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Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Need help to read my chart
« on: October 15, 2018, 03:37:46 PM »
Hi hellokitty888, thank you for your advice. Hubby DOB 25/04/1974 Birth time 18 30 pm born in Kuching,Sarawak Malaysia. Thank you in advance too to all readers reading and replying to my posts

I have seen the chart but not to very detail... there is no problem at all I think, you and husband still in good period until 2026, so you will not be going down, and maybe if it is, so its not very deep... just plan it though and evaluate every possibilities and take benefit of every changes that happened...

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Need help to read my chart
« on: October 15, 2018, 01:19:43 PM »
The question that is constantly on our minds are we are thinking of going back to our hometown for good but not sure if we will make a comfortable living over there as it means starting over from scratch. Anyone has any advise on this?

The problem is not yours but if you think about a family, you must think about the head of family, your hubby. So to answer  your question as a family, its better if you give your husband chart to read by any masters here, moreover if you want to back to homeland.

For your chart the Yong Shen is water so when you walk in year of water you feel better, so in next year would be better for you than this year...


Resident is prefer over commercial. If you really want to get. Look like you are rushing into this decision.  Try to seek elders concurrence, to avoid gossip there after. The commercial one is clashing you, the residential one is depleting you. Although market look attractive valuation, Prefer you wait it out for now. Your palace not in optimal energy now. Also properties aside, take note of risky activity, risk of accident or injury.

2018, 13 Sept 12pm chart.
Thank Jovan.

About a choice, I prefer a commercial house right now than a new house. But in this situation, I believe this is a destiny's game, home and other big thing is a destiny for me to have... so if there is no destiny, than there will not have a mate

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Hi @hellokitty888

Buying property is serious and long term type of question, it need to tandem with fs and bazi. Currently i not answering this type of question but if can narrow the scope e.g you saw a townhouse and asking my opinion towards it, i will answer it.

I use qmdj, if you interest can start with english book like joey or calvin. About how, i dunno how to explain, all english book just give raw material and the basic, you may need to figure out the system by your self. But here are some tip :

1. need creativity and wide picture like playing GO. Because the analysis jump from a palace to palace. Each palace have their own advantage and weakness, this also connect each other. Depend on the purpose you can maximize the component as your advantage. Then you grab all the image together become a paint. That's why you need to guess many details to get this paint. More detail are better. This is first stage : interpretation.

2. For me the highest level of qmdj not in interpretation, but in strategy. We may need the knowledge of ancient art of war like sun zi bing fa, huang shi gong, lao tzu, etc.

For example : zhen vs dui palace where self and outcome palace meet with all unfavorable element. The image here is direct and hard war. Normally we would suggest to not action. This is interpretation stage. Then this is a dead end. Full stop.

In strategy level entirely different. This kind of chart, i can also see this as something good. When we strengthen left side, then right side become weaker, you can attack from the right. When enemy try to strengthen all 4 side, all of 4 side become weaker. You can divide troops into 2 big troops and focusing 2 strongest side from enemy first.

A story of sun bin, a minister asking sun bin advice how to win horse race because he always lose from the king. Sun bin looked the pattern of previous match. The king always using the fastest horse in 1st round, the medium in 2nd round, and the slowest in 3rd round. So sun bin adviced the minister to use the slowest horse in first round, the fastest in 2nd round, the medium in 3rd round. Because the minister horse would never beat king horse if direct war. Then the minister won :)

So how is the application in real life, lets say zhen (self) vs dui (outcome) palace direct and brutal war. Kan palace and kun palace whom are their ally also no power. And then in li palace you see a hope. In li reside wu earth with teng shi snake. In the situation you have no choice unless move forward, you can take this as your ally. Lets say this li is your competitor palace, you can take conclusion your competitor orientation is money and a wicked one. So how to do? Become ally with them then divide the money to them. Then you get your goal. This is just a simple explanation, need to look all composition.

That's why qi men dun jia consider one of three highest and the most difficult art or art of the king. In qi men, everything is possible due to many variable inside.

Oh, okay... thank you Guhai.

I just caught uo about what you say about intuition, become interpretation, and maybe there is strategy to get conclusion.
Yeah its really hard to learn, you must really sharpen your intuition first... maybe emotion and mood must go away because if they involve so the conclusion will be a deviation in your conclusion...

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Dear fellow members.

Like the title, if you have any problem can ask here. Any question like : lost item, weather, the result of meeting or appointment, today can get sales or not, who will win the match.

I prefer to answer short term kind of question meaning the result can be known at the same day.

I open the thread not for show off so please don't misunderstood. In order to mastering qmdj, all of good books in chinese (i am so lazy to translate lol) all english book only provide raw material not really how to read.

So i need to figure it out by my self and practice. I am a very practical person and an autodidact learner, so far accuracy not stable sometimes pretty spot on, sometimes miss. So please take my opinion as another viewpoint or 2nd opinion.

I don't need your birthdate but i need your year HS.
Just year HS.

This is example if by chance you are a newcomer and don't know which is year HS

Yi      -Yi    -Jia     - Bing
Wu   - wu   -zi      -shen

When you ask question, i only need this BING or Year HS.
Please note i not reading your bazi at all, only qmdj.

And in this thread i would also welcome @j27945 or jovan or another qmdj user to assisting you. Have a nice day!

Hi Guhai, This is a new spectacular method to learn...

I want to ask can I buy a new commercial house in this year? If not, when I suppose to buy (what year).
What is better, buy a new house or a new commercial house for me?

My Year HS is Wu - Wu

I want to learn too, so how you know, what method you use to predict?


Yes, you are 100% correct, i thank you very very very much :) thats all i can say at this moment.......

OK i will try to discuss is with husband as your suggest, if he is okay and friend could do it on my behalf, i will give it 30% to charity for the books net income after tax as usual when i do biz also i just finished built KOI fish garden on south east nearby my vegetables ( i don't know for what but i just follow my intuition to build there and to work from there / southeast ) while my 1,000 catfish on Southwest to feed stray cats

Meanwhile yesterday i went out and saw hospital project of local government, i screamed to hubby see what i said since 2017 i asked you to set up small company to handle construction on the name of anyone ( as he is in government not allowed to do biz ) so i will the one negotiate with local gov and let others handle it before end of year or latest my intuition said 2018 on march register it , i don't know whether its good month or year to start ?

Is construction company is Yong Shen for me ? WU or JI is Yong Shen for me ? caused last time 2000 - 2002 i also did " earth / WU "biz to Vietnam, Singapore, Korea ( exporting in bulk / vessel charter above 10 - 20,000 mts once ship out ) but thats made me huge loss due leaved it to friends as well fire industry ( i supplied spare parts + oil ) to few airlines... huge loss due leave it to friends 1999 - 2001

Don't answer me in details, i still not yet reserve for consultation fee and don't want take you for granted , just tell me please whether my Yong Shen earth is WU or JI ? as WU = construction and JI = farming ? if JI means i must focus my target to buy land to do farming ( got inquiry from Greece actually to supply 20,000 tons per month to China but thats too much for me )

xie xie ni

Your welcome... I am very happy to see the words that you have your own plan next for your life.
Your Yongshen is earth, so whatever it is Wu or Jia it helps you. Earth helps to cover you from fire that attacks your own element.
For work or biz, you can choose whatever your most desire, Wu will support you big, but not always there for you, Jia will support you not too big, but it always there for you... and maybe you can take the two of that simultaneous, if you see the opportunity to get it... because the Wu and the Jia is not come together, so you can manage your way to take both of them while you walk in your life.

The key is manage... but because you are very exhausted, and you also an expression people (maybe this make you a sensitive women, that cannot hold for a fluctuated shock), so you must spare the job to others that can help you, just not to do anything by yourself, especially when biz grow to be big. You must let others do, and you just teach them what to do in right way. Example: People that can help you to do field job is your family that have age below your age, and husband maybe can help you to manage your cashflow.

Thats not very detail, but I hope it will help you. Goodluck!

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Please Help Read My Bazi
« on: September 04, 2018, 03:07:21 PM »

Saya punya teman dekat yang tgl lahirnya 9 agustus 1985, tapi entah kenapa saya gak yakin hubungan kami bakal lanjut sampai menikah, gak ada chemistry antara kami, setidaknya menurut saya.

Boleh berikan tanggal dan jam lahir u juga tanggal dan lahirnya dia?
tanpa jam lahir bisa, tetapi akan kurang akurat...


I sudden remember YOUR WORDS " my details could become a book " haha

This week one of my old friend, professor in one of National University contacted me, asked whether i interest to publish my speech for few years ( as a spiritual book guidance ) due whatever i said for years its happened , happening and also he felt its true showing the path for people
I MIND and said NO THANKS .... i said i am not good in written neither interest, IF i wanted i will write about my kitten, birds, fish , dogs hahaha
But he insisted that he will do it based on my speech , husband also said NO , DON'T, THAT'S SECRETS only for people whom " understand " the importance of the " inner "

Anyway i am enjoying the new job " farmer " hahaha... that also my niece would like to sell those veg i planted such caisim bokcoy etc :( caused " without chemical, no fertilizer, pure water and soil only = really 100% organic and its pricey " hiks.... i said NO, its only to people who wanted it ( to share with neighbors , friends, etc ) , niece's birthday 23.08.1989 at 10.10 pm ( JI SI, REN SHEN, YI MAO, DING HAI ) clash also HAI AND SI ( lazy girl and lack confidence and too much analyzing think think and think and not dare to execute , i must kick her butt all the times for 7 years and now she is much better haha )

Also brother visited me and chit chat, i told there is culture in china too to count birth dates like ours, he said " if i am not wrong you were born on South hour ( ren wu ? clash with my geng zi ? ) coz it was Christmas day and mom had to wait the doctors finished their mass due its Catholic Hospital , me and ma ( nanny ) went to hospital about 1 PM you might born 11 or 12 ... wew.... hahaha i don't bother any hour or day, most important is i am happy seeing my black orchids ( rare orchid from Papua ) and other rare orchids keep blooming

As your element need.. as like I write before, Your Yong Shen is earth element, so you good in earth things... like become a farmer... it is good for you. But there no matter if you can earn money from other things, books thing is actually not your interest, but it doesn't hurt... so maybe your spiritual experience can helps others, and help you to earn more money... it doesn't hurt anybody...

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Hi friends!

I have been told that I don't have many wealth elements in my chart. Am I interpreting my chart correctly - Do I have Cai Guan Yin in my chart?

April 29th, 1987 19:35 Toronto, Canada Female
My Natal chart has the following: IW, 7K, DR

I'm guessing my birth hour should fall under Ren Xu without time adjustment because my personality fits [friend, Direct Officer, 7 Killing] instead of [seven killing, direct officer, friend].

Some say I'm a Strong earth and some say I am a weak earth day master because of the following:
Earth in Spring Season
Heavenly stem: Ding fire + Ren Water = Wood
Partial Water frame: Shen + Chen EB = Water
Partial Spring three directional: Mao + Chen = Wood

I'm curious to see what the community thinks... Could someone be both?

Yes, I agree with Guhai... your chart have good arangement. like cgy... but you are a strong earth, your element is strong because your earth is born in earth season (change season from spring to summer)... so your are not cgy.

And whoever you are, CYG or not... as my opinion before with Guhai... is not about your Natal Chart, but also consider about your luck Chart... because many of people with good Natal Chart but have poor Luck Chart are also live miserable...

And I think if you are female, don't worry... because your luck is not depending yourself, but also depend on your husband chart.... so if you have spouse with good natal and luck chart, it will increase your life anyway...

mine can? although have all four punishments yin-si-shen-hai  ;D ;D ;D ;D

No, this chart is not cgy too... cgy doesn't have output and friend in heaven stem... and the other gods must exist

My Friend Cai Guan yin!!

Dob - 16 November 1983
Time - 6:00 am Kuching Malaysia

Male :P
:-\ that’s not CGY!

Yes, I agree... that is not CGY... no resources at all that can support him... he is exhausted and maybe not good in health... and the periods of life is not support him too.

Very true, i lived with aunt then with dad in our other house after aunt want to passed away in this house ( where i lived with dad after he retired from work in overseas where he came back home only once in a year for 1 month , dad worked in oil company since 1962 ren yin after fired from navy due accused made fault and he insisted he didnt and preferred jail comparing to admit faults he never made but navy then fired him, year 1960 geng zi , when mom pregnant my 1st bro )

I dont know whether i have good connection with opposite sex but mostly 90% my friends , colleagues , biz partners, are male ( perhaps caused i am boyish or my work mostly male )

Very true that my childhood could considered ugly due my health until my dad ever went to visited Buddhist temple and met chinese monk over there due worried whether i could walk again someday after metal injured and 6 months couldnt walk, the monk said that she will walk again and she is strong dont worry it will takes time ( i still remember dad carried me to temple and monk gave me candy hehehe ), that when i was about 4 years old
( i dont know why my dad brought me to Buddhist temple that time not Hinduism temple as he is Hinduism , maybe his consideration is distance ) , i dont know

Gui you ....
-   I expand and established trading company also small factory to built conblock factory for local demand, exporter for raw material construction in contract with Hyundai Korea also Vietnam ( earth ? ) but i leaved it to friends to take care, then..... money went to his pocket
-   Been too by chance i went vocation then met buyer from UK, i did export souvenirs handicrafts ( wood element ? ) for few containers and i leaved it to friends.... also just like that hahaha
-   Been tried act as supplier for raw materials for catering biz for executive trains and under contract and leaved it to friends.... also same story
-   Been supplied electricity tools and spare parts for power plant again leaved it to friends... same
-   Been imported for reckon laptop to help my Singapore friend but too bad her partner ( indonesian man ) cheated her, i was remind her dont trust that man i could feel he is going to cheat you , she said u also been cheated many times now why you bother he will cheat me ? i said i am different, i sometimes can feel when i will be cheat but dad ever told me not to have negative minds and if you have to be cheated then take it as pay karma caused you were born naked weak and have nothing and return must have nothing. She laughed caused confused i did biz but why now talking philosophy and also religious issue hahaha
-   Been established event organizer where that time not yet famous, and handle big clients , leaved it for friend , same story

Jia xu means i am about 17th ? i dont know whether thats good or not, but i started sold souvenirs to friends also did multi level marketing for import cosmetics and that time i earned minimum monthly comission about 1 million rupiah that time ( about year 1993 ) US dollar were only 2200 hahaha my dad called me rich little girl haha but money went to help everyone in needs caused i didnt need much ( i didnt like go out, eat outside or buy things ) but then got scholarship i concerned to study

Then i worked for Shipping company specialized in oil and gas projects also government projects, Boss is Singaporean owner / stake holders. As accountant, but my boss then shifted me to handle branch office , 6 months, he pulled me back to head office and i handled agencies and agreement issues. After that he back to Singapore and only came back once a month and leaved to company to me 1997.
1998 due Chinese sentiment then he didnt want to back to Indonesia and asked me to handle caused trusted me but i am not the boss, i still have 3 bosses in that company ( there is GM, Directors )  , this difficult situation for me so i resigned

1999 on September with ONLY USD. 7,000 ( that time currency reached 14,000 per 1 usd ) i started own company, everybody shocked, how dare ? i said i start from little. Dad wanted to supported me financially as its IMPOSSIBLE TO RUN COMPANY with ONLY that amount , he called me NAIVE
I said let me tried to stand on my own feet, gambling with my own small money, so if i failed i dont hurt anybody neither owe anybody which will make me stress
I used that money to rent office buy computer etc and did everything by my self, my target is within 3 months i must got client. I got. I offered contractual shipments for Reebok shoes. Imagine how i have to finance it and handle it by my self caused couldnt afford staffs hahahaha, crazy. But God helped me, i got credit from shipping companies, contract signed for 1 year exim sea and air with penalty. Again i was lucky i never delay my shipments never got penalty and contract keep running until 6 years then many other big clients such Europe clients ( Siemens, Sika, BASF, Holcim , Marubeni , etc )

I got bored 2002, had bf, banker, dutch, but i hate bank and never wanted to connect neither relation with any banks haha ( for me they are shark but wearing pretty masks .. my deepest apology if hurt anybody work in banking industry its just my point of views relating banks in my country ), so i decided broke up 2004 due stress with my company and i partnership 2005 in Singapore, our office in Raffless Place , again re unite with ex bf 2006 ( bing xu ) after i join china shipping , on october ( xu month ? ) he proposed me and i said no due i concern career to build again from zero

Ren shen... oh my... hahaha....
At year geng yin 2010 is ren shen already ? i lost mom , no job, no money , no property, nothing due i used my money to send mom to hospital until her remambrance 100 days. 2011 my sister ( geng xu ) divorced, her childrens lived with me. Imagine how we survive ? hahaha ohhh goshhh..... i really wondered how

2011 i said to God when cooking for them “ this is my last food, they have to go to school too, you / god must responsible with these childrens, its not my fault, they didnt want to be born like this ! “ , then sudden i got called that night from old client in India, asked whether i have suitable ship for his cargo ( chartering ). By luck again.... i got ship, china shipping, we dealt within 24 hours. Fixed and signed agreement on October ( xu again ? ) . The money enough to support our lives for 1 year and paid school matters

2014 i COULDNT WALK NEARLY 1 YEAR . Had medical checked, found nothing. Sudden i wanted to go somewhere , then lead to church. Got a black dog kept following me ( which actually difficult ot walk but i push my self i must strong ), i said to husband that boy tried to talk to us lets follow him, we turn back , true, this dog lead us to the very old house, empty one, sudden we heard puppies cried. That black dog dissapeared , one of them didnt want to back to his mom and cried wanted to follow me
After 3 months i prayed God if this illness caused my sins i hope you forgive me and let it become payment but if its not then you are the one can heal it. Sudden i could jump and jump at that time too til called husband with tears

2016 wow.... hahahaha god........
My husband cheated by his colleague and case on april 2016. I only prayed and said to god “ you know i have nothing and to whom now i have to talk and seek help ? do you still have loves for me ? “. Case over within 1 month but we had to pay huge amount

2016 if i am not wrong on july, i been interviewed by japan public company , their president came to interviewed me, but after talked i could feel this one rigid one, i dont like, hence i said incridible amount if he wanted to hired me which will turn him out hahaha, true
Not enough ? hahaha my mother in law and my husband’s sibling robbed my husband properties heritage. I said to him let them be, we will die without bring those things

2016 got accident , my left tight injured til waist , by metal, and still it pain until now but didn’t stopped me to climb MOUNT ARJUN ( 3400 meter ) with husband and nephew 

2018 on april got jewellery company ( diamond ) , hong kong company, contacted me, but my little cat i found on the street ( brown color ) said mommy don’t go. I rejected that job although i need job to send my niece to university someday but i let it god think and act where the money must come from hahaha , my brain not strong enough to think

So hellokitty.... if you think my life is smooth i laughed but happy , laughed caused it wasnt true but happy i could faced it with positive thoughts and didnt know how i still can survive with those stuffs and the problems solved peacefully

Wow... you can make your own life book with that story and became famous... or make a drama movie... don't forget me if you famous someday, hahaha. I guess you're a Baliness woman because your father has Hindu religion and you have access to foreign people.

I know you're strong... strong enough to still get walk although you suppose not to walk.
You want to flows your energy, but you don't have enough support, than merely the others need your support. I think you really have a good kind heart... it will be help you someday.

I just say not to worry about your future, just let it go like always, like you used to. You are in a right track just like your character and your life attitude. I don't think there will another drama in next periods, but who knows, let it just God prerogative. I still said that your Yong Shen is earth element, it balanced your whole element. Just like in this year is full of earth element, what do you feel this year?
But some obstacle have seen in front of you, especially in fire periods that you haven't go through. Just believe that God always help you, so always pray every day and do good things. But you have think balanced that you must do, act, and not just let god help you, you must also act first. Need money, so you must go work, decide the really necessary thing first, ang find anther way for other thing that not necessary. That's all that I can say... Good luck.

@tea... wow, you are really told me about your life, its interesting... you character and situation is uniq.

From bazi I can read that you almost a balance person, but only one that you don't have... earth element. Your energy flows to others a lot, but just little bit energy from others to you. You don't have mother, or else you you are cared for by other women, (your grandma and your aunty) it because you don't have earth element. Your father passed away too soon, is just because it is his life stage... so what you r told me is match corresponding with what I am read.

You have good connection with opposite sex, you will be married young or late married, and you've chose late married.

Still you are kid, you have pressure in your health, because your fire element, is clash with you... your fire element is strong because there is a big wood as the supply energy of fire, you are forged enough to be shape and have good character. But your shape metal hurt your gall bladder as well, and maybe hand and foot parts, in gui you period.
Gui make you lift up, clear, and so clever... so in that period you have good on career and biz. Gui also take your fire energy, thats how your own energy, metal energy is bigger. The bigger of you, your metal element make you sharper, so poison, that why clash your gall bladder.

I think even in Jia Xu is good moment for you, that your energy flows because earth element support you, that make you feel life. Earth element is a Yong Shen element for you.

In Ren Shen is not happen a lot, because Ren drown you, you are not shiny as gui period... and Shen make you dull with friend, and this is good not to harm your wood element. 2013 up, is year with fire element, if you not married 2013, maybe in 2014, 2015.

In next period, xin wei, I think ir okay... Xin and wei will support your element... fire is weekend but not weak as clash with gui or ren, your element is still balanced.  I think this period will be good.
But in next period of geng wu... you must consider that wu will harm you if it become bigger. I think this period you must be very careful with yourhealth.

That all what I am read from your bazi. I don't know if you know something else, like a whisper tell you will die in 5 years after this period.... but what I am saying is just what I look from your bazi. This info is just an alert for you to be careful.

After all, fate/destiny... death or alive is merely God prerogative... so I suggest you just live your life... enjoy whatever even that will happen, and pray a lot to God that you still have passion to live, passion to build happy family passion to raise your children...
Every body have the right to be happy, so reach it by your own way.

Rob wealth ( xin )  in hour pillar and wei is harm, doesnt it mean surgery and ji = cancer ? caused my mom passed away due cancer 2010 ( geng yin ) on nov ( hai month )

How about period of Jia Xu when you are 17-26 yrs age... what do you feel? Comparison with the other periods, (yi-hai, gui-you, ren-shen)... how about your health, about your money, about your familiy/friends...

I think earth period is merely a good period for you... just tell me more...

Dear masters, with my chart like this, is it means i am going to die in this luck pillar of xin wei ?
my birth chart : 25.12.1974 at 10.00 am ( + 7 gmt )

Many thanks and God bless you all here

Fate, soul mate, death, is the prerogative of God. Even a Master of Bazi has an ethic not to tell anybody when he died, except there is really necessary...

So, how do you know that in your period of xin wei, you are going to die? Although in bazi, what analysis that you found so that you think that you are going to die a several years again...?

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