Palace”.

Note: The meaning of “Stars at Life Self-Palace”: Page 124 - 255,  “aoefengshui ZWDS Foundation Course”.

3. Look at the meaning of “Single Life Si-Hua at Life Level Palaces” (without Self-Hua or Hua to Opposite).

Note: The meaning of “Single Life Si-Hua at 12 Life Level Palaces”: Page 67 - 95, “aoefengshui ZWDS Foundation Course”.
4. Look at the “Double Life Si-Hua at Life Level Palace” (without Self-Hua or Hua to Opposite).

Note: The meaning of “Double Life Si-Hua” from People, Career and Wealth points of view: Page 117 - 124, “aoefengshui ZWDS Foundation Course”.

5. Pick the relevant Life/Decade/Year/Month Palaces to read further with the methods and techniques of Flying, Self Hua, Hua to Opposite, Chart Balance, Vibrations, Cause/Consequence, Karma and He-Tu/Luo-Shu Applications etc.

Note: The “Flying Star Concepts & Principles”: Page 96 - 116, “aoefengshui ZWDS Foundation Course”. And we will study all other methods and techniques at “aoefengshui ZWDS Advanced Course”.

Miscellaneous casual talks / Re: How to be a good fortune teller?
« on: August 01, 2018, 09:07:45 PM »
Hello @windwheel  ,

As people with same chart would go into different ways, I won’t read the future without background info. Anyway sometimes we might be able to find the “Tai-Ji” point ---- which is the way we look at the chart ----- by a simple question from client. 



Miscellaneous casual talks / Re: How to be a good fortune teller?
« on: August 01, 2018, 10:43:28 AM »
Hello @windwheel , Hello ALL ,

A few thoughts on this topic:

1. We can generate many ZWDS charts with ZWDS software, but the chart is "useless” unless someone with this chart came to us. This person borrowed this chart.
2. A good fortuneteller will combine the objective rational analysis with the subjective perception. From ZWDS point of view, the objective rational analysis includes Life Si-Hua, Palaces, Si-Hua Group, Flying Si-Hua, Self-Hua and Chart Balance ... etc. For the subjective perception, we need to set up some special points at the ZWDS charts according to the personal circumstance ---- with our extensive knowledge and experience in different areas.

3. We can also deal with the karma issues from ZWDS system for better understanding.



Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) 紫微斗数 / Re: marriage year
« on: July 28, 2018, 08:34:44 PM »
Hi @wastedlove  ,

I understand what you mean. From ZWDS point of view, you might need to go through a very difficult time during the decade with Zuo-Fu. Anyway I wish you good luck in everything.



Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) 紫微斗数 / Re: marriage year
« on: July 28, 2018, 07:34:10 AM »
Hello @wastedlove  ,

Thanks for your feedback.

"Decade 25-34" is not easy for you ---- as  Decade Self-Palace Ji to Opposite with Zuo-Fu --- which is the Karma star. Just take it easy for everything and lower your expectations, the happiness will come to you in the end.




aoefengshui Reviews And Ratings / Re: Master Tony reading review
« on: July 12, 2018, 08:07:37 AM »
Thank you for your review and good luck in all that comes your way in the future.

Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) 紫微斗数 / Re: Monthly chart calculations
« on: July 10, 2018, 08:14:58 AM »
Adding the following from one of Master aoefengshui's threads. Results similar to (3)

For month:
1. Find out which palace goes into Yin location (Di Zhi), for example Children Palace into Yin (Di Zhi) at ZWDS chart.
2. Find out Year location.
3. Find out Year Children Palace
4. The Year Children Palace will be the first month (Lunar calendar) of the year.
5. Clockwise to work out the other lunar months.

Could you or anyone explain what is Di Zhi and How to find out. Thank you very much.

Hello @Veron ,

Di Zhi = Earthly Branches.



Hello @momo ,

I have been studying many ZWDS charts just like yours for many years.

From Health and Happiness point of view:

1. Decade 43-52 Health-Palace “Tian-Ji Hua-Ji to Opposite” and ‘Tian-Ji” from health point of view ------ easy to be scared and weak on the nervous system. And Year 2018 Self-Palace went into Decade 43-52 Health-Palace ------ 2018 will be the impacted year.
2. Life Happiness-Palace clashed Life Self-Palace and Decade 43-52 Happiness-palace sent Hua-Ji into Life Happiness-Palace.

3. Zuo-Fu at Life Health-Palace ……

From Marriage/Relationship point of view:
Decade 43-52 Spouse-Palace clashed Life Self-Palace.

From Year point of view:

Year 2018 Self-Palace sent Hua-Ji to Opposite.

Light at the end of the tunnel:

1. The general luck of Year 2019 is much better than 2018.

2. “Decade 53-62 Happiness-Palace sent Hua-Ke into Life Happiness-Palace” ---- You will be very happy for the decade of 53-62.

3. “Decade 53-62 Health NO Self-Ji, No Ji to Opposite, No clashing Life Health-palace and NO clashing Life Self-Palace” ------ Your health will be in a very good condition next decade.

4. “Zuo-Fu at Health and You-Bi at Children”: Change your thoughts and you will gain on the Children issues. Please wait for a few more months for detailed suggestions from my research project which related with the Karma issues. 

5. For now: “Change your thoughts and you change your world” ----- Get some religion supports if possible, and/or discuss your issues with us in here.

All the Best and You Are Not Alone!


Miscellaneous / Re: Depression
« on: July 03, 2018, 11:13:31 AM »

in tsunami disaster prevention, we have tsunami early warning system. In your project, does it behave like depression early warning system according to our birth chart?

Hello @Administrator , my current concern is to help people get rid of depressive symptoms. Of course "preventing depression" will be a new valuable research direction.

Miscellaneous / Re: Depression
« on: July 03, 2018, 10:47:14 AM »
Spent most of my time at “ZWDS & Depression” project and followed up more than 20 depression cases these days, I found the following signs of depression from ZWDS chart:

1. Life Self-Palace Self Hua-Ji or Ji to Opposite;
2. The relevant issues from Happiness-Palace;
3. The relevant issues from Health-Palace;
4. The relevant issues from Karma Stars (Zuo-Fu, You-Bi, Wen-Chang, Wen-Qu);

Along with a Psychologist who had more than 30 years experience, I am designing the personalized packages according to individual ZWDS charts at this stage. The good news is 2 of 5 patients who joined our project 3 months ago are able to get rid of the depression gradually. We will continue to follow them up closely.     

For patients with severe signs of depression, they should first receive medical treatment from a professional doctor. When depressive symptoms can be controlled, for example they can calm down to listen, or for the people with slightly depressed signs, our project may help relieve the symptoms.

I hope that the “ZWDS & Depression" project will come with the initial results in next 6 to 12 months.

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I've had interest in ZWDS for quite some time now but I need some help on my chart.

date of birth: 7/24/1998
time of birth: 10:20am
gender: female

This decade (10 years) have been very unstable and even depressing at times with Tian Ji Hua Ji. I know my next decade is coming up soon with Po Jun Hua Quan so I'd like to ask for help to see how luck is in the next decade (10 years)? Is Po Jun going to be better even though it's a unstable star like Tian Ji? I feel things are getting better but I need more insight. Thanks everyone.

Hello @ml321 ,

Decade (12-21) Self-Palace with "Life Hua-Ji, Self Hua-Lu and Quan to opposite"  ---- a bad decade from general point of view.

Decade (22-31)  Self-Palace with "Self Hua-Quan and Lu to Opposite" ----- things will be much better in the new decade.




I also read your analysis about Princess Diana case. Her death and same chart to me.

Double Life Si-Hua with Double Self-Hua

But she died and i came through ( year 2015 self palace went into opposite palace ).

2021 my year self palace will go into this " Double Life Si-Hua..."

Just waiting and prepare. Winter is coming :)

Thanks for your reading.

Hello @Antonio ,

The British Royal Family should come here often.  :)  Anyway you will be well prepared and just go for a detailed monthly reading for those important years, everything will be fine. 



Hello @Antonio ,

For “depressed”:
1. At advanced ZWDS level, “Decade (22-31) Self-Palace Life Hua-Lu with Self Hua-Lu which is Lu-Out”.
2. When Decade Self-Palace “Lu-Out”, it will bring any other decade palaces with Self Hua-Lu “Out” as well.
3. Decade (22-31) Happiness-Palace with Self Hua-Lu, so it’s also “Lu-Out” in this case.
4. Happiness-Palace ‘Lu-Out” is not a good sign for Happiness related issues, it might be the reason for depression in this decade.       

For “jobless”:
1. Decade (22-31) Career-Palace clashed Life Career-Palace” – not a good sign from career point of view in this decade.
2. Decade (32-41) Career-Palace Flying Lu-Quan shines Life Career-palace, it’s a very good sign for your career development after 31. 

For “weak health”:
1. Year 2018 Self-Palace with Ji to Opposite and Life Hua-Ji located at the one of the 6 external palaces, I guess you would feel kind of "not smooth" for everything this year.
2. Year 2019 Self-Palace Flying-Ke into Life Self-Palace with Self Hua-Lu, things will be much better next year from year point of view.

For “suicidal thoughts”:
1. The professional medical treatment is suggested in serious condition.
2. When your condition is getting better, or for the others with mild depression symptoms, we can work out in other easy ways according to the ZWDS chart – which related with my current “ZWDS and Depression” project.
Make sure you talk about your feelings with someone you can trust, and go outside to have some fresh air all the time.

We do have many fully recovered depression cases and I will also try to speed up my project.



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