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Master @

Oke noted
I just asked as above actually ( chen – chou )
But for pig and snake clash i tried to read element by element just i ever read in bazi article ( not to read the destiny = birth chart, has to separate it as its more complicated there is phase there is season there so much ) – perhaps those due elements battle

About chart structure hehe i far from that, i dont understand classification of chart etc – we dont classified chart we only classified from reincarnation ( perhaps different ) , so eg one will tend towards one as its they have affinity with that person due karmic / reincarnation things

About your words “ HOw could the chart be the same unless it's the same birthday and time.  NO matter how similar the chart is. The annual and 10 yr cycle will change the reading.  You can't generalize that one pillar is bad if there is some kind of clash or combine or punishment “

The above i found in bazi and vedic like clash or something. In my reading we never find any clash / battle. All have purposes all can be used ( i mean the element if it said as element ) , we only focus on “ remedy “ of the chart whole ( non DM only ) as the person born has parents / ancestors ( year, month in bazi ? ) , eg bing and ren clash or south and north. In my reading formula we never mentioned that as clash but growing ( east ) to create ( bing ) to lead ( west ) to taking care / nurse ( north ). So there never mentioned battle , everything harmony everything support each other and only which one excess , example if fire ( anger , lust ) too much then controlled it. Something like that. We never said to balance it but to harmonize it each other

We never said the similar birth date might equal will similar fate. Why ? there is formula very details that each person is different, unique, nobody same. Has to find the “ black hole “ which make it different although same bod through complicated formula

What i said above that particular day born is yes, there is like that ( there some people read through day of birth ) , but dont imagine what i mean is similar with day born ( day master in bazi) , those who used day pillar in our culture is which called as birth date is not just day master itself but the season too , season of person born effect stronger by which one, very complicated. So just cant say eg my day bing shen then easily to get depressed lol no. Depends on season i born depends on helper / benefits stars / rahsi ( yong shen ? )

So, to say a DM in my calculation its quite different with DM in bazi , where repeat of DM ( fu yin ) in day pillar for us is taken 210 days ( eg i am born in bing shen, so i will meet my day pillar bing shen in this year on next year ) another 210 days. Whilst the small fu yin is on 35 days

As well for month pillar , eg bing shen month, so the repeat ( fu yin would be how many years in my calculator ) since the repeat day already 210 days ( birth day celebration if in western )

I hope its clear now


Oke may be its out of topic but also related in bazi things but related with what i said that our calendar is related to spiritual so the reading so

The photo below is what we doing ( offerring ) when our birth day ( DM ) appear within 35 days ( repeating day master )
Each offerrings is different depends on your birth day ( DM )
The below sample for person with GUI AND DING in his chart ( if its in bazi ) – thats my interpretation based on our calendar
To what ? to open inner eyes ( third eyes in Hinduism )
Why kind of such flower ( particular flower, not the same flower ) ? its flower of “ Loving and Kindness and be quiet “, means the one has to explore sincerity in loving towards kindness to anyone and be quiet in every situation ( that offerring just to remind us ) and seek the guidance from Sang Hyang ( God / creator ) – to be the hand of the reflection of God’s light ( Imago Dei ? )
Why there is porridge white and red ? mankind physical / body contained bone and blood
Why porridge ? arent we weak just like a porridge ?
Why plain water ? in creature of God consisted 70% of water ( be it human, animal ) – thats why the glass not fully and in white / plain water
And so many other more


I called master to anyone here as respect as i really know what is bazi from here not even have any bazi book , i found this website due fengshui things and people talked about bazi so i read
You much better as has book to reads so still i could call you master ( knower than me ), whilst i am here just the coincidence due fengshui and i was just click click the button then reads then ooh there is calculation of fate too like us ( Java ) oke let me see. And i found some of them similar, also Indian. Only the way to read is my culture too spinning lol ( manual , energy, formulas, etc )

And i more like it as many good people in here, so i enjoy for few years already, like find brotherhood something like that for me

Yes, scorpio
Yes from scorpio – aries towards how many planets
Yes we counting lunar – errr i dont know what it means lilith , if Rahu that i heard it used for Balinese calendar as they are Hinduism

Yes the history in old puppets ( dont get it wrong with young puppets ), gamelan. Each puppet has symbols and each gamelan sound has meaning ( history ) through code of the sound
I dont know if its before or after great floods ( as scientist through test of the age of building also still couldnt match with histories etc ) – but it said spreading to Africa too ( arabia now ? ) i dont have idea non learn old world geography etc ( not my fated )

Yes we older than Hinduism thats why we called Sang Hyang and didnt know Rahu / Ketu ( perhaps other name but not lilith too ) but thats ( Rahu / Ketu is in Balinese not in Java as Di Hyang or Deva Nagari or Land of the God / Sang Hyang = Di Hyang ( until now we mentioned our ethnic as “ Di hyang / tiyang jawi = son of God ) in all conversation and its agreed by anyone in our country due we speaked refined language ( there are 3 languages degrees in javanese ) but also speak bahasa ( national language ), why not chosen javanese language as national language ? due the difficulties for other islands or ethnics to learn it ( could take thousand years perhaps as its not just language, must know situation who we facing, place, ranks, rahsa / feelings but feelings here through tests of life , etc )

I already guessed it if i tell then everyone confused whilst i dont have suitable knowledge in astronomy also alstrology to explain ( thats why i zipped mouth as i worried i also wrong in explain that complicated one due its full symbolism and codes )

Yes 35 days in a month
30 seasons
12 months
354 – 355 days in a year
Yes western calendar 365 but our family calendar are NOT, a year 354 – 355 days

No thats not Indonesia calendar ( for first calendar ) for 2nd calendar its Javanese moslem calendar ( adjust with Islamic calendar for purpose of moslem festives in java by King )
Thats Royal Family calendar. Indonesia has President, Java has 3 Kings so the Kings rule his area which president neither parliament not allowed to disturb ( its in our constitution ) as originally Java were Kingdom not Republic
Its spiritual calendar for 3 Kings ( based on Javanese religion / belief )
For Javanese moslem we have own calendar as i sent photo above which based on our calculation
For National calendar the government perhaps just followed what western ( world ) government like any other nations and then used particulars day for national holidays something like that

Ohhh i got it now... you confuse with the day i mentioned as its luni solar calendar
While the calendar consisted each energy for days, seasons, outer , inner heres the calendar looked complicated adjust with cycle of nature ( movement of energy = seasons ) adjust with sun ( solar )

Learn this calendar must learn spiritual of Javanese belief other wise must learn history, language, sasthras , archeologist, astronomy, etc. Now history also many are miss matched. So thats why our government has constitution  for Java special to Let alone the King of Java as its already in constitution of nation, they have rights to issued things for their own family and area they rules, respect the constitution ( happened few times a man went to constitution to questioning Java King rule, but constitution refused as the man lived in area of Java King so the King has own rule which country could not touch )
So many people some joking that if Java been attack its gonna be world war lol

Oke i think its enough, you are clever i knew it, you have fated in astronomy i didt doubted it as i said in your article, you are talented to do astronomy thats what God given to you young man, so explore it ! tell the truth from what you ve found it with your own way, my bless to you ! Amen

Oh which you asked 35 lunar months ? no, thats days not month
We have 35 days in a month
30 seasons
12 months
Total days in 1 year is 354 – 355 days

Master @Hitsu

I dont know the name, we only said it our calendar ( we dont given our calendar a special name but also not to share neither teach it to other )
There are 3 royals family, each has own calendar to decide our own internal festive which is different among us although still from related blood too , but its oke still we have together as each has it own opinion and has it own basic history
But those all 3 used Scorpio as first calendar. Our calendar started from Scorpio. Passing how many planets ( each planets how many years travel ), which starts in that position. The calendar it said age over 17,000 years where our ancestor made calendar during difficulties how to built things from zero something like that ( the history is in puppets , but there are 2 puppets history , is it purva = very old ( first creation of earth ) and young wayang, where young wayang is spreading now and anyone mastered it from faculty or talent could play it ( which history from Ramayana, Mahabharata, Bharatayudha ), whilst the old one no, sacred ( the figures also different ) n  the puppetter difficult to play it due not allowed to any improvisation to avoid wrong history or playful with the story or so much no lol n must used real story which recorded in ancient book, as well the appearances of the wayang is different )

luopan is feng shui compass ? no its not fengshui compass, its without magnetic pole
So to use it just move in each position ( not automatic like fengshui compass the needle moved by itself )
To check the changing of the calendar in which date, hour something like that, its using real sun position as adjustment

LOL yea... indeed its very very complicated for me which have slow brain, thats why i said tedious for me to read someone's bod ( thank you very much for agreed that that stuff spinning my head ) hahaha

Outdated topics / Re: Guidelines to Forum Rules?
« on: September 22, 2020, 12:40:25 PM »
Indeed you were right Master @voglee

Perhaps as older generation we could self control which and which to avoid , but younger generation sometimes need rules that freedom does not equal to free to do anything - not even bother to think many people onto sufferings during pandemic and how the economy of country would be which effect the people living in under, also its keep spreading widely, etc

Perhaps also we are already in Li period - hence rebellion spreading , show off spreading, etc. Whilst this year is zi clash wu.
Will see whether next year would be better as chou kind silent but again if its in Li period its hurt for chou ( wu chou relationship )

Still i hope everybody have self control hence no need rules , seems compassion , sincerity and love so expensive today in our world

I am very very new in bazi, so everybody learned it before i called a master to respect as at least they learner than me things i am null
So dont worry master @tyc, do take it as it comes from my pure mind to respect

Fyi i also didnt know chinese at all, i was only read there is chen - chou statement, so i questioned that part only but after i re thinking then i revised my first opinion

Master @BillionaireboyLam talked about day master only as the above ( ren wu, gui si ) to analyze the strength as per Master @ArtofFugue written there ( topic ) - i couldnt understand those words. so basically please ignored my comment as it talked about day master not talked about chen chou

If snake see pig isnt it geng in snake will cut the jia in pig turn it to bing to support wu in snake and drain ren in pig ?

I dont know i just trying my effort as really new in bazi ( my basic knowledge about bazi only reading in here and just read discussion among masters, so this is the first time i trying to join into it to ask things )

Attached are season pictorial and adjustment calendar with moslem calendar in 15th C
We only wanted to live in harmony, we kept trying hard to control self to create harmony by we the ones adjust to anybody came in our land , to be a " sample ",  so " self control " for us is rule in daily life as we believed cakra manggilingan ( wheel turn )

Was sitting outside due raining ( to thankful for my prayed accepted by heaven that i wanted season back to previous = normal ) , i got this inspiration thinking in my mind
“ depending on the heaven about chen – chou , couldnt be read like that , must na yin there as consideration, the phase of each, whether in heaven destroy, support or combine = create new element, the result would be different “

So in this i REVISED my own statement above as chen – chou should be read / observe carefully

Perhaps master @tyc  need some explanation why based on day pillar strength only

I myself grasped your words master @BillionaireboyLam due its similar like our culture to read day master only based on season , eg : oh that one birth is under this batara with the energy of this in the season energy this this and not allowed this this
Something like that

Yes agreed with you master @ArtofFugue

Believe me or not that if after i read quick 1 chart only ( still not details = without hour pillar, without luck pillar, without inner outer etc ) , i felt so weak after , slept coffee smoking only , like my energy flowed out , very very tired hahaha oh my....

I afraid i could not explain it how ( my defect in communication, i rare to talk and introverted :D )  to get it as its still in codes ( raw = non table like yours ), second its also still manual ( its not allowed for me to use computer, must manual .... errr... you know old people hahaha ) argued “ take life as simple as it can but dont simplified life other wise dont know the process of creation “

Yes happen few are them into computerized but it was not our calendar ( as i ve told you previously its secret , even the room of reading is always locked except those people has rights to open it able to enter or just to clean the room ), so to read must sneak a peak the codes, everything manual
And its privilage already for me by freely access but again its not my fate i knew, my head dung dung ( spinning ) lol

Those kind of a tools ha ha ha ha ( gosh..... like a nightmare for me lol )
So if someone pm me asked me to read , i refused nicely ( couldnt imagine how much works i will do if they know lol ) and still i tried as much as i can to read ( although just fews area only = mostly what the chart has to do with more into phylosophy of life , practical things someone has to do eg prayers or where to sleep or something like that )

Ohhhh i see i see

So this is talking about day pillar bazi as a strength ( based on DM )
Ok this part is advance level :D
well noted

I thought its talking about relation between hai and zi ( where in my opinion is almost combination fully if any chou , so became water ), chen and chou in bazi.

Many thanks master @BillionaireboyLam

Isnt it Chen - Chou tomb tomb ? how to destruct ?
Chen is tomb of water with wet earth, chou tomb of xin needs water to shine ( wet earth too ) , is it caused xin hurt yi = jewelleries throw on the grass ? then need bing as controller to combine with xin to support yi ( use bing as main focus in this situation as grow yi indirectly , yi grew support bing, bing combine with xin become water , water grow yi )

If Chen Xu said equal to earthquake ? i dont fully agreed. Why ? chen is wet earth, xu is dry earth. different soil type + earth to earth never really fight each other ( where ever happened 2 mountains battle to each other ? )

Just my 1 cent so Please englight me as i am trying to understand bazi with different point of view ( my own point of view )

Si Zhu Ba Zi (SZBZ) 四柱八字 / Re: How many charts are there in total?
« on: September 22, 2020, 04:37:41 AM »
Good luck finally you are almost there ( 99 % ) !

My self after known that total could found similar bazi appear is on 22,856,000,000,000 without luck pillar ( roughly due has to adjust things astronomy position where i lazy to turn my wheel chart as teens  :-[ ) , so dizzy

Keep up digging your research !  :)

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