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May I clarify, your husband finance the family or you? It seems that your husband are the breadwinner? Wei is actually a cave, the tiger hides in the cave.
You are his protector, but the one who really do the hunting is the tiger.

Yes, for the moment this is so. I ususally take part in his projects and sometimes do a certain amount of work in video or photo editing and management.

When I was working much on my own, my husband was extremely jealous about the money I made. Last time I tried to get a job he asked to take a look in my contract and then called the employer and seriously messed with him. Yet I still want to break this situation for I am smart, educated and adventurous, not a housewife type at all. Plus I really really dislike idea to be in a collab with a family member, husband for it hurts my feelings and physical wellbeing -- I can't relax in my own house. Work - tension, discussions, pression isn't good to be constantly felt at home ...

Dear masters @johnyqi @Talib @j27945 @anton8888 for your time, attention and sharing knowledge! That was extremely helpful! I looked at my chart from a different angle.

I had a look at my chart again. Regarding Water & Fire subjectively I like it, but need to control the amount. Metal I dislike it feels like in excess, l have deppressing feeling in autumn and in afternoon - even without knowing Bazi -- never liked to wear metal jewelery. Yang-Wood & Yang-Earth feels very well. Dragon & Dog hour, month year always brings energy. I love basically spring (favourite season) and morning, green vegetable, sour taste etc.

I have used this calculator. Direct Officer seems the strongest of 10 gods. So I'd rather go exec in my job.

Still I like to find out more about this Wood entering Tomb in the Wei. In my case it feels like I basically need to trust peoople. But time to time get confused if it is friend or partner? Boss or subordinate? I think it is the confusion between DO and 7K, which pops up somehow suddenly. Can an element change polarity of Yang to Yin?

All that I found about Yin+Wei (secret combination) is this thread  But half of posts there are hidden.

Could anyone please send me more information about that?

Thank very much in advance!

Thank you again!

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1. By the way, Wei is two.
It seems that you work in an environment that needs at least two people / you and helper to perform work?
Because it is in day-hour branch, it means that you and your subordinate keep working to get something done?
Wei and wei can also be one people with two role, one people has two skill sets... But still one people anyway.
It is not a work perform, it is a single fighter or double fighter but not more than 5 people...

Your luck is: Yin jumping in Wei, means that you have it although it is not big.

My husband is actually:
Ren Ding Bin  Ding
Yin   Wei  Wu  Si

Tiger falls into the void.

He is 3D artist. We met in cinema school, we used to play together on stage, sometimes made video together, later on wrote articles together and made some small projects in advertisement. He is ususally jealous when i ask his advice on career. That's (partly) why i decided to seek help here. He'd prefer us having family business (his patents did so) or at least collaborating regularly. And I... extremely dislike the idea of mixing work and family life. I find it tiresome (when you have to think of work at home).

2. Xin with hour-year.
Actually it is your thinking with something regular, but it never happen anyway (because probably you hate regular boring job?)
And I would say, corporate ladder is not your style. The placement of xin is somewhat far, though connected to your mind.
Your body (Wei) actually would help you, but in the end you don't have it. (Wei and yin does not connect to you (rooster), so won't materialize after all).

That Xin-you actually single pillar that you don't need.
Although it is big, it does not connect to you via anything.
Probably you can say you have it, but you don't harness it because it is not what you want.

Lastly, too much EG becomes HO. So you like a non-conventional approach of something.

I honestly don't know. Xin You can be ragarded as fine things: jewellery, perfume, expensive alchohol. I wrote much about that in the beginning of my carrer in fashion. My first good position was expert in BEAUTY section of a magazine :) But yeah it seemed all vain and uninteresting and I asked my boss to move me to culture (interview with stars, movie reviews etc) department and then quickly became editor of the news section too.

Can you describe the pattern of Shen, You and Hai year?

Shen 1980, 1992 generally good, 2004 (good, promotion to editor positions LOTS of travels arounf Europe), 2016 (nothing special)

You 1981 (born\ through ceasarian section btw :)), 1993 (good), 2005 (very-very-very lucky year - i did one of the best i-vews in my life with a REAL timeless star Maya Plisetskaya(ballet dancer) it was a success, plus travels good relations), 2017 (nothing special again, except we bought a small appartment just to rent it).

Hai 1983, 1995, 2007 (some misunderstandings with friends and husband, job change from magazine to retail company, which was interesting, but never worked that well, because company was changing it's marketing strategies, recapitalizing and bosses had a very vague ideas and strategies. BUT i was happy to get pregnant, so it was a nice excuse to enjoy my time out), 2019 (nothing special, just some worries about my elder daughter, she is 16 and tends to focus on boys and friends instead of studies, but we found a better option for her so hopefully she starts studying now).

2. Geng Yin is some jobs to cultivate or teach others to grow.
Yin is wood, and has tendency to grow. So you need to do something to grow others, in order to grow self.
Sound confusing, but this is your chart work.
Also you need to find some kind of company, no matter big or small, but grow your inner talent.

I think the key is Yin. Something that you have in hand.
That yin cannot be disturbed by clashing, piercing and harming.
Wei as Yin holder, also cannot be disturbed. It will affect the whole chart because Ji is the same image of Wei.

Dear @anton8888 , thank you very much!

So Wei=humanity Gen Yin = cultivation. So this is some humanitarian field (human studies) like psychology. Or out of my options - brain study, neurobiology. Inside a small team of researchers or a lab. Not on just my own and neither in a company which is too big.

Teaching kids to act also follows that impulse. For a good actor is usually a person with a well cultivated human nature, emotionaly, spiritually, well mastered body and voice.

Seems like wherever I go, life simply forces me to make a dive into deeper humanitarian knowledge. So maybe that is the point.

Thank you!

Thanks for the reply. 2000 is close to 1999. Least I know the grasp of the bazi chart is there. Was think of this 2 years in my reply. Decided to say 1999 as the likelihood was higher. Sorry to hear of the lost, sorry if it rekindle any memories.

About hai or pigs. Whether they are friend or for. You have a choice to react positive to what why throw at you. An opportunity for growth.

Thank you! Yes, we started dating in the end of 1999, so you are accurate!

Dear Jovan @j27945 , thank you very much for your thoughtful and detailed reply! You made me better understand my Daymaster!

In your early years (辛卯 Luck cycle), some sense of playfulness, stubborn and going against the norm. with metal clashing wood. The harder your folks breathe down on u, the harder you bound back. Nonetheless, you manage to get thru your study years. Rooster in the year has a metal heaven stem, coincidentally this is your scholarly star in bazi, supported by strong metal. Since your output star is strong. it likely your result should be quite good.
This is true. It was generally a very good time. I was born in Moscow, but we moved to Sochi (2014 winter Olympics town) so - I grew up in a very beautiful town in the south, by the sea. I finished school with "golden medal" (only A marks through all 10 years).

No fracture or other serious trauma in this period and on. Only health issue I ever had was pneumonia 1994 (caught cold after just swimming in the sea for too much time with friends) + some sort of resulting desorder in kidneyes in 1995. Ever since my LUNGS and bronchus is the weakest part. I usually cough when I am stressed. It was even bleeding (I was coughing blood and again got pneumonia for no usual reason like getting cold) in January-February 2015 and no test including MRI showed any break or cancer or fibrosis, any reason at all why that happened.  :-X

Correct me if incorrect, if married early, its likely 1999,

2000 was my first marriage, my first husband died tragically in 2001
2002  - my present marriage

Kids born in 2002 and 2008.

For you wet earth, it would be soil. For me yang earth, it prob be in the mountain.
Another suggestion would be Aventurine is a form of quartz.
Stability : NE (Do not use in 2019)

So interesting. Even without knowing about Chinese metaphisics I bought Aventurine pendant and it felt well wearing it  :). I have my winows looking N, NE and NW, Mountains and again it feels quite well refreshing and inspiring. When I started reading about fengshui I found out that there is much I do as written in books even without knowing it. Maybe it is hardwired in Earth people ))) As for Earth I don't know what I like most. Planting and gardening or spending time in the mountains, hiking, just sightseeing. Here where I live now - nature is simply awsome and we go out often.

As a kid i used to go out into the wood when I felt bad and it felt like a strong giant comforting me. I mean I would rather go climb a mountain or jump into ice cold waterfall, then seek comfort in talking to parents\friends. So yes -- hermit energies are all there... ;D

As for now I am just trying to figure out what to to with this uncomfortable Tiger. I am kind of afraid and avoid it. This is rooted in my childhood for sure -- i didn't know my dad much. Month pillar is the way I look at society, authority, colleagues, right? I have studied some charts and found Gen Yin Daymaster in couple of Physics Engineers and one Police office. One person had Gen Yin month too, (but in the void). He sells raw material (mainly oil, pipeline details and ores - engineering stuff for oil and gas production).

I thought Gen Yin is about forcing something or someone (engineer builds, cuts, changes physical world\  police officer changes order or people's behaviour). But in the month? Does it mean I should be somehow surrounded by such people and energies as friends or hmmm... write about them as a journalist? Rather then get involved in this type of activity myself.

The other question is why I tend to have terrible relations with Hai people? No matter Year Month or Day. Absolute misunderstanding. They usually pretend to be friends, grow some trust and then -- as soon as know me better - say or do something terribly nasty, aimed at ruining self esteem and sense of self worth in me. Couple of "Pigs'' managed to seriously distract me from my way. Some just left some bad feeling. There were more then 10 such "'frenemies'' in my life. So statistically it surely means something. Interesting, why that happens.

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I will reply to you msg here.

Thank you a lot for your thoughtful reply!

Yes, Gui Si was a difficult period which resulted in some sort of isolation and misunderstanding. On the other hand I made a deep dive into metaphysics, so I got some insights on hidden laws of the universe and human nature. Also got settled with my personal faith. Probably that's why it is a bit difficult to come back to practical and business thinking. I am just trying to figure it out. Hm. One of these ways, sure, only have to decide which one to choose as the main implication of my energy and time  :-\ and which to do just for fun.

Could you please comment on those?

1) Academic career. Writing and defending a paper. Teaching afterwards. But I am confused which field to begin with. I feel at ease with linguistics, am particularly interested in proto-linguistics (ancient languages like sanskrit, aramaic). The field which also attracts me a lot is quantum biology and neurosciense. Could be also neurolinguistics. But my education is Journalism and linguistics, so officially it will be probably easier to get admitted into this field.

2) I really love and comprehend music. Thought of music production & entrepreneurship\ DJing myself. It is easy for I usually master programs quickly. There are lots of courses and some job opportunities.

3)  Landscape architecture, garden design. Here I also have ideas and sense of relevance after my work in fashion&lifestyle, read special magazines + my relatives (aunt, grandparents) were all M.A. in agriculture, so I was into it as child, know some professional secrets about plants. In this field I could probably organize a small firm as an entreprneur. This also attracts me much as an opportunity to work outdoors and make something grounded, physical, which can be touched and enjoyed by other people.

4) Theater and acting courses for kids. (My second diploma is in film production, so I have some professional skills here too and also tried my hand in staging plays with my kids' schoolmates. It was appreciated and worked well).

You do have solid commanding capabilities, with Yin Earth producing Metal which controls Wood. Tiger is under a lot of pressure from all the Metal and Earth, so career and job might not be very satisfying for you. Water Element would be very useful here.

Thank you! Journalism is regarded as water (information exchange). I also have some language skills - this might also be interpreting. Since Tiger is under pressure (yes I do feel it) career job feels uncomfortable. So this is rather free-lance... But what else might be a "water" job? Market analisys? Finance? 

Hello! I am female, 10 February 1981 16:59 Moscow Russia (Time rectified by western method).

I need an insight please  - is my Gen Yin (Tiger) monthly pillar weak or strong? How should I treat it? In a way people feel some bossy strain in me even if I don't mean. On the other hand I easily get tired of responsibility of any sort and accept things too close at times. Should I ever consider executive jobs or it's better for me to find some other outcome for Tiger energies?

I also will strongly appreciate any insight on which career field might suit better for my chart or bring a better luck now.

I spent Gui Si period mainly at home with kids + doing some freelance jobs in advertisement. Before that during Ren Chen I had a pretty good career in fashion journalism (glossy magazines). I am quite intuitive which worked ok in journalism for I can easily forsee tendencies (what's hot, what people are talking about) and also I usually easily become a head of department/ editor, because people tend to obey and follow me. Sometimes for no obvious reason (my skills or competence), just simply subordinate.

But I feel journalism is somehow ... unsatisfying now. Can't explain it. Feels like waste of energy + all my previous connections started to seem disfunctional meaningless and shallow (tried to explain it in other words but couldn't formulate / maybe that's because of strong fire after water periods).

I feel like I have enough experiense, energy and curiousity/ motivation to succeed in literally any field now. I feel this is my chance to start a new page. But simply feel disoriented after my break, can't choose.

Thank you in advance!

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