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Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Bazi Reading Please
« on: January 10, 2020, 11:30:08 AM »
Sifu, this is accurate about my personality. I always want to change something or do something but always half way. I don’t like myself to be like that. I need to change. Thank you to both Sifu advice on year of Tiger. I will need to relook at my priorities.

Also Sifu I asked the question above. Would I be able to live a comfortable life and accumulate wealth? I know this sounds selfish but if my Bazi says otherwise I need to be prepared. Thank you.

I have a question before I can advise, do you have a serious health condition during your childhood between 1987-1996?


Thank you kuguakugua,
What do you mean by his day master is weak?
Can you describe her wife(me) on his chart?

It's a bazi term to describe the level of self-consciousness of a personality.
I can't describe you from his chart, it's his chart so it's all about him;

I do have challenges. Question please, Is he sitting on great wealth?

Not really. it's true that his wealth in bazi is strong, but the day master is weak to handle it.

I hope no big challenge between your relationship with him, but you may find some difficulties to deal with him because you are probably better than him in terms of maturity.

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Bazi Reading Please
« on: January 09, 2020, 02:35:00 PM »
sentimental and emotion-driven, too many thoughts, lack of persistence. Always feels hard and stressful to maintain a good relationship with parents, siblings but you do care about them. always like to start or change something but ended inconclusively.

nothing can stop you from starting your own business, even you have a job. you can start with ideas, proof of concept, self-enrichment, planning, etc which do not need your full commitment to quit your daily job. you need others help to achieve, do find a partner. give yourself 2-3 years for the preparation and planning. year of tiger is good for you, but like I said, find a partner.

branches too many earth and water (Chen Dragon and Chou Ox are both strong roots of water although they are earth). only wood can break the earth and consume the water (day master strong/weak is no longer relevant here); for fire, both Wu Horse and Si Snake are not preferred, Wu will combine Xu Earth and favor the earth, Si will crash Hai eliminate your wood root; Stems Bing/Ding fire both will combine Day Master and Ren Water, it will not favor the Wood, so fire is not so preferable although it can warm up.

In my opinion, Wood (Wealth) is the favorable element, which means actions & execution power, you are good at planning and brainstorm, but lack of actions.

few assumptions by looking at the bazi
1. education level - at least degree or master
2. not married yet. hard to maintain a relationship
3. strict parents
4. healthy & strong physical

not surprised to see the debates here, and sadly people are not bothering to read or understand the information shared. there are plenty of tools out there to find out the true solar time at specific geolocation -->, or python astronomy library skyfield (I used this to obtain the data used for the chart shared in my previous post, it's not random chart from internet :) ). anyway, it's bazi, there are no international standards, be cool.  8)

I think this is a good topic to discuss, depends on the calendar system used, but Bazi calendar is using the angle of the sun by the observer at the specific lat,lng,alt on earth, it's probably not about the amount of sunlight but I believe it's rather a reference to the astrology coordinates that discovered by our ancestors. In my opinion, bazi should always start using true solar time as a reference, (of course, there are other factors as well which is out of our measurement scope), if it's the coordinate system developed, does it apply to any place on earth? not necessary, so it might be good to be skeptical when somebody handover the birthtime. I usually observe the current & previous hour charts for those who born in SG & West Malaysia. Perhaps the following chart of solar angles at 3 locations on earth vs identical local timezone (GMT+8) average for 19 years can explain why the local timezone can distort your bazi chart.

As you can see from the chart below, GMT+8 for Taiwan is pretty much identical between local timezone and solar time, solar noon is almost at 12PM for past 19 years, but Ipoh town located at west Malaysia is off about 1 hour as compared to Taipei. 

Request for birth chart reading [FREE] / Re: Need help to explain Bazi.
« on: November 13, 2019, 04:43:25 PM »
Hi Nicole, is your occupation related to art, media or writer? is this relationship started in 2016?

her place of birth?

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Relationship started in 2017, but i became open to getting closer to him in 2016 after resisting for 2 years. Thanks for clarifying about solar time, never knew it would offset by 0:30.

any crisis happened to this relationship last year? quite likely to have an engagement this year huh....?

If your official birth time is 17:00 then the chart should still use You hour, Jakarta time with timezone UTC+7 is about half an hour behind the solar time in 1995 october, your solar birth time should be around 17:30. However, it's still ok to read the Shen hour chart to confirm.

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To add some more specific questions.. I’m curious about what my chart says about my love life, if it does at all. What i have to watch out for, if i have some kind of curse lol. I have been told (one of them by a family friend who reads palms) I can be a difficult person, but only because I’m a woman   ::) otherwise with my same qualities if i were a man it would be a good thing, following the great sexist traditional thinking. Was also told that I am stubborn and needs a lot of care in a relationship, so would be better to find an older guy, and not to marry early.

I was quite late to start having any sort of love life because i was very cautious/scared/distrusting. After starting, had several bad early experiences (short but longlasting pain which at that point made me feel very unlucky to keep falling into these) which made it worse. Each experience felt very significant for me. I find it’s quite easy for people to be attracted to me, but I am always paranoid of their motive and the outcome, by default and as a result of past experience. I’m in my first long/serious relationship now and hope it continues to go well. Will have to ask him for permission first before sharing his chart haha.

Is the relationship started in 2016?

gentle, soft and easygoing characteristics but lack of persistence, easily give up or changing focus. any changes happened to your family or change of living place in 2007?

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