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Thank you all for your kind readings. A lot has happened the past few months. I'm starting to see my partnerships grow dramatically this year. I've been able to contribute my analytical skills to grow our eCommerce business' recognition.

Bazi is so intriguing as everything is aligning. I was reanalyzing my chart. I noticed that I went through Wei (Goat) Luck decade - Age 13 - Clashed with Chou (Hour pillar). Does that mean Chou is no longer locked in Chen tomb after Age 13? Since Chou releases Xin resource; my health did improved during that period.

I suppose ur a male ya?

Your chart did contain resource but unfortunately the resource element get locked up in Chou wich itself fall into locked Chen tomb. So your chart is become Follow 7 Killing type.
Thank you for your reply. Yes, male. I totally forgot and left that out.

Does that mean I will need to wait until a clash (Xu - Dog) with Chen to unlock the Chen tomb / my potential?

Hi Friends,

I've been interested in the concept of Qi Flow in Bazi. I have read that Qi flows from one element to another in chart interactions. I wanted to reach out and learn about the interactions of Qi Flow. My natal chart have the Cai-Guan-Yin formation with three rooted pillars that produces each other's elements.

May 27 1988 - 2:41AM Ox Hour.

I have the weak Ren water daymaster. The companion Water element and Resource elements are supposed to be favourable for me. However, some articles have mentioned that the Qi flows between different elements. It can make an unfavourable element (like the fire and earth elements in my chart) favourable by how Qi Flows between elements.

My charts is quite unbalanced with rooted wealth and 7K. Despite having this natal structure for Qi Flow interactions, my health was weak during birth and have encountered bullying while I was a child. Things have gotten better and I've since graduated from software engineering and am pursuing entrepreneurship at the moment but we are still paying ourselves minimum salary wage during this startup grind. So despite that I have many wealth and officer elements in my chart, I haven't acquired wealth or status or even been in a relationship yet.

Does something need to happen to facilitate / activate the movement of the Qi Flow? Any guidance is much appreciated.

So your business or company already get profit?

Because At 2022 you will enter new decade.

We are making progress and re-investing the profits into the company. This Earth Pig 2019 year seems to be a turning point for us. The year just started - still collecting data. I'm just very excited and wanted to share this update.

I'm in the beauty industry. I've been in this partnership since 2013 and it's been stagnant till 2017. We only saw improvement in sales late 2018 during holiday season. Last week, as soon as our inventory arrived, we were able to sell out within a week using advertisements. We are trying to ramp up inventory and keep up with sales right now.

Here are some of my guesses to explain this luck:
- The water from Hai Year is assisting my weak day master to control the wealth in my chart?
- The Hai Pig is clashing with the Si Snake which removes the unfavorable element?
- Successful Shen luck decade + Si Month Pillar combination?
- The last three years (Rooster, Monkey, Dog year) formed a directional metal combination?

I'm still a beginner in bazi and hope to spark some discussion. Thoughts?

Hi friends,

I'm still on the start-up grind but I want to provide you with some updates.

We onboarded a team to assist us in 2018. The team was able to help us grow our sales significantly. As of last week, we were able to see massive growth of 10x for the business with our new agency partnership.

For those familiar with Bazi, may I ask whether my interpretation is correct?
   1. 2013 - 2017 partnership was not successful since Si-Shen combination is not a successful one based on my season, then the destroy kicked in.

   2. This year can be successful because it is the Year Earth Pig. The extra water helps Si (Snake Month pillar) Shen (Monkey Decade luck pillar) combine and form Hai (Water Pig). Next, there is a clash with Si (snake Month) and Hai (Pig this year). The clash will remove my DW from month stem and IW from branch. I am a weak day master, hence the clash results are favorable and related to positive direct and indirect wealth.


@chary & @senators613 - Your readings have been on point.

2017 - I did experience very strong speculative luck in 2017. I saw significant speculative windfall gains.

2018 - A little speculation luck. I had been researching and keeping a close eye on companies to maximize any potential speculation opportunities. I made a speculation pick. The pick did experience initial hype that went up but it has been on a decline now. The company has not made any announcement for over 14 months. I am still hopeful though.

2019 - No speculative luck yet. I'm anticipating 2019 could be the year for this speculative pick. However, there are some uncertainty as there is political issues surrounding the company regarding US and China trade wars.


I learned that my natal chart belongs to a special bazi formation called the Cai-Guan-Yin 财官印 and I have this zwds formation 火鈴貪格 huǒ líng tān gé in 2019. I'm excited to see what is in store for 2019. Thank you all for your wonderful teachings, guidance, and insights!

Thank you for your readings.

I find it very fascinating how we are able to derive to a similar reading despite using different schools of teachings. I will look into zwds

Thanks @DESCLGOH ,

I appreciate for your analysis and affirmation.

Thanks @chary ,

Wow that's very interesting, I didn't know that. 2017 - 2019 are not the year of my Indirect Wealth element though.
Can you elaborate a little more on how you derived that I am going through very good speculative luck in 2017 - 2019?

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I am asking because business partnership has been a bit rough for me this year. Some of my duties are being replaced hence I feel like I am getting 'chipped' away. I am seeking some guidance whether it is favourable for me to continue this partnership and if / when it would flourish. Or B, It is favourable for me to just pursue a venture alone.

I like to ask the community for some clarification and interpretation on how Si-Shen Combination in the summer season affect my chart. Does my chart have the 'Destruction' Si-Shen formation - relationships may go from Good to Bad? If there is a silver lining to my existing partnership to flourish in 2020 Water Rat Year or something.

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Thank you all for the kind feedback and analysis!

Dynamic between water (dragon and monkey combo) and earth is pretty good, this is good condition for business and entrepreneurship. Problem might be in wood vs metal and wood vs earth clash, it disturbs the dynamic between water and earth, but this needs some additional checking. This might be also a reason why you don’t have relationship. Here is more info
Hi Johnyqi, Thank you for the analysis. There is a correction with the birthday in your link. My birthday is May 27 not Aug 27. Thanks

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