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i am a male with dob: 11 dec 1972, 7.30 Jakarta time. i was born with extreme amount of water element.
my childhood was tough, but has been better since high school.
is the current luck pillar period is bad for me?
if that so what should i need to concern about?


Hi @shyap
You actually have a very unique chart. You see many people only know follow and fake follow.
Many people don't know that fake follow chart also have varieties and differences.
Your chart can be seen as a fake follow, but because you were born in 辰 hour, Right after Sunrise.
辰 is the tomb of Water and you are trying to Follow Water.

丙 is 五阳之最 The most Yang of Yangs Stems. It is the hardest Heavenly Stem to become a follow chart.

In your case your chart, only becomes a Follow chart when LP's are Water or Metal.

When LP"s are Wood and Fire your chart is no longer considered a Follow chart.

You only went through a somewhat Watery Phase during your early years of 癸丑. Which means that you weren't born in Rich family but, through your own efforts you will become successful.

Yet since you can be considered a Follow chart 官杀(Officer/7k) Water is beneficial and has been beneficial to you.

You see when people have a bad 7k 七杀, They become very messy and disorganized. As well as being hard to attain in School.

Only when 7k and Officer is beneficial can someone become organized and able to sit in school. 

Yet when we talk about Luck that is different in your case. As during Water LP's you will favor Water and Metal Yearly Pillars.

While during Fire and Wood LP's you will favor Fire,Earth and Wood LP.

Relationship with Father might not be so Good or karma is little with Father is that true?

Om Tat Sat

I usually don't recommend remedies but for your Son, i highly recommend a vegetarian diet or as close to vegetarian as possible. This will benefit your Son greatly.

Hi Lucia,
I will also be sending my prayers to your son and, hope he will recover soon.  I took a look at your son's vedic chart.

I noticed that he is quite smart intellectually but; he might have a problem connecting with others. Is that correct?

His mercury is in a great position exalted in the Navamsha, The constellation of Mrigasira is where the intellect is born.

You see your son ascendant is in 25 degrees of Vishaka Nakshatra, This Placement is both Pushkara and Ashtamamsha which makes it a very unique.
This is a major transformation placement although it may not appear so on the outside. This points huge inner transformations a person has to do after being confronted with unexpected events.
That brings light to their lifestyle etc.

Jupiter in Dhanishta means that your son struggles with changes so it is much harder for him to transform, which Vishaka demands.

Spirituality and believing in the Higher being or having Faith is important for him to cultivate.

Sending my Prayers!

hi all,

I would like to know why dog and dragon in bazi are called the gate of hell and heaven?
what does it mean if you have one of these animals in your bazi chart,
what are the effects of dog in your chart?
what if its in the year, month, day or hour pillar?

thank you in advance

Heaven and Hell is a very western perception.
Chinese version is different and need to be understood.
Under Chinese Mythology everyone dies and goes to "Hell" or 地府。
Only if you attain God-hood 成仙 do you go to "Heaven " or 天庭。
Also in Chinese Mythology 地府 or Hell isn't necessarily bad.
Only if you committed unforgivable crimes do they put you into 地狱。  "Underworld Jail"
I think these differences most be made clear.

Miscellaneous / Re: Beware the less than ethical FS masters
« on: July 02, 2020, 04:06:15 AM »
Good Post @jt
IMO I wouldn't even classify those people as FengShui Masters. They are more like frauds. We call those 神棍. 
You see CM is based on Ancient Chinese traditions and culture. Therefore we most understand what is 三教九流.
As a FengShui Master,CM Practitioner, It is considered to be 中九流, a respectable position.
A 神棍 or 巫 as they call it in the old Days, is considered 下九流 a disrespectful position.
Any "FengShui Master" who tells you, you need to do rituals is a 巫. A real CM Practitioner Fengshui master doesn't need to do rituals.

As CM practitioners we most always be vigilant of this. When we start doing stuff that is 下九流 it will greatly affect our karma.

Now that being said, there is also Genuine great Fengshui Masters. Who have a different of opinions also.
History has many accounts of these people. Those who rather serve their Master then the People.
From 范增,to 诸葛亮。
A good movie that sort of explains this is. 行運超人 Starring Tony Leung.

Members Lounge / Re: The problems with Chinese masters
« on: June 28, 2020, 06:40:10 PM »
There has always been 2 school's of thought when it comes to CM ethics. In the Old Day's most practitioners of CM served a King or Master. So there loyalties and their skills would go towards benefiting their employers.
This can sometimes be contradictory to the well beings of others. You see some practitioners only care about getting the best outcome for their employer and disregard the well-being of others.

It reminds of the story of 隋煬帝(Last Emperor of the Sui Dynasty). As many Emperors were superstitious so was this Sui Emperor. Under his employment was what many regarded as a CM genius at the time called 章仇太翼.

章仇太翼 is a very mysterious figure and not much has been documented about him. Except that he was a Genius since childbirth with photographic memory and have been studying CM since young age.
He served both Sui Emperors, and was documented that he predicted the death of the first Emperor.

He also predicted the defeat of the battle of 隋平杨谅之战.

One of the predictions that he made though has been of great debate throughout history by Historians and CM practitioners.


Here 章仇太翼 says to the 炀帝(Emperor) "You are a wood structure, Chang'An is a region that 克(Ke) Wood. Not a good place for you to live.

Because of these words 炀帝 moved his Capital from Chang'An to Luoyang. This was one of the worst and most rushed construction projects in Chinese History.
These said every 10 workers that were sent to construct the new Capital of Luoyang 5 died.
炀帝 wanted the new capital to be completed in 12 months.
Under historical records Luoyand was split into 4 quarters, Imperial Quarters,Court Official Quarters, Merchant Quarters, and Peasant Quarters.
These all had to be rush constructed in order to satisfy the demand of the Sui Emperor.

This subsequently caused huge dissatisfaction with the State and Rebellions rose because of this.

Think of the karma 章仇太翼 most of incurred for making this type of recommendation. He basically had a hand in killing all those workers.

This story serves as a lesson to practitioners, to be very careful how they guide their querents. Your words can have great effect.

Should you recommend placing feng shui products to your clients if it will bring them good luck but, their neighbors bad luck?

Forgot to mention strong 6th house also represent wealth of ancestors. Grandfathers generation already rich.

Hi @Origin
Took a look at your chart, Vedic Perspective. Will attach your chart in the bottom. In order to be successful stock broker i look for a few things, Intuition + Intellect + Luck.
Mercury representing the intellect, is in Taurus in the Constellation/Nakshatra of Rohini. This is a good placement for mercury where the intellect can flourish.
Rohini is ruled by the Moon, Mercury is Enemy to the Moon, but the Moon loves Mercury. Intellect hates intuition but; intuition knows the intellect is part of it.
You could be quite sensitive emotionally and, can get hurt easily. Yet you can also be quite mysterious and charming.

The Moon, or Intuition is in Scorpio the Constellation/Nakshatra of Anuradha. Although the Moon is debilitated in Scorpio, It is always positive in the constellation of Anuradha.
This is because Anuradha is just past the debilitation point of the Moon. This makes a person want to keep aspiring towards the best. It also gives good intuition being with Jupiter and also receive the 7th aspect of Mercury.

I also pay attention to the condition of the 5th house and the 5th lord. The 5th lord Mars is in Gemini in the constellation/Nakshatra of Mrigashira. It is a good placement that brings out the more passive qualities of Mars.
It gives a lot of Mental Strengthm

You have a tendency to be over idealistic and can sometimes neglect the present in lieu of the future.

You do have some combinations in your chart that show's that you could feel unsettled, and have a hard time finding where you belong and where to go from there.

You could have had to deal with unsettling energies all throughout your life. Where you had to work through. You had to go through situations to understand that not always the grass is greener on the otherside.

In a more spiritual analysis of your chart, you most likely spent your past life aspiring towards spiritual pursuits. Which lead to a change in your psychology for this life. With the make up of your chart.
Most likely you have gone through atleast one profound transformation in your life.
You have come with a lot of heavy soul responsibilities, to use the lessons of your past life to further your spiritual pursuits for this life.

You most always be conscious of your self-destructive qualities.  Overall i would say that you can be a stock broker, but also in the service industry.
10th lord in the 6th.

Also if you look at the chart, i attached bottom right. Bhava Bala graph. Look at how powerful the 8th house is in your chart. 8th house is the 2nd to the 7th. Which shows the Wealth of Spouse.

Om Tat Sat

Community Hall / Re: Was the forum down?
« on: June 25, 2020, 01:57:56 AM »
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@Administrator ,. Just wondering, how much users did it took to over flood this forum?

Just wondering too, why do you need to know?

Just wondering too, what gives you the right to ask?

Hi @totalqmfs
Thanks for confirming. If his relationship with Father is good most likely the Mother health is affected then.

Hi @totalqmfs ,
May i ask, did the chart holder have bad relationship with his Father?
Maybe even Father could of passed away at young age

I have got different opinions on this topic, so I think it's best to bring it here that I can learn from other Masters as well.

Some of my friends who are Tarot psychic, Zi wei do sou/ Bazi practitioner say that when we reveal to someone about their future possibilities and show them how to avoid that particular risk/ bad situation, it might affect their journey to learn karmic lessons. On the other hand, their karma will be passed to us, hence, we're living their bad lucks.

How do you think about this opinion? Do most psychics/ metaphysics practitioner will face this problem? Are there any solutions to this?  :-X

It is one thing to Advise, It is another to Direct.

Community Hall / Re: Was the forum down?
« on: June 21, 2020, 01:17:42 AM »
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My apology for all for not able to ensure flawless forum operation.

Sometimes flood happen even you make preparation before raining days.

Its all good bro. Let us know if we can be of any help! We have strong community here besides a few trolls.
If a member really cared about this forum they would refrain from provoking half the members on here and making them want to leave.
I don't kiss ass like that but, if you do need help i will come and block a bullet for you. Just fyi.

Profound Standard / Re: Sensible Quote(s) II
« on: June 21, 2020, 01:14:59 AM »
Take your own medicine!

You know someone with this chart is 99% 贱格 if he can't find a wife and have problems with Women. That means that wife palace is extremely damaged as well as his own mentality.
Which is linked with this DM. He resents the world and thinks he is right and everyone is wrong.

I would stay away from People like that. Especially if he starts exhibiting all these bad qualities of metal. Like not addressing people directly. Hiding in the shadows. etc.
Just a completely annoying individual  with no friends and family. A very sad Loner who thinks he is better then everyone. With no real friends.
Pray for this bad person.

I know of one on this Forum with this DM. I pray for him everyday. That he might one day OPEN HIS EYES.

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