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Let Me Guess (future events) / Re: What Happened to my S6 Bluetooth Pen
« on: February 07, 2020, 02:04:23 PM »
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To All,
@chary, @kuguakugua, @TPY, @TObaSANtex,

Question: Was the Pen lost or stolen? What happened to the pen?
1/28/2020 21:50 ---  12.1 -> 25
Month: Chou, Day: Wu, Void: Xu, Hai

O Xu - Parent
    Shen - Sibling
    Wu - Officer
S  Mao - Wealth
     Si - Officer
     Wei - Parent  -->  Zi - Child (hidden Zi - Child)

Subject = Me. Object = Lost item. SoF = Wealth.
1) Object is Void - Idea that item is lost or stolen not valid.
2) Subject and Object form 六合 liu he combination.
3) Object is strong by Month & Day.
4) Wealth is in inner trigram - Pen is at home.
5) Wealth is on 3rd yao - Pen is in the bedroom.
6) Wealth is with Subject - Pen will be easily found.

7) Officer / Ghost not moving - Pen not stolen.

After evaluating hexagram, I searched the bed again and found it quickly. Found ~10:00pm 1/28/20.



Thanks for sharing the evaluation.

Let Me Guess (future events) / Re: What Happened to my S6 Bluetooth Pen
« on: February 01, 2020, 09:39:29 PM »
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Hey All,

Thanks for your answers. I am not going to say if any are right or wrong yet. But to be fair...
Here's what I knew (and you did not : )...

I know:
1) That morning,  I moved the tablet to my bed near my work bag.
2) I did use the tablet at work and then around mid-day I couldn't find the pen.
3) A client had walked to my desk to sign papers. She previously, mistakenly picked up the pen before.
4) When I got home I searched around my bed.
4) I used a different work bag that morning, the pen could have fallen out of that bag.
5) I was irritated as that morning I erroneously received a parking ticket.

Again, after evaluating hexagram I was able to find the pen (I found the answer in the hexagram).



Was it dropped in your car?

Let Me Guess (future events) / Re: What Happened to my S6 Bluetooth Pen
« on: January 31, 2020, 03:16:23 PM »
dust bin under your desk?

My chart should be fake follow but then wife palace and elemento should be favorable.But my zi wei spouse palace has 0 luck.Its the worse possible.So maybe im just wead DM?

ding ding xin xin
wei wei chou chou  9 jan 1962

I think a lot of people having the misconception that follower is not equivalent to weak dm, but it is, it is a very very very weak dm. the characteristic is very similar to weak dm, the differences are very subtle but still noticeable. your chart can't be just weak dm, it's a follower chart.

I know that. But some astrologers claim there can be no friend anywhere

that only applies to wealth and 7k followers. there are many factors to be considered also, e.g. dm yin/yang, the sequence of the branches and stems. 


Dm has strong roots how can it be follow?

Hi @socrates Child follower is still valid even strong roots were seen, as long as its not at month. But not other types of follower

Thanks for the case study and may the victim rest in peace.

Analysis: fake child-follower chat (EG is strongest overall with IW at hour, take EG as useful god and should be a good child-follower chart 【滴天髓:一出门来只见儿,吾儿成气构门闾:从儿不论身强弱,只要吾儿又见儿】, however, there's an IR at month against the EG, surrounded by EG, DM, extremely weak and prone to be a vulnerability, but since there's no root for 丁, it (丁) can still adapt itself to the surrounding (五阴从势无情意), so this chart can be treated as a fake follower formation. Branches are volatile as 2 酉 fight for 1 丑,丑shake and crash 未.
甲午 luck, comes a root for 丁fire, 甲combine己then transform to earth, 午未combine but the relationship is unstable and unable to transform to fire due to natal chart formation, so it's rather 午 generating 未, and inevitably, overcoming 2 earth and 2 gold.
己亥year, 亥breaks the 午, 己strengthen the 甲己 earth combination, and incident happens in 癸酉month. all against the 午 and 丁 IR, consumed the fortune (印耗福薄,Resource consumed fortune exhausted).

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Bazi Reading Please
« on: January 10, 2020, 11:30:08 AM »
Sifu, this is accurate about my personality. I always want to change something or do something but always half way. I don’t like myself to be like that. I need to change. Thank you to both Sifu advice on year of Tiger. I will need to relook at my priorities.

Also Sifu I asked the question above. Would I be able to live a comfortable life and accumulate wealth? I know this sounds selfish but if my Bazi says otherwise I need to be prepared. Thank you.

I have a question before I can advise, do you have a serious health condition during your childhood between 1987-1996?


Thank you kuguakugua,
What do you mean by his day master is weak?
Can you describe her wife(me) on his chart?

It's a bazi term to describe the level of self-consciousness of a personality.
I can't describe you from his chart, it's his chart so it's all about him;

I do have challenges. Question please, Is he sitting on great wealth?

Not really. it's true that his wealth in bazi is strong, but the day master is weak to handle it.

I hope no big challenge between your relationship with him, but you may find some difficulties to deal with him because you are probably better than him in terms of maturity.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Bazi Reading Please
« on: January 09, 2020, 02:35:00 PM »
sentimental and emotion-driven, too many thoughts, lack of persistence. Always feels hard and stressful to maintain a good relationship with parents, siblings but you do care about them. always like to start or change something but ended inconclusively.

nothing can stop you from starting your own business, even you have a job. you can start with ideas, proof of concept, self-enrichment, planning, etc which do not need your full commitment to quit your daily job. you need others help to achieve, do find a partner. give yourself 2-3 years for the preparation and planning. year of tiger is good for you, but like I said, find a partner.

branches too many earth and water (Chen Dragon and Chou Ox are both strong roots of water although they are earth). only wood can break the earth and consume the water (day master strong/weak is no longer relevant here); for fire, both Wu Horse and Si Snake are not preferred, Wu will combine Xu Earth and favor the earth, Si will crash Hai eliminate your wood root; Stems Bing/Ding fire both will combine Day Master and Ren Water, it will not favor the Wood, so fire is not so preferable although it can warm up.

In my opinion, Wood (Wealth) is the favorable element, which means actions & execution power, you are good at planning and brainstorm, but lack of actions.

few assumptions by looking at the bazi
1. education level - at least degree or master
2. not married yet. hard to maintain a relationship
3. strict parents
4. healthy & strong physical

not surprised to see the debates here, and sadly people are not bothering to read or understand the information shared. there are plenty of tools out there to find out the true solar time at specific geolocation -->, or python astronomy library skyfield (I used this to obtain the data used for the chart shared in my previous post, it's not random chart from internet :) ). anyway, it's bazi, there are no international standards, be cool.  8)

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