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Blindman School (Mangpai Bazi) / Re: Weak Daymaster with strong Wealth
« on: August 12, 2019, 01:45:26 AM »
Hi JohnyQi,

In the beginning, traditional and Mangpai Bazi have the common thinking that 财旺身弱 Lots of Wealth, Weak Body.   This chart is actually that type of chart.  But then traditionalists got too carried away and came up with the so-called special chart or "Follow Wealth" chart. 

Mangpai makes a correction to this theory and does away with Follow charts, including Follow Wealth. When the body is not strong enough, the body cannot handle the Wealth.

Many traditionalists would categorize this chart as "Follow Wealth", and many would think this is a millionaire's chart.  He's still somewhat poor at the age of 40, so this is Follow Wealth?  And in 2012 (Ren Chen, lots of Wealth elements) how come he only earned USD 5000 a year?

So according to you a weak Day Master with strong Wealth is unable to utilise it?

How about this chart:
Geng  Jia   Xin
Zi       Wu  Mao

The guy is John Doerr, one of the greatest venture capitalists in Sillicon Valley. He worked for Intel and then later helped founders of Google and Amazon to get things going.

In his luck pillar I don't see any support for Geng, first he went through 10 years of Snake, then 30 years wood, and now he is in water period. The only support for Geng I see is Xin in Year Pillar, but it's pretty weak. Some metal show up occasionally, like with Ox LP, but I doubt this can be enough for such continuously money generating span of over 40 years.

We do miss birth hour, but I don't think it would change this chart, even with Monkey or Rooster hour.

Is it possible that when Geng meets strong Jia and Ding, that it becomes suddenly fully functional, (Ding heats up Geng, and Geng cuts Jia to feed the fire) even without support from roots? That's the only theory I have so far :-)

The weak/strong DM technique works most of the time, but sometimes I bump into chart like this and I get all puzzled :-)

Thx in advance

Usually charts that look subpar ends up having a remarkably good hour that saves the chart.

I am going with Kuigang (Geng Chen) hour.

Going by chen, there is a hidden Bi Jian from Shen being pushed out. That will be his loyal networks and also a hidden water frame that is his output into wealth.

Tanlang at career palace can be taking calculating risks and daring optimism which also are traits of an investor.

Yi You hour that combines with DM to form more metal and a RW branch makes a person opportunist as well. Not to mention xin is relates to an affinity with money/finance in general.

My 2cents. 

Just look at season you are born in, don't count the element in other pillar

the stem of other pillar strength depends on whether this element is strong in the season

eg me Geng DM weak in Hai month, and I have Gui stem in hour, which is strong in Hai year, hence my element is too strong, even though I have many Earth and Metal element but all of them are in Branch and not supported by season

Basic Bazi reading comprises of de di, de shi and de ling.

Nayin readings may take into account as per seasonal calculation for each specific element and it's own individual elemental type as well.

Don't troll la.

If you have 1 Wen chang star, you are someone who plays and enjoy their own fun in youth and when you grow older you become very smart, it does not mean you will have degrees or laureate

If you have 2 Wen chang star in your chart you will be swimming in the river in young age, enjoy nature but when you grow older you will suddenly become interested in literature and books, usually you will have a huge library and will devote your life to some mental cause

This applies to Year stem only not day stem day master

eg someone born in Xin year and has Zi in their other branches

or some one in Ren year and has Yin in other branhes

Thank you for reading

I have known the 2 people personally 1 is my father

I believe it's just an assumption. The 10 gods are still the deciding factor to determine if the person has the ability to study well.

I am Xin DM born in Zi month which makes me having wen chang as well.

Yet resource negative element and thanks to running wen chang huaji for this LP, i cannot focus well on my studies nor career.


Blindman School (Mangpai Bazi) / RE: Relationship - Spouse Star
« on: August 11, 2019, 11:46:31 PM »
Hello fellow forumers,

Thanks for mods and other readers who used to advise me on my previous threads in normal bazi reading.
2019 has been much kinder to me than 2018.

Just curious, how is blindman read differently? I would like some advice on what kind of spouse to look out for blindman's teachings ya.

My chart:


Thanks a lot! :)


Art of Life (Birthchart Analysis) / Re: Worst combination for career
« on: April 19, 2019, 03:35:29 PM »
If Tai Yang and Hua Ji are in wealth (base/natal birth chart), they have a triangle relationship with career. I read somewhere that this is the absolute worst combination for a man's career. Is this true? Please see below for reference:

Hua Ji(Annoyance) is trine (Hua Ji is Transformed by Tai Yang)
When Hua Ji is in this house the person is a workaholic. The person spends a lot of time with his or her work and neglects family and household. (Career is opposite Spouse.) Regarding work, the person is inflexible, not knowing how to accommodate to circumstances. The individual should not by him- or herself start a major task or begin an undertaking.

This combination is unfavourable for a man's career. Working the person happens upon males in charge deliberately making things difficult; to be hard on somebody; to trouble, torment or confuse by continual, persistent questions, etc.; to deliberately put obstacles in somebody's way.

I have tianfu huake with tuoluo in career palace. I believe effects are similar in terms having to deal with forever annoying and petty people?

Happy lunar new year all!

All the best in 己亥 2019!


And you never get caught once?  ;D ;D ;D Seems like some loop hole need  to be reviewed.

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
Note: Technical statement is quite similar with legal statement, so when it is not written, it is open to negotiation.
The difference is: Fail in technical matter does not mean fine, BUT they give you chance to comply. Not comply for second chance, fined.
One of my job is to translate technical language into practice.
When get caught, just fight with your interpretation. Get caught, never get fined anyway.  ;D
Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but no money involved.

Also in technical matter, we have technical simulation complied with law. Just pay Rp. 2.500.000 for SNI simulation. Done.
When fail, it means we need to fix the technical spec in accordance to law.

Sad to say my technical skills are subpar compared to a DevOps guy.

I suppose i do better at project mgmt and biz functions though.

Hi Bryan,

May I know how is your life in 2013-2014? Using Shen hour, there's a possibility to get pay increment/promotion and health problem at that time.


Dont think i fit 申 at all. 天机天梁 is too mentally agile which i am not sadly - suffering at work lol.

2013 was great. Worries free.
Had some minor leadership role in some small committee but it hardly matters.

2014 till Q4 was decent but i was kinda emo coz my potential girlfriend got robbed.  :(

Perhaps i was still schooling and having fun so i don't feel the impact.

My very first job that started in Sep 2014 didnt give me a good experience. Felt very isolated and bullied.
I left in Jan 2015.

First half 2015 was terrible until i joined as a contract staff in a startup doing some tech stuff.

The problem is wu zi clash and wei zi harm. This make EG or 7K (one of them or both of them) damage. So zi or EG cannot working well. Zi is month commander and month commander doesnt like being clash from traditional bazi point of view.

Understand haha. Just a pity i dun have extra water (辰/申)or existent wood elements (亥/卯) to cancel out the harm.

Well no choice but to make do.
Hi @windwheel, how are you?

Hmm dear windwheel.. first we cannot say mind Zi (EG) damage to a person. Because reaction will be down to abyss.

But anyway, this Zi (EG) mind is actually working very well. If this Zi damage and Harm occur, this person will not holding management authority at workplace right? It is YueLing.

There is a cure inside this BaZi, windwheel. Remember Traditional method saying? Combine thus forget to Clash? That is what happen here in Wu fire that LiuHe combination with Wei.

Beside, in another view, Month pillar is self-combine pillar Wu earth with Zi water (Wu+Gui). This kind of combination we can see it like marriage, not as control, because both are DM's good elements (DR & EG) = DR don't subdue EG. Therefore same like in marriage, husband protect wife, and wife take care of husband. This self-combination pillar also serve as Zi EG protection.

This kind of marriage DR with EG is only saying that DM action must follow text books.
That is why if the matters that need to be solve is not present at textbooks, DM will confuse what to do. Not because mind EG cannot working well.

So this BaZi actually have not only 1 cure, but 2. Possess additional safety backup if the 1st one fail still have 2nd additional protection.


Your Bazi mind is EG. EG person will perform very good in : To maintain stability / make everything works in precisely order / can make things run perfectly according to the rules / manual books. 

While HO person will perform very good in: Thinking outside the box / break the deadlock state / solving problem / to invent new thing.

I don't know what is exactly your current job requirement for you to perform. But you can deduce & decide by yourself with above clue. Your trait is the EG one.

Best Regards,

Basically what a system analyst does.

-resolve user problems from ERP system
-system administration 
-project management between vendors and internal users
-Conduct application testing and provide database management support
-create and maintain documentation

Yea it swings between 7k and EG. Most of the time i rely on using past experiences/test cases to solve problems.

But there were many times ideas start forming rapidly and i can instantly propose instant solutions to solve but almost always denied.

Frustrating indeed.

Hi all,

still at work busy clearing stuff.

Will reply according to the queries mentioned.

Thanks folks!


2016 was a great year. Entered previous company and job wise was quite smooth.

I lose/spend small amt of money all the time lolol.  :P

My dad got hospitalized in june due to stomach bleeding though.
Tks for your feedback. I guess you got strong control over your finance. Good to know.

Usually is like that but i started help paying household bills and appliances since 2017. My dad got retrenched end of. 2016.

So i am kinda tanking for my family though.

Hi @BryanSng91
In 2016 Do you experience any injuries or money lost?

2016 was a great year. Entered previous company and job wise was quite smooth.

I lose/spend small amt of money all the time lolol.  :P

My dad got hospitalized in june due to stomach bleeding though.


Interesting... How is your kidneys/bladder/immune system?
Any problems there?

Kidneys/bladder wise still okay.  But fatty liver though.

Aha, just checking if Zi is healthy. Its good that it is.
Still it is very much attacked from all around(Harm with Wei, clash with Wu etc.), so I think its understandable if communication can be a problem(Zi being output and all).

One way to view it is that as Wei is in you(day branch), your Intuition is messing up your communication. As Zi has on top DR, we can also say that that communication will be based on factual stuff.

Then again Wu as officer in the year, outside authority is messing up your communication.
As Wu has RW at the Stem, suggest that that authority will be seen as people around you.

If that seems to fit, learning a lot about communication can help I guess. Also trying to communicate more based on intuition may be difficult, but can be interesting to try, so can see at what point DR steps in and when IR is leading it.

Overall it all seems to be based on communication in my view.
Just my view, and of course, stuff like that is difficult to fully follow from a forum, usually.

I would say colleagues that appear to be friendly with you are the ones that subtletly 7k you behind your back.

On the other hand, the ones that are my steadfast allies are the ones that constantly exerting disciplinary measures on me.

This is one i observed from my surroundings though.


Can 7k sit BJ and RW sit 7k be interpreted as such?


Interesting... How is your kidneys/bladder/immune system?
Any problems there?

Kidneys/bladder wise still okay.  But fatty liver though.

Well lets see if i can make a difference then. :)

But what kind of career path is more suitable?

I am currently a system analyst with some project mgmt in retails industry but somehow i feel my analytical abilities are still subpar compared to my colleagues though.

Should i continue with IT/project mgmt or transit to other fields?
I will just say this one time only.
                                BaZi that inside have Harm interaction at Month the workplace, to be read as :
   "DM must go through so many difficulties & challenging situation to can get it. When can get it, also will not last forever"
                              "So don't throw away accomplishment that you already hold. It's not easy to get"
                                                      Therefore the advise for this type of BaZi is:
                                                               Make good use your best today
                                                     Just calm & see deeper with wider perspective
                                                                     Away from distraction

Your DM use Metal + Water (EG) + plus make use Officer = Using analytical and calculation in performing work for Officer. Already fit.

Best Regards,

Thanks bro/sis.

Yea i suppose doing a hybrid role of tech and some mgmt fits me currently.

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