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Very true, i lived with aunt then with dad in our other house after aunt want to passed away in this house ( where i lived with dad after he retired from work in overseas where he came back home only once in a year for 1 month , dad worked in oil company since 1962 ren yin after fired from navy due accused made fault and he insisted he didnt and preferred jail comparing to admit faults he never made but navy then fired him, year 1960 geng zi , when mom pregnant my 1st bro )

I dont know whether i have good connection with opposite sex but mostly 90% my friends , colleagues , biz partners, are male ( perhaps caused i am boyish or my work mostly male )

Very true that my childhood could considered ugly due my health until my dad ever went to visited Buddhist temple and met chinese monk over there due worried whether i could walk again someday after metal injured and 6 months couldnt walk, the monk said that she will walk again and she is strong dont worry it will takes time ( i still remember dad carried me to temple and monk gave me candy hehehe ), that when i was about 4 years old
( i dont know why my dad brought me to Buddhist temple that time not Hinduism temple as he is Hinduism , maybe his consideration is distance ) , i dont know

Gui you ....
-   I expand and established trading company also small factory to built conblock factory for local demand, exporter for raw material construction in contract with Hyundai Korea also Vietnam ( earth ? ) but i leaved it to friends to take care, then..... money went to his pocket
-   Been too by chance i went vocation then met buyer from UK, i did export souvenirs handicrafts ( wood element ? ) for few containers and i leaved it to friends.... also just like that hahaha
-   Been tried act as supplier for raw materials for catering biz for executive trains and under contract and leaved it to friends.... also same story
-   Been supplied electricity tools and spare parts for power plant again leaved it to friends... same
-   Been imported for reckon laptop to help my Singapore friend but too bad her partner ( indonesian man ) cheated her, i was remind her dont trust that man i could feel he is going to cheat you , she said u also been cheated many times now why you bother he will cheat me ? i said i am different, i sometimes can feel when i will be cheat but dad ever told me not to have negative minds and if you have to be cheated then take it as pay karma caused you were born naked weak and have nothing and return must have nothing. She laughed caused confused i did biz but why now talking philosophy and also religious issue hahaha
-   Been established event organizer where that time not yet famous, and handle big clients , leaved it for friend , same story

Jia xu means i am about 17th ? i dont know whether thats good or not, but i started sold souvenirs to friends also did multi level marketing for import cosmetics and that time i earned minimum monthly comission about 1 million rupiah that time ( about year 1993 ) US dollar were only 2200 hahaha my dad called me rich little girl haha but money went to help everyone in needs caused i didnt need much ( i didnt like go out, eat outside or buy things ) but then got scholarship i concerned to study

Then i worked for Shipping company specialized in oil and gas projects also government projects, Boss is Singaporean owner / stake holders. As accountant, but my boss then shifted me to handle branch office , 6 months, he pulled me back to head office and i handled agencies and agreement issues. After that he back to Singapore and only came back once a month and leaved to company to me 1997.
1998 due Chinese sentiment then he didnt want to back to Indonesia and asked me to handle caused trusted me but i am not the boss, i still have 3 bosses in that company ( there is GM, Directors )  , this difficult situation for me so i resigned

1999 on September with ONLY USD. 7,000 ( that time currency reached 14,000 per 1 usd ) i started own company, everybody shocked, how dare ? i said i start from little. Dad wanted to supported me financially as its IMPOSSIBLE TO RUN COMPANY with ONLY that amount , he called me NAIVE
I said let me tried to stand on my own feet, gambling with my own small money, so if i failed i dont hurt anybody neither owe anybody which will make me stress
I used that money to rent office buy computer etc and did everything by my self, my target is within 3 months i must got client. I got. I offered contractual shipments for Reebok shoes. Imagine how i have to finance it and handle it by my self caused couldnt afford staffs hahahaha, crazy. But God helped me, i got credit from shipping companies, contract signed for 1 year exim sea and air with penalty. Again i was lucky i never delay my shipments never got penalty and contract keep running until 6 years then many other big clients such Europe clients ( Siemens, Sika, BASF, Holcim , Marubeni , etc )

I got bored 2002, had bf, banker, dutch, but i hate bank and never wanted to connect neither relation with any banks haha ( for me they are shark but wearing pretty masks .. my deepest apology if hurt anybody work in banking industry its just my point of views relating banks in my country ), so i decided broke up 2004 due stress with my company and i partnership 2005 in Singapore, our office in Raffless Place , again re unite with ex bf 2006 ( bing xu ) after i join china shipping , on october ( xu month ? ) he proposed me and i said no due i concern career to build again from zero

Ren shen... oh my... hahaha....
At year geng yin 2010 is ren shen already ? i lost mom , no job, no money , no property, nothing due i used my money to send mom to hospital until her remambrance 100 days. 2011 my sister ( geng xu ) divorced, her childrens lived with me. Imagine how we survive ? hahaha ohhh goshhh..... i really wondered how

2011 i said to God when cooking for them “ this is my last food, they have to go to school too, you / god must responsible with these childrens, its not my fault, they didnt want to be born like this ! “ , then sudden i got called that night from old client in India, asked whether i have suitable ship for his cargo ( chartering ). By luck again.... i got ship, china shipping, we dealt within 24 hours. Fixed and signed agreement on October ( xu again ? ) . The money enough to support our lives for 1 year and paid school matters

2014 i COULDNT WALK NEARLY 1 YEAR . Had medical checked, found nothing. Sudden i wanted to go somewhere , then lead to church. Got a black dog kept following me ( which actually difficult ot walk but i push my self i must strong ), i said to husband that boy tried to talk to us lets follow him, we turn back , true, this dog lead us to the very old house, empty one, sudden we heard puppies cried. That black dog dissapeared , one of them didnt want to back to his mom and cried wanted to follow me
After 3 months i prayed God if this illness caused my sins i hope you forgive me and let it become payment but if its not then you are the one can heal it. Sudden i could jump and jump at that time too til called husband with tears

2016 wow.... hahahaha god........
My husband cheated by his colleague and case on april 2016. I only prayed and said to god “ you know i have nothing and to whom now i have to talk and seek help ? do you still have loves for me ? “. Case over within 1 month but we had to pay huge amount

2016 if i am not wrong on july, i been interviewed by japan public company , their president came to interviewed me, but after talked i could feel this one rigid one, i dont like, hence i said incridible amount if he wanted to hired me which will turn him out hahaha, true
Not enough ? hahaha my mother in law and my husband’s sibling robbed my husband properties heritage. I said to him let them be, we will die without bring those things

2016 got accident , my left tight injured til waist , by metal, and still it pain until now but didn’t stopped me to climb MOUNT ARJUN ( 3400 meter ) with husband and nephew 

2018 on april got jewellery company ( diamond ) , hong kong company, contacted me, but my little cat i found on the street ( brown color ) said mommy don’t go. I rejected that job although i need job to send my niece to university someday but i let it god think and act where the money must come from hahaha , my brain not strong enough to think

So hellokitty.... if you think my life is smooth i laughed but happy , laughed caused it wasnt true but happy i could faced it with positive thoughts and didnt know how i still can survive with those stuffs and the problems solved peacefully

Wow... you can make your own life book with that story and became famous... or make a drama movie... don't forget me if you famous someday, hahaha. I guess you're a Baliness woman because your father has Hindu religion and you have access to foreign people.

I know you're strong... strong enough to still get walk although you suppose not to walk.
You want to flows your energy, but you don't have enough support, than merely the others need your support. I think you really have a good kind heart... it will be help you someday.

I just say not to worry about your future, just let it go like always, like you used to. You are in a right track just like your character and your life attitude. I don't think there will another drama in next periods, but who knows, let it just God prerogative. I still said that your Yong Shen is earth element, it balanced your whole element. Just like in this year is full of earth element, what do you feel this year?
But some obstacle have seen in front of you, especially in fire periods that you haven't go through. Just believe that God always help you, so always pray every day and do good things. But you have think balanced that you must do, act, and not just let god help you, you must also act first. Need money, so you must go work, decide the really necessary thing first, ang find anther way for other thing that not necessary. That's all that I can say... Good luck.

@tea... wow, you are really told me about your life, its interesting... you character and situation is uniq.

From bazi I can read that you almost a balance person, but only one that you don't have... earth element. Your energy flows to others a lot, but just little bit energy from others to you. You don't have mother, or else you you are cared for by other women, (your grandma and your aunty) it because you don't have earth element. Your father passed away too soon, is just because it is his life stage... so what you r told me is match corresponding with what I am read.

You have good connection with opposite sex, you will be married young or late married, and you've chose late married.

Still you are kid, you have pressure in your health, because your fire element, is clash with you... your fire element is strong because there is a big wood as the supply energy of fire, you are forged enough to be shape and have good character. But your shape metal hurt your gall bladder as well, and maybe hand and foot parts, in gui you period.
Gui make you lift up, clear, and so clever... so in that period you have good on career and biz. Gui also take your fire energy, thats how your own energy, metal energy is bigger. The bigger of you, your metal element make you sharper, so poison, that why clash your gall bladder.

I think even in Jia Xu is good moment for you, that your energy flows because earth element support you, that make you feel life. Earth element is a Yong Shen element for you.

In Ren Shen is not happen a lot, because Ren drown you, you are not shiny as gui period... and Shen make you dull with friend, and this is good not to harm your wood element. 2013 up, is year with fire element, if you not married 2013, maybe in 2014, 2015.

In next period, xin wei, I think ir okay... Xin and wei will support your element... fire is weekend but not weak as clash with gui or ren, your element is still balanced.  I think this period will be good.
But in next period of geng wu... you must consider that wu will harm you if it become bigger. I think this period you must be very careful with yourhealth.

That all what I am read from your bazi. I don't know if you know something else, like a whisper tell you will die in 5 years after this period.... but what I am saying is just what I look from your bazi. This info is just an alert for you to be careful.

After all, fate/destiny... death or alive is merely God prerogative... so I suggest you just live your life... enjoy whatever even that will happen, and pray a lot to God that you still have passion to live, passion to build happy family passion to raise your children...
Every body have the right to be happy, so reach it by your own way.

Rob wealth ( xin )  in hour pillar and wei is harm, doesnt it mean surgery and ji = cancer ? caused my mom passed away due cancer 2010 ( geng yin ) on nov ( hai month )

How about period of Jia Xu when you are 17-26 yrs age... what do you feel? Comparison with the other periods, (yi-hai, gui-you, ren-shen)... how about your health, about your money, about your familiy/friends...

I think earth period is merely a good period for you... just tell me more...

Dear masters, with my chart like this, is it means i am going to die in this luck pillar of xin wei ?
my birth chart : 25.12.1974 at 10.00 am ( + 7 gmt )

Many thanks and God bless you all here

Fate, soul mate, death, is the prerogative of God. Even a Master of Bazi has an ethic not to tell anybody when he died, except there is really necessary...

So, how do you know that in your period of xin wei, you are going to die? Although in bazi, what analysis that you found so that you think that you are going to die a several years again...?

I think the metaphysic explanation has done by Talib, but I just want to give you suggestion...

A married person, its like you got the mandate from the holy god to take care your spouse whatever the situation, and you hand over the responsibility back to god when you died. So, the word when we marriage is " until the dead do as part".
Meanwhile parents, is the person that growing you up and they love you and give you anything that you need that they can afford.

When you married, you have responsibility to build your own family, so I think your parents don't be jealous with your spouse, cause you are still his kid and they are still your parents whatever condition, and there is no ex-parents or ex-son, they blood flows in your body, you are they son.

So if there is conflict between your parents and your wife, so you must be in your wife side... this is true. my Pastor and others said this is the best choice to save your family.

With the conflict, I think its better for you and your small family (wife and kids if you have), and your parents not to life in one house, because there is different perspective about how to build family, you and your parents life in different era, and it will be has different way to solve anything matter in house... its trigger conflict situation for you.
As a man, you have to go out, life in your own house, raise kids with your wife, on your own way... not in your parents way.

The conflict will be decreased if you decide to go out and move to your own house. Conflict with your parents also decreased by time, because its your decision, the reason is how a shame gentleman if you just stay in your parents home, you must show how gentleman you are that you can success and have your own house, make your own rule, and grow up your children with your own courage... thats a real man can do.

I just give you suggestion about what I have seen in my life, my study about persons' characters, education from school, church, and also my experience as a man that go out from my parents house after I married and make my own living with my family.

Miscellaneous casual talks / Re: Accepting fate?
« on: April 27, 2018, 12:27:44 PM »

Fate, it is just the way it is...
when you choose, when you fight, fate always bring you back in the way.
there are only two option: keep the fight or accept it.
The objective are you want to be a good one or a bad one, to be good you must follow principles of life, life ethics, ancestral discourse... just follow and you'll be safe, there will be tranquility. To be bad, you ruining everything, destroying relationships, destroying things, ruining your own mind, its not following the ancestral discourse.

Life is not just about money or position, if you have dream to achieve, do not back down, but not too ambitious, just follow the flow, in some point you will achieve. Do not give up as long as it's good, give the spirit to the husband is one of the good thing, do not give up.
There are a lot of ways to be happy, not just to have whatever you want, but you can maximise the useful of what you have now. it does not matter if you do it yourself better than your spouse, do not listen to others, especially from facebook.
To be happy is start from what you think, if you think positive, you think you alright, you think you are a happy woman, so it is going to be true. No more important than happiness with the family, you will gradually realize it somehow.

How about the answer...?

I have calculated again and may analysis still the same? Maybe you can give clue, little by little....

1. Clash in the hour of Si-You-Chou and Hai-Mao-Wei - Matter is about money/wife

2. Lost money/big spending for parents matter

3. Get involve with friends matter that cause lost money (for legal case)

Hi, Aminkuda,

Can you see is there any kong wang in his chart?  I cannot calculate now, so any info can be useful I think

[Hidden post: You need login to forum to see it.]

no correct answers so far

just globally guess or specific event? this is about himself or included his family?

must be three of them correct, right?

so this is really wild guessing, huh?   ??? :o

There are 2 forces in this chart, earth and wood that maintain the balance. There is no water in stem and branch, so this is really dry chart. Metal is the Yong shen of the chart, along with water exists in the beginning periods, those are good period for him. In this period of Jia Xu, there is no longer Metal and Water. Xu is combine with Yin and Wu become great fire. This is why in this period health is the main issue.

If health is not the correct answer, so my predict is about career/wealth.

My guess is:
2013 Nov 13, increasing wealth from unpredictable event, lottery as example.
2014 Jan 12, another increasing wealth event
2014 Sep 24, loss his wealth because legal issue

since this is guess guess guess advanced edition I decided not to provide any hint. I only respond when there are correct answers. Feel free to use this guess to test your teachers. Remember to post your teacher answers here. So far no one gave correct answers.

Teachers... I don't have any....   ??? :(

But this is interesting...

My question here, there are many possibilities about what happens to a person at a time or a period, which may also occur because of previous events of the steps taken, if the prediction is only conical at one time then the prediction accuracy will be very small, is it predictable without any hints?

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Spouse
« on: April 04, 2018, 01:41:52 PM »

have i ever offended you?  ??? what's with the 100 karmas?  :o

It mean only the old member that have that number of karma can see... it really confidential, haha.

my guess

2013 .. accident
2014 .. operation
2014.. recovery


2013 Disease found
2014 Operation
2014 Die

I think I am agree with this, I guess just like the same...

Let Me Guess (future events) / Re: Coco bazi Let Me Guess #1
« on: March 23, 2018, 03:22:59 PM »
@hellokitty888 which parts surprised you?

Primary school drop out, maybe because his era is very difficult in china and there is political pressure in there, is that correct?

Then after that point so the next periods will be...

I would like to see detailed analysis of any part of even from other members... and from you too @coco

[Hidden post: You need 2 posts to see it. You currently have 78. <font color="black">Join the paid subscription and see this hidden post now.</font>]

male, march 14, 1953 . 4 AM (Mainland China)

year month day hour > >
癸   乙   甲   丙   > >
巳   卯   子   寅
luck pillar, LP   甲寅   癸丑   壬子   辛亥   庚戌
age   3   13   23   33   43
LP starting   1956   1966   1976   1986   1996

Please guess this guy education level, occupation and major life events in 1997, 1990, 2000 and 2008?


Education: (B) primary school dropped out

Career: (A) farmer

Major event
1997(丁丑) >  (A) marriage + (H) newborn baby
1990(庚午) >  (C) death of love one (father)
2000(庚辰) >  (C) death of love one (mother)
2008(戊子) >  (C) death of love one (wife)

Wowww...  :o :o :o

why do you think this is happened by reading? is there bazi or zwds reader can tell me why?

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