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Prescriptive Recipe / Re: Part II: Saphora Food-Chart 168
« on: July 12, 2020, 11:34:22 AM »
Hi Master Saphora,

Thank you for providing your knowledge & information about food  (Veg-dish=God Blessing, SaphoranFood-Chart I & II). As a single parent (like all parents), wish their child(ren) a healthy & blissful life. Unfortunately, my daughter has a bad chart, knowing her future problems are advantage for me. I’ve been trying to find ways to prevent/alter her fate. I know I sound stupid, but you given me & others hope!

My child has a bad chart:
-High school & (maybe) university years: bully, meet bad boy who enjoys toying with her feelings & body
-She will definitely have relationships with the opposite gender.
-problems with her marriage & children
-She has allergies to peanuts, soy & milk. She has cold hands & feet since she was born. Skin condition: eczema

Since you are eating 2 meals a day. My child has 5 meals a day (school): breakfast, snack, lunch, snack & dinner. During school holidays & weekends: she has 4 meals a day. How many meals should a 6 years old to high school child have?

I believe Chinese medicine acupuncture can help to erase her food allergies & eczema, however, she still very young & scare of needles. I’m thinking of qigong/taichi exercise for her, would it helps to unblocking her qi, what do you think?

Once again thank you

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