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He should simply transfer the money on bank instead of taking out the whole cash by himself, the robber already know he taking a lot of money from bank and alone

in the chart we can see fire gang in month and year gang up attacking the day pillar ,which 7k and also without control.

Someone who is younger and from abroad

Good luck

I am sorry, but what does that mean? Does my chart says I should date someone older than me?

No i mean the one who gonna be your spouse is someone from far away and will be younger than you

Someone who is younger and from abroad

Good luck

JLIM: "a person who is either good-looking or has good affinity with ladies.  "

~~ yes ~~ this is right not only now.  But, also in his much younger days he has charm with women, is never shortage of ladies.  although i must say his apearance & look is ordinary.  I used to wonder because he has only one wealth elment, and Mao-Rabbit is not his Peach Blossom Star.  Now after you explain, i understand a litle more ~~   thumbs up, very aplicable Mangpai, as many times you have shown!

JLIM "First, there are signs of inauspicious marriage life in the natal chart.  More than two signs.  "

~~ INDEED! actually the wife killed in accident in year 2015 is not his first wife.  it was his seconde wife.  he separated with first wife, they didnot get along well at all.  sad mariage life .... ~~

J27945: "Should adopt cautious stance in investment and wealth management too. "  i will pass him this tip.  although his main concern is mariage or love at current moment

Interesting , then the first wife should represented with chen , the 2nd who died represented by the xin chour in hour pillar. The first wife age should not differ much from him , come from far away place.

puppylove said that for marriage it need to connect to the day pillar either day stem or day branch , but the xin chou only connected trough clash by ding from day stem and it still counted as spouse star. So there are 2 spouse star in chart the xin chou hp and chen. Both already pass by, there also chou in month which differ from the hour but this does not connect to the day pillar.

i said spouse palace which is the branch of day.  i wasn't talking about spouse star.  2015 is wood heaven but the branch is earth which is not good as it weaken his already weak fire.  Combination don't make another element. It's just combine making a strong element.  it takes 3 combine not 2. It will make the wood stronger in the chart. it don't make extra wood.  the missing branch is pig.   pig, rabbit, goat combine for wood.  combine means attraction and harmony.  it can be good or bad depending on if he need those elements.  It combine take away his needed element it make his self element worse.  also depend on where the element is located.  since mao is in the spouse palace  it will affect the wife.  It is possible that the combine took away the wife as that mao in day branch was very needed. for him. So instead of feeding or supporting the self, it was taken away by the combine. 

Was it during a metal month,day? rooster(clash with mao)? monkey?  metal could of also attack the wood spouse palace for further infliction.

Above post is for correcting my reply in 2nd post as i tough chen was the spouse star after elegant give the new info

@elegant is your cousin involved in the accident?

1. Wiafe age is not much differ from him?

2. The marriage is not harmonious , have turmoil and quarrelsome?

wife born in 1971, he was born 1965 (1964 chinese year), so differ by 7 year
marriage is just okay

j27945 "Lost wife few years ago. Means in 2012 or 2015 ?"  yes you are right, 2015 wife is killed in an accident

fengshuiartisst "Wood element days,month,yr would help his luck. "  but 2015 is yi-wei, so it's wood element, and wei-mao is wood combo

i see ,  i tought chen was the spouse star as it's the only one who connect to day branch but looking at the info this means the spouse star is xin chou in hour pillar

I do use bazi-calculator (see attached) and even with adjustment (GMT+8 and Singapore's longitude), I get Yi-Si hour, not Ren-Yin. I wonder what parameters you used that I might miss?

Anyway, her father is Geng in year stem and You hour (unadjusted version) is also the same element so You is also her father. Mao in day branch would be her mother. You clash Mao - that is one image. Year branch (father) and month branch (mother), Zi and Wu clash, that is second image. Zi in month (family influence) is involved in punishment with day branch, that's third image. So three same images pretty much confirm her thinking is very much influenced by her family and that is her mother and father's less than harmonious relationship. Therefore I have no reason to doubt my original analysis and hence I don't doubt the hour too.


My bad , i put 05:15 instead of 17:15  in hour

Hi , vng78

using i got Ren Yi as hour pillar

@mellybau, you meant Ren Yin hour? Yin hour would be 3-4am (adjusted), colourrun's birth hour is 5:15pm so it can't be Yin hour. I think you might have confused the pm with am.

Can you post the chart you got here?


It adjusted with gmt and longitude, do you ever try ?

@colourrun, I'm just a beginner (mangpai) so if you'd let me try to decode (also to help me learn and others to correct me).

   D         LP
己丁戊庚   丙   
酉卯子午   戌

First impression, your branches are all peach blossoms - typically indicates it is challenging in terms of relationship but never mind let's dive in.
子 represents your husband star so it is there. Children wise, you would have at least one if not two.

The question is if husband star is well controlled or not. If yes, the husband will be good to/for you. Your chart forms a fire team and 午 clash 子 (control),戊 sitting atop also controls 子. It seems to be well controlled. 卯子 punishment will annoy your relationship so this is to be expected. 子 having reasonably being controlled then having husband would generally be good.

Next question is if you would marry. Your spouse palace is 卯 (day branch) and this 卯 is being clashed by 酉 in hour branch so it means in your natal chart, 卯 is unavailable / not able to fulfill its role. This could explain why you do not feel positive about getting married.

戌 period (2013 - 2017), 戌 pierce (穿) 酉. This means 卯 was now available in that period. So what happens in 2012? 2012 is 壬辰 year. 壬 is your true spouse star and 丁 (yourself) want to combine with 壬 so you really liked this guy you met. The next question is, will this continue into a lasting relationship? 壬 sitting atop 辰 so 辰 is very strong. 辰 work together with 子 to clash 戌 so 戌 can no longer pierce 酉 and 酉 returns to clash 卯. At the same time, 辰 also pierce 卯 so the result is, this guy was not able to get into a relationship with you.

Next period 乙酉 (2018-2027), 乙 (2018-2022) is the arrival of spouse palace so your chance of getting married is very high. Year 2019 己亥, 亥 is also your true spouse star and also the arrival of 子. 子 then 破 酉 so 卯 becomes available. 亥 then combines with 卯. So I see you could likely get married in 2019.

Please remember I'm just a beginner.  :D


Hi , vng78

using i got Ren Yi as hour pillar

2014 should commit the rape as jia in indirect image/mind sit on wu represent dm in branch form this have harm eith spouse palace which represent Dm itself also it's mind/thinking . Also Chou is a tomb of wealth/girl this represent image of the dm harming girl also himself

ja2015 enter jail Weu can represent DM in earth form due to image sharing.  Jiao and mao which resource goes to wei thus wei closed and enter chen this represent Dm enter chen tomb because of resource/mind thinking

1. Wiafe age is not much differ from him?

2. The marriage is not harmonious , have turmoil and quarrelsome?


Hi Colourrun, it's the relationship in 2012 ended badly?

Hmmm. I would say yes. But I guess I wasn't the one hurt from it since I was the one who ended it.

you will get marriage and get child, but the relation won't be smooth due to PO

Dear Masters,

Need help to decode by Bazi/ZWDS.

2014/2015 has really been a tough year for me in terms of mental health and my career. My first job in 2014 caused me severe depression. I managed to find a new job in mid-2015 and has stayed since. However, I'm starting to feel like there is no hope of progression in my current job. Although I do find the work comfortable, I'm not sure if I should venture out.

As for love life, my last r/s was in 2012. To be honest, after looking at my parents' relationship, I have no intention to get married and I'd like to focus only on my career. Furthermore, I hate children.

So I'm wondering if there is any indication in my chart that I will remain single and childless? And if that is not the case, are there any ways to change it?


28 December 1990
5:15pm (Singapore Time)
Female born in Singapore

Really appreciate your help. Thank you in advance!

2014 Mao - Wu destruction , affecting the day branch with mao on it (resource) / mind , Wu represent DM working in career

2015 , yin and mao enter Wei. Wei punished by Xu (Wu in month stem )opened, harmed Zi (career)

Hi Colourrun, it's the relationship in 2012 ended badly?

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: My bazi
« on: May 15, 2017, 10:26:58 AM »
what do you want to ask about?

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